Days Like This

Its days like this,
Where everything lays sheathed in hollow,
Days like this when I watch you from afar.

Days like this when I'm reminded of your words,
How you say you love me,
But it's never shown.
Days like this when I get no more than a cold shoulder,
Days like this when you walk away to talk to someone else with a smile and excitement.
Days like this when I feel irrelevant and used.
Why is it that you only seem to come to me when you need me?
Why is it that I'm always alone and you never even so much as look at me?

Is it a problem with me?
Even though I give you my everything, is it not enough?
I have torn myself in two just to make you smile,
But yet you remain with others and never even notice me.
I'm always here, you know.
In case you want to realize I exist,if even for a day.

You say you love me as I love you,
And when you say this I'm almost offended.
Because you do not love me as I love you.
I love you to the point that it hurts to be apart,
I tear myself apart and sacrifice everything I am for you.
You do not love me, not the same.
Because you only are there on the good days,
When skies are clear and even then you don't stay for long.
You say you love me, but that's not exact,
I think it's more that you love the fact that I love you.