It wasn't a dark and stormy night. Maybe... maybe she would have been a little more careful if it had been.

Spring had finally sprung in New Orleans, bringing with it a wave of warm weather that washed out winter's lingering chill. It was the beginning of a beautiful evening in the suburbs. Stars dotted the darkening sky and a full moon shined bright - brighter than the chandelier in Alice Martin's dining room. The air was unusually warm, held a slight nip that wasn't unpleasant. It was this that led Alice to open the window in her living room while she unpacked.

And that was her first mistake.

She stood in the mess that was her dining room, a glass of wine in her hand and a forgotten roll of tape sitting atop one of the towers of boxes behind her. There were boxes - boxes everywhere. More than what she needed probably, but she didn't want to risk leaving something behind when she moved to Dallas. The house had seen better days, Alice didn't particularly care, especially since her favorite song was playing on the phonograph across the, loud enough to drown out every other noise.

That was her last mistake.

The killer slipped through the open window with ease, the music from the other room masking the shone of their feet hitting the floor. They skirted the room, hiding in what little shadows the moon allotted. The door that led from the sitting room into the dining room squeaked none too quietly as it was pushed open, causing the killer to win wince. They needn't have worried though, because Alice didn't notice the killer in her midst. Drunk on the music playing from the phonograph - and more than a little red wine - she didn't notice much of anything.

It made it all that much easier for the killer to sneak up on her.

Alice Martin spent the last moments of her life dancing. It was the messy, uncoordinated, accidentally-spilling-wine-everywhere dance of the extremely intoxicated. Her eyes were closed and a smile curved her lips when the killer came up behind her.

And drew a dagger across her throat.