The whispers
call me,
pulling me
towards them.
I find myself
going to her,
to the voice
that calls me.
Because deep
within my heart
I know I must.

There was nothing but the rain, and the silence. She heard nothing, nothing but the whispers of rain drops on the roof of the truck, and the traffic outside. Other than that it was quiet, calm, peaceful. It was just her, the silence and the rain. She liked the quiet. She liked how the raindrops sounded on the roof of the truck. Gemini Raven wasn't a normal person, that she knew, she could see things, things that other people couldn't, but mainly she could see people's dreams, and memories. Especially if she touches something that belong to them. She sat there in the Silence of the truck, with her eyes closed, just listening to the heavy rain.

People at school think she's a freak, and they maybe right, in fact they're most definitely right, but she didn't care what they thought of her, why should she? She is who she is, she can't help the way she was born. But She didn't go around talking about what she sees, not to just anyone, except Jericho Sunken.

Jericho believed in that sort of stuff, he has a open mind about a lot of things, but when it comes to psychic abilities he's quite obsessed, but in a good way. He was a good friend of hers, always happy to hear about her gift.

She opened her eyes and looked out at the Library. Her grandfather owned this library, so she can study in it as late as she loved books, and her grandfather knew it. So he gave her a part-time job on the oegions. And she loved every minute of it. Being around books all day was like her dream come true.

She got out of the truck, and ran to the doors. She was soaked in minutes, but she didn't mind. It was so calm and quiet inside. She took in a deep breath.

She love the smell of books. It was so quiet. She loved libraries, especially at night. No talking, nobody around but her. Gemini can't say she hated the human race, but she can say that she don't like the human race. But she can't help but feel that the human race was young, and still had much left to learn.

It was odd where her mind would go sometimes.

She settled at one of the few tables, and switched on the lamp that was nearest to her on the table. She had a important test coming in she needed to study, and It's not like she could study at home. Because her twin brothers Zen and Vian are too loud and she can't concentrate. And to make it worse they've got friends over. Her parents always knew where to find her. She was always at the library, it was like her second home.

She might have been studying for two hours when she heard a noise.

No, It wasn't a noise, it was more like whispering. She had heard this before. She could be working and hear the whispering, and she always was drawn to one area, as if there was an invisible thread pulling her, and it always seems like to her like the whispers was calling out to just her. But she was always able to ignore it before, but this time the feeling was too overwhelming. This time she knew she had to go to it.

Before she knew it she was walking to the Back of the library where her grandfather keeps the old books that are fragile to handle. One time She helped him copy all the books, and now reasons that she can't explain she is drawn to the old books again. She had a feeling like something was calling out to her, like it's calling out her name. She stood in front of the glass cases.

Some of these books are over a thousand years old, or older. Her grandfather used to be a Explorer, he used to go around the world collecting old books. He says that they are magical, that most of them are books of magic. She placed her hand on the cool glass.

The whispering again.

There was one book in particular that fascinated her ever since she could remember, that her eyes was always drawn to, and to this day she don't know why. The book was 12 by 11 Inches. On the cover was a silver Phoenix, the Phoenix was surrounded by silverish green flames. On the spine of the book looked like to her As if the Phoenix was carrying it in it's claws. To this day she didn't really understand why the book speaks to her and not anyone else. She told her grandfather about the whispers she would hear, and how she was drawn to the mysterious book. He simply said that she was special, and that the book was special. And she knew that was true. This book was very special.

She checked the clock hanging above the front doors. It was late she better head home. She gathered all of her things. She looked at the book one last time before heading out to the rain. Her thoughts was filled with nothing but the book, and the soft whispers of it, the whispers that was only meant for her and her alone.