What cruelty. What injustice. What did you do to deserve your fate?

You dared to love. That is all. You dared to be you. That is all.

Your mother and brother said your love for a poor lawyer was what locked you in that room.

They said your refusal to love another was the reason you could never leave the gloom.

Really, it was their cruelty. Their cruelty and their hate.

They locked you away from the sun.

They locked you in with your waste.

They allowed you to starve.

They allowed you to lose your mind.

Nevertheless, you never buckled. You never bent to their will.

When you were in the darkness, you remembered walking by his side in the sun.

When your waste overpowered your nostrils, you remembered the smell of his cologne.

When the food was taken away, you remembered the feasts and the balls.

When you had nothing more to live for, you escaped to a world inside your mind.

When you couldn't bear the world any longer, you escaped to a world inside your mind and never came back.

In the end, the police found you and you were the shock of all France.

In the end, your mother went to prison and your brother lived out his days in disgrace.

In the end, you never came back.

But in the end, you won.