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The end is not always the ending

But new beginnings for you and i

I may vanish from this world

But only for a short time

For I will return to you one day.

Chapter 26

This world is full of Mystery, some of the Mysteries will never be solved, And this world is also full of stories, then again some of these stories will never be finished or told, and never will be, this story however has no ending, and it won't be forgotten.

Gemini awoke in the hospital two weeks later. She knew everything was as it should be when she opened her eyes and saw her parents brother's Merlin Arthur and Jericho at her bedside. She was heartbroken about her grandfather, but she was also at peace with it, because where she was standing he look like he was at peace. All of Jericho's injuries was completely healed.

Gemini's power's probably had a lot to do with it. Gemini was released from the hospital a week later. She swore to always guard the book of Destiny, never allow the evil witch Escape it. As long as the book remains in her possession it will never fall into the wrong hands.

Slowly Jericho started to have memories from his past life's. It turn's out Gemini and Jericho wasn't incarnations of Arthur and Guinevere, but Reincarnation's of Guinevere and Lancelot.

Merlin for the first time was wrong about something.

Gemini looked out the car window. She knew what she had to do next was going to be the worst experiences in her life. Saying goodbye to someone was the hardest thing to do in this life, especially saying those words to someone that she loved. But she'll be strong, she had to be.

She kept saying to herself that there are no goodbyes, that there are no endings. But she knew they were all lies.

Jericho opened the car door. "Come on Gem" he said quietly. "Let's go together. I know that goodbyes are hard, but sometimes those words need to be said"

After a moment she accepted his hand, and stepped out of the car. She looked at the funeral home before meeting Jericho's gaze.

"Yes," she said quietly "goodbyes are the hardest thing to say"


Merlin and Arthur was walking at a beach after Gemini's grandfather's funeral. Merlin's heart goes out to her. He knew what Gemini did was brave, but he also knows there's not much he can do for her.

He offered to stay by her side, but she pretty much demanded him to go with Arthur and catch up on Lost Time. And now Merlin didn't know what to do or what to say. It was like old times, times he thought that would never come again.

Merlin looked out at the water. The smell of the saltwater filled the air, the waves and the seagulls is all that could be heard. It reminded him of so long ago.

Back where Merlin and Arthur had all the time in the world, before-

"So my dear friend, tell me about the centuries that you have lived" Said Arthur breaking him out of his thoughts.

"Oh that's going to take awhile my king"

"Merlin" They stopped as he put his hand on his shoulder. Merlin looked at him. "I'm not king Arthur, not in this life anyway. So you can finally treat me like a person, but you always have, if memory serves me right"

Merlin laughed. "Yes, I did didn't I?"

"Go on, ask me what you want to ask"

"Gemini and Jericho, you do know they are incarnation's of-"

"Yes, I do. Let them have their happy ending, for I finally have mine"

Arthur linked his arm with Merlin's, as they began walking again.

"If you had feelings for me, then why did you merry?" Merlin couldn't help but ask.

Arthur sighed "I thought my feelings were completely one-sided" he looked at Merlin "but it appears that I was wrong"

The look in his eyes took Merlin completely by surprise, and had no time to think as Arthur pressed his lips against his. "I have always loved you, Merlin" said Arthur when he had pulled away after a moment "And always shall, from now on and into the next life"

"From now on and into the next life" whispered Merlin pressing his forehead against his closing his eyes. "For you are and always have been my kingdom"

"And you have been mine"

"Shell we go my king?" Merlin opened his eyes and looked at his heart, his soul, his life.

Arthur snorted. "As you wish my love"

Merlin has never been happier, but soon he found his thoughts drifting back to Gemini.

Gemini thought that this time around Carmen didn't take anyone she cared about away from her, But she was wrong. Carmen took someone away she loved very much, and that was not at all fair.

But at least Carmen is going to be imprisoned for as long as there is still light in this world. Once again Gemini, or Seunna had to say goodbye to someone she held so dear. Merlin knew how she felt, he once had to say goodbye to someone he held dear, to someone he thought he would never see again, but he had been wrong.

He looked at Arthur.

Sometimes that one that we think that had been lost forever just may come back to us one day.


Gemini had the strength to do what had to be done, it was just too late to save her grandfather, but deep down she knows that he was at peace, it still didn't make it hurt less.

After the funeral Jericho Took her to dairy Queen, he ordered her favorite ice cream, banana split. Usually a banana split would make her feel better, but not today.

But at least Jericho was trying.

"I'm sorry" He said after a little while.

She shook her head. "you have nothing to apologize for, It was Carmen who took him away, not you" She said taking a bite of her banana split.

