Wind and Rock

It's in these moments,
These last few hours before dawn,
When I realize how much you mean to me.

Because I sit and reflect upon you,
The one who taught me how to live.
Funnily enough, the best memories are the ones spent in silence,
The quiet smiles and lasting embraces.
You've taught me solemnity, peace, and passion,
You've taught me to be the fire in my own world and the water in others.

If I am the fire and water,
Then you are the wind and rock.
I rage and soothe while you control all with your sure currents and steadfast ground.
You've lended me your name and heart,
With it, I've opened the door to my own fate.

Now I bring with me the passion that you taught,
All wrapped up in a bow and gifted back to you.
If there's one thing you've taught me,
One that stands above all others,
It's the blood is not the only binding factor.
And that, in some ways, love truly does last forever.