I woke to chattering voices and the door being slammed open. And there stood a crowd of humans, in blue uniforms and a sort of black object they held in their hands. Tarot had hidden under the bed once more, so that the humans would not spot it. A women held one of the black objects towards me threateningly.

"Freeze! Hands in the air where I can see them!" Confused as to what was happening around me and why they had so rudely barged in, I hesitantly brought my hands up. She came up to me and grabbed my hands, twisting them behind me and clasping them together with something I could not see.

"Sir, you are under arrest for fraud and use of illegal weaponry. "






She then led me out, with another human carrying my scythe, and Tarot following behind without being seen. The building we entered was quite tall, though not as tall as the other buildings around. Inside, humans sat at desks, staring at many more of the bright objects. We went inside another room which only had a desk inside it and a mirror to the side. The woman sat opposite me and started shuffling some papers.

"So, your full name and age, please." She asked, looking up at me, chewing on her pencil.

"William. William Blackrose. I am 23 in human years." The woman then glanced back at her papers, spoke into another black object, then waited for it to speak back. Oh, it certainly did! Loudly, too. The voice was a man's, however it was not loud enough for me to make out words.

"Alright. So, you aren't registered as a citizen, William. Are you not from the U.S?" I certainly had to think rationally about this. Otherwise, they would try and make sense of my magic, and that would not be so delightful.

"Er, no. I'm new to the U.S, you see. I just came here yesterday, actually." The woman nodded, writing down things so speedily as I spoke that I only had stop and stare in wonder.

"Well, that explains a lot."

"Does it? I certainly don't think so. I'm not really sure what I have done wrong." The woman rolled her eyes, scoffed, and then slammed her hands on the desk angrily.

"Listen here, I don't know what game you're playing at, but once we find out exactly who you are, rest assured you will rot in jail." Even if I did not know whatever that was meant to be, it did not sound very welcoming. I swallowed as she left me alone in the room, then hung my head to stare at the metal chains binding my arms.

It would be so very simple to just break them with my sheer strength, however I had a feeling the humans would not be so delighted to see that. I could only hope they had not learnt as to how the scythe worked, at least. As I sat, I began to wander into my own thoughts.

"William! You cannot think that would be plausible!" There she sat opposite me, on the fresh grass, laughing without a care in the world. I picked the blue flower on the ground, putting in her hair as I laughed along.

"You have to trust me, love. I will go right now, if you'd wish." She shook her head, wiping the tears that had gathered in her eyes. I tucked a loose strand behind her ear and cupped her small face in my hands. Her light green eyes were as beautiful as ever, her raven hair curling down to her waist.

"No! Jackson swore he would have your head if you did!" And then, her smile gently faded, her eyes widening in horror, and the bloody moon covered the sun. Darkness overtook the field we sat in, and I could hear the screams ringing in my ear over and over again.

"Rosalyn!" I called. However, I was too late once more. She was gone.

"What are you screaming about? Honestly." The woman was back, hands on her waist, only in a coat and dress pants. I glanced away from her, sparing her the embarrassment. She sighed and grabbed my shoulders. Goodness, she was strong!

"We are taking you into custody. Come on." We stepped through the hundreds of humans rushing around the area, and Tarot slipped through the cracks of the door, trailing behind silently. It seemed to frown deeper than usual, and when we made eye contact, it just shook its head in depression.

The woman opened a door made of metal bars; shoving me inside it and locking it the split second after. My, she was certainly fierce. Tarot had slipped in when the woman wasn't looking, and when she was gone, it sunk to the floor and grasped its misshapen face with its tiny hands.

"What's the matter with you, Tarot? You look as if the skies have fallen." It didn't look up and just heaved a deep sigh.

"I saw it. You were remembering her, William. You were remembering what happened that night." I narrowed my eyes and grabbed the faerie, bringing it right up to my face, the hard stare never leaving my face.

"It doesn't matter anymore, Tarot. She is gone. Forever." Tarot gave me a sympathetic gaze, then hung its head once more and made the ground as interesting as possible.

"The kingdom lifts the skies, but lest we remember,

As our small kingdom falls, the night is forever.

Slip through time, the golden days,

Where it was a crime, and now here she lays.

No wonder the love all fails,

Time has come, as we all go down.

Don't you dare look him in the eyes,

The monster is one unexpected."