Chapter Thirty-three: Two Troublemakers

"Harder," Delia growled, listening to her newest song. She was wearing torn jeans, a skimpy top and huge set of headphones. "I want a harder sound, there, where the guitar comes crashing in!"

"Boom, boom, boom, and then crash!" Daisy waved her arms, conducting an imaginary orchestra like a symphony conductor. The stuffy old sound engineer in the recording booth looked so confused that both girls began to laugh.

"Enough for today," interrupted a husky voice. It was Mrs. Huddleston, buzzing them on the speaker from the fancy parlor upstairs. "Miss Delia, it's time for your lunch."

Delia was starving, and she was dying to get out of the basement. But she didn't want to eat lunch in the parlor with Mrs. Huddleston hovering close by, overhearing everything she said. Instead she let tall, leather clad Daisy help her carry a big lunch tray right up to her room. Quick-fingered Daisy snagged a bottle of wine as well, despite the gloomy housekeeper's scowling disapproval. Delia was deathly afraid of Mrs. Huddleston, but Daisy wasn't. Daisy wasn't afraid of anyone!

"That woman is a gargoyle," Daisy declared, laughing as she shut the bedroom door to keep their conversation completely private. "Did you see the way she looked at me? Just because I'm not all dolled up in ribbons and bows!"

"I'd like to see that," Delia snorted. Having Daisy around made her feel safe. With her sandals kicked off, the sexy young redhead was already settled on the bed, devouring a tray of tiny crab cakes.

"You can't fool me, baby doll. What you'd really like is to get out of here!" Daisy made a big thing of pulling the cork from the big bottle of fancy French wine, filling Delia's glass right to the top. "Now tell me how on earth Lady Violet lured you back to France. Don't tell me Blake is actually letting you work with her again!"

"Blake doesn't tell me what to do!" Delia nearly choked on her crab cake. Just hearing Blake's name made her feel jumpy. Lady Agatha's sexy nephew was far too bossy and controlling. Yet part of her missed her manager's firm kisses that curled her toes. Delia wanted to be independent, like Daisy and Lady Violet. She didn't like remembering how weak Blake made her feel in bed. She covered it up by quickly drinking more wine.

"All right, so you're calling the shots now. What are you doing here?" Daisy gave the blushing redhead a searching look, refilling her wine glass without spilling a single drop.

"Well, it's sort of complicated. Blake's aunt is in trouble, and I've got to help her out!" Delia was anxious to tell Daisy all about Lady Violet's snooping and spying. She even spilled the beans about the scandalous video of sweet and gentle Lady Agatha in bed with a much younger man. But she didn't want Daisy to think she was a total pushover, so she left out the bit about being tricked into a car and forced onto a private plane by Mrs. Huddleston.

"So, all this is just a luxurious vacation in the south of France," Daisy summed up. "Only what you really want is to hack into Lady Violet's computer, find that video, and destroy it before the damned thing goes viral on the internet!"

"Exactly!" Delia hugged Daisy, feeling loads better now that she'd talked to her friend. "I knew you'd understand. You're the only person I know who isn't afraid of Violet, and you know all her secrets. Can you help me hack into her computer?"

"No, but I know someone who can." Daisy was already gathering the empty trays, and brushing a few stray crumbs from the bed. "Get some sleep, baby doll. I'll make a few calls, get my motorcycle out of the garage and come back for you after midnight."

"After midnight!" Delia felt dizzy from all the wine and excitement. "But it won't be dark for hours. It's still the middle of the day!"

"That's right," Daisy agreed, giving Delia a shove that sent her sprawling backwards on the bed. "So you'd better stay out of trouble until then!"

"You're the troublemaker!" Delia wanted her friend to know that she was just as wild as any Goth chick. The two of them tickled and wrestled and rolled around on the bed until Delia was weak from laughter. She was still giggling as Daisy got up from the bed, blew her a kiss and vanished.

After her friend left to put things in motion, Delia lay on the bed thinking for a long time. She wondered who Daisy knew that could hack into computers. How far was the motorcycle ride, and how much money should she bring? Delia yawned, feeling fearfully sleepy all of a sudden. But she also felt daring and brave and determined. It didn't matter what the plan was. The two of them were more than a match for Mrs. Huddleston and Lady Violet!