Clear Skies

Though far or near,
Emotionally close or distant,
There's a place for you in my heart.

Times get rough, I know,
Sometimes it feels as if all the world fights against you.
But when it does, I want you to look up into the sky,
Whether it be night or day,
Crisp and clear or dark and gloomy,
I want you to look up and smile at the sky and remember there's beauty in everything,
Even through the fog and grey,
It can't rain forever, after all.

Because sometimes those skies open,
Bright blue on cloudless days as we wait for the rain,
And when they do I am reminded of you,
For no matter what, the sky is always so entrancing.
Sometimes it's speckled with stars, sometimes pitch black.
But you once told me that it's always the darkest right before dawn,
And then all those beautiful pinks, reds, and golds come out to play.