I still see you all these times,

In so I'll tell you with these rhymes.

Those dreams are what I long.

I want to see you, that's the song.

My mind still tells me, to my shame,

That it was a crush - all the same.

I hope it passed, I wished to forget,

Yet my dreams have no regret...

They repeat, what I've done,

They speak about you, as my sun.

While my lazy mind roams,

Deleting your image like some foams.

That's why I yearn at night.

To see the crush, that had no right,

It had no future, it had no start.

It was a silly love, not so smart.

I was a fool, gazing at you,

Stalking your movements, and listening to you.

I desired your glimpse and attention,

I needed your voice to feed the affection.

What a bastard, what a fool!

You probably forgot me, as of noon.

I was nothing to you, just a blank spot

A little white mouse, a weak and vulnerable dot.

As you put the final pen that day,

I memorised your gracious writing, then you say.

You ask me questions and I lie,

Because I'm scared, yet I pretend to shine.

Will it pass, this loving curse?

Will these dreams fade, or make it worse?

My hope already died, memories too.

All I have left is the subconscious taboo...