How do I even convey all my thoughts into these few words?
I suppose I start with the obvious "I love you",
But that sounds too cliched, even for me.

Instead I wish to convey my appreciations, my gratitude.
And yes, even my cliched love that will last forever.
Because my best times with you are those when we're alone,
Silently sitting next to each other and basking in each other's company,
We know each other far too well for tense air to last long.

I wonder if you notice me watching you,
Seeing you work down to the bone and pull yourself back together with no more than twine.
It is from here my appreciation grows,
Because you have taught me that through it all, no matter how hard it gets, there's always a way.
Sometimes it takes a cry to get there, sometimes it takes some space to get there,
But it's always possible.

So here I lay my foreverly, long-lasting, amazing, awesome love that's never going away,
Because no matter how cliched the words get or how hard it is to move forward,
We have each other to help tie the twine and hold us together,
And it is from here my love grows and never fades.