[Danielle Kore]

I had always been a fan of other species, I am at awe at the handsome yet deadly nature of them. You can say I was heavily influenced by urban fantasy novels, and it was no surprise that during my early junior high days I tend to fawn over my vampire, werewolf, or anything that isn't a pure human.

Yeah, I'm that kind of person, can't be helped. I would daydream on the possibilities that I'd get involved in those things, like the feuding Vampire Clans in the Selenia Yard, witness history being remade with the Werewolf Tribes in the Blackwood Hill, perhaps see the never ending blood rivalries of various Mage Families in Upper Salomon, or any other supernatural event in the city.

But I never expected to be stuck in a room with my classmate as he fended off a Rival Mage.

[Earlier that Day]

I was standing in the middle of a plain open field with tall grass gently dancing in the breeze, the cold crisp air flowed gently in the breeze

In front of me was a young woman, her hair was platinum blond, almost white to be honest and her eyes were light green. She wore a set of white and gold ceremonial robes indicating that she was a Mage. But the most striking of it was that there was a Dodecahedron shaped object that was floating around the girl.

For a moment the two of us locked eyes for a moment but then she smiled and nodded at the Dodecahedron, to which it slowly floated towards me I gingerly held it with both of my hands while the eye of the Dodecahedron stared at me expectedly like a child looking at her parent.

I looked at the young woman in a confused manner but before she can explain anything I woke up in my room.

Another weird dream. Thought as I got up and took a shower, the warm water removing the sleep off me. That's the third time though.

I went downstairs to eat breakfast with my family, who had already started eating.

"Morning mom," I smiled as I smelled the freshly baked bread, I looked around and saw that my younger brother and father had already left. "Where's Danny and Dad?"

"Your brother had Basketball Practice and your father had to leave work early," Mother said as she handed me lunch. "You're early today."

"I am!?" I asked, looking at my watch and noticed that it was already 6:00 AM, Class begins at 7:00. "Oh wow, that's a first. Well, you know what they say the early bird catches the worm."

I kissed mom on the cheek and went to school. As soon as I arrived, the place was somewhat desolate save for a few early risers like myself. When classes are still an hour away, you have pretty much plenty of time to laze around, in my case however I have my own way of passing time.

I smiled to myself and hummed a song I heard on the radio at home while I skipped my way to the open field, where the Soccer Players are at. As soon as I arrived I joined my club, the Football Fanclub.

"Hey guys?" I waved at them as we entered our usual spot. "Has it started yet?"

I sat with the club president, Elsie Astrea, a Daughter from the Astrea Family, a family of Mages that study Witchcraft that originated from Massachusetts, though we both joked that they're probably from Salem.

"Not yet," She smiled as she pulled out a pair of binoculars, like us she's a huge fan of Wakefield High Football Team. Especially the Team Captain, a Vampire who goes by the name of Victor Orga.

"Oh god Victor waved at us!" one of my clubmates shouted, I quickly looked around and saw a pale young man with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes waving at us.

I squealed happily like the rest of us as he waved, but one of his teammates tapped at his shoulder and muttered something in his hear, he nodded with a smile and waved at us one more time and joined the rest in training.

"Say was he always sitting over there?" Elsie commented pointing at the open field. I looked at where she was pointing and saw a young man with messy jet black hair and grey eyes sitting quietly while eating a sandwich, his eyes were fixed at a Crow that was perched atop a tree.

"Who's that?" I asked looking at him.

"You don't know?" She said tilting her head. "That's Jon Tyrhelm-Orcus, one of five heirs of the Orcus Family."

"He is?!" I asked in shock, looking at him in surprise. The Orcus Family is one of the most influential family members in Wakefield, a well-known Mage Family, they have always had a hand in Politics and all things Magic. "He doesn't really look the part though."

"Then what exactly should he look like?" Elsie chuckled at my remark.

"Maybe sitting quietly in the library, his hair swept neatly while several piles of books are stacked neatly all of which are all about different forms of Magic," I said imagining the said Heir. "Also he's wearing glasses."

"Of course that's how you would imagine it," Elsie rolled her eyes, I giggled at her remark. After a while, we then turned our attention to the Training Session of the Football Team.