"Oh yeah, about that, what happened to Carmen exactly? Merlin and Arthur- Kenai told me that you had to tell me"

Gemini rhiched in to her book bag, and brought out the book, and placed it on the table in front of her.

She looked at him. "A long time ago this book was used by the white sorceress Bé Chuille, also known as Becuille. It was passed down in her family for Generations. When Carmen attacked Ireland, Bè Chuille use this book to seal Carmen's Powers, but having doing so she left herself week. Carmen knew this. One night Bè Chuille was tricked into believing of someone That was long passed came back to her" she caressed the book with her hand "Bè Chuille didn't seal all of Carmen's Powers. Carmen took the shape of someone she loved dearly, then killed her, then made her Escape by taking the shape of Bè Chuille herself"

"tricking people in believing that she was dead". Said Jericho.

"Yes. She wanted the book. But Bè Chuille was clever. She gave the book to the sun goddess Aine to protect until she found someone of purest of heart to guard the book. After centuries of searching sun goddess Aine finally found what she was looking for. In that life I was known as Seunna, a daughter of a simple farmer"

"Yes, I remember that I was there" Said Jericho.

Gemini smiled. "Yes. It seems like you were always there by my side. I was 12 when the sun goddess came to me. She appear to me as a red mayor. I was in all, I was speechless. Two to three days later Sunniva came, I remember it so clearly. I was on the hell like I always was, I heard whispering, it was as if the wind in the trees Was whispering me a lullaby. Then Sunniva came to me, she became my familiar that night. Then the sun goddess appeared to me and made me the guardian of the book of Destiny". As she talked, her mind drifted to the Past "But Carmen found out that I was the guardian of the book"

Her smile faded.

"Years later Carmen came to me, And demanded me to give her the book. I said no. Carmen gave me one last chance, she told me she would give me another day to think about it, and that she would come back the next night for my answer"

"If Seunna was you, I already know the answer she gave her" Said Jericho.

"You do know me. And as the result Carmen killed Everyone and burned the village to the ground. I took the book and gave it to Sunniva, until my next life"

"But how did it come back to you?"

She looked down at the book "Aine gave it to Gramps, and you know the rest"

"But you still didn't tell me what happened to Carmen"

Gemini looked at him. She wanted to remember every last detail of his face. His eyes, his smile, every last detail of it.

It took everything in her to tell him the next part, though deep down she didn't want to, she didn't want this moment to end.

"I used the same spell that Bè Chuille used to seal Carmen's power's" She placed her hand on the book. "I sealed her inside, I sealed Carmen's Immortal Soul inside the pages of this book. And trust me as long as this book stays in my possession, she will never be freed"

"But, Gem, you said when Bè Chuille use that spell to seal her powers, you said it Weekend her. And how did you know how to use her spell anyway?" Asked Jericho his eyes going wide.

Gemini could tell that he was starting to figure it out. "Jericho, I thought that it would be obvious"


"I was once born as the white sorceress Bè Chuillè, and I was Seunna, and I was Guinevere, and now I was Gemini"


"The spell that I used to seal Carmen in this book, You see it call's for a sacrifice"


She sled the book across the table to Jericho. "When I was Seunna I was afraid of the sacrifice, I was terrified of losing everything again like I did when I was Bè Chuille. I was also afraid of losing everything when I was Guinevere. But this time I wasn't afraid"

"No, Gemini, no. This can't be, no" his voice began to crack. "I just- we just- no"

She knew he was refusing to believe it. "I did what needed to be done, I figured out what my regret was. It wasn't the fact that I gave up the book, it was that I begged for my life, that I gave up. Jericho, do me a favor"

"What is it?" Gemini could tell that he was trying to hold back the tears.

She took his hand. "Tell mom, dad, and my annoying twin brothers that I love them. And promise me you'll never forget to look for me. Jean, Zekiah, Lancelot, Jericho, promise me that you will remember me"

"I promise"

She leaned over the table and kissed him on the lips. She cupped his cheeks with her hands as Jericho return the passionate kiss. "You're right" she said quietly as she pressed her forehead against his. "Goodbyes are hard, but this isn't goodbye"

She straightened. "I love you Jericho, always had and always will" she said before getting to her feet and walking out.

Aine and Merlin was waiting for her. "Are you ready?" Aine asked.

Gemini looked back at Jericho who was crying holding the book close. This is not goodbye, it's just a see you later. They're find each other again, just like they always have. But the next time will be different, somehow she just knows that it will. She looked back at Aine and Merlin.

"Look after him. Make sure the book stays in his possession" She said.

"I will" said