[Jon Orcus]

Someone has been following me, ever since the day started I felt someone following me since I left my apartment. This isn't the first time though, Blood Rivalries between Mage Families tend to get pretty bloody after all.

I wonder who is after me? I thought as I left the classroom, the day was already over so I decided to head home. After all, I'm not even the Heir to the family.

"Um, Jon?" I turned around and saw Cassandra Rose, a classmate of mine since middle school. Like me, she too was a Daughter of a Mage family, albeit a lesser known one.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Can we well talk for a moment?" She asked timidly, nervously tugging at the hem of her dress.

"Sure what is it?" I asked, the idea of a possible assassination still lingering in my head.

"Can we talk in the Greenhouse?" She said nervously looking around, while she was always shy to talk back them right now she is unusually tense.

"Sure why not?" I said smiling.

It's a trap, the voice inside my head told me. She is luring you into a trap.

I know, I replied as I followed after her to the greenhouse. I also know someone is following after us into the greenhouse.

Then why aren't you doing anything? The Voice replied in exasperation. You're gonna die you do know that right?

Calm down jeez, I reassured him as we entered the greenhouse. I have a plan, a stupid one but I have a plan.

"So what do you want to talk about Cassandra?" I asked looking at the flowers, casually looking at the back of my right hand.

'Grundlage meiner Angehörigen, rufe ich Sie an. (Foundation of my kin, I call out to you),' I chanted quietly as I channel Prana, the very foundation that allows us Mages to cast magic, into my right hand.

"I've been meaning to tell you this since last year," She said nervously while I buried my right fist into my pocket to hide it. "I-I've always had a crush on you and I'd like to ask you to be my boyfriend!"

Her face was red and continued to nervously fidget with her dress if she told me that on an off day I would have believed her but sadly…

"Is that really why you're here?" I asked looking back writing something on my right hand. 'Passiere mich durch deinen Segen, während ich unser Erbe fortsetze, Ansuz (pass through me your blessing as I continue our legacy, Ansuz).'

"What?" She asked mildly confused.

"You're here to assassinate me with the help of your Werewolf boyfriend," I concluded. "You always had this habit of playing the hem of your dress when you're hiding something, plus I know that a few months ago you started dating this werewolf guy named Tyler Black."

"I told you it was pointless," I smirked and looked back to find Tyler leaning on the doorway glaring at me. "He's smarter than he looks."

"Not smart," I answered showing the rune I wrote on the back of my hand in the middle of our conversation. "Just observant."

"Right case in point," He said cracking his knuckles. "You know what's gonna happen next right?"

"Yeah," I said with a chuckle, as vines quickly wrapped around my feet.

Grundlage meiner Angehörigen, rufe ich Sie an

Passiere mich durch deinen Segen, während ich unser Erbe fortsetze.


(Foundation of my kin, I call out to you

Pass through me your blessing as I continue our legacy.


I snapped my fingers as several glyphs that contained the symbol of a fire ignited the vines and any nearby plants. Which then caused both Tyler and Cassandra to panic.

Oh right… I thought as I extended both hands and began chanting again. Cassandra's family are druids.

"Nebelwand. (Smokescreen.)"

Form my sleeves black smoke erupted from it, as soon as the vines have been burned away I quickly made my way through the exit.

"Uruz." I muttered as I felt my legs move faster as I sprinted to the exit, but as soon as I was about to run out the hallway I accidentally bumped into someone.

"Oof," I looked up to see a girl the same year as I was, with brown hair and pure blue eyes. A civilian who just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Ah great…" I muttered, I looked behind and saw Tyler, who was already in his wolf form looking around. One thing I know for sure is that when a fight like this breaks out witnesses are to be 'silenced' to put it lightly.

"Wait a minute," She said looking at me, I quickly grabbed her hand.

"No time to explain just run," I said the last thing I need is to get someone killed because of me.

[Author's Note:]

Happy New Year Guys, this story was something I've been planning on Late 2018 and I decided to greenlight the whole thing. I hope you all enjoyed the prologue, this is gonna be my first take in trying out the Urban Fantasy Genre so this is gonna be fun for all of us I suppose.

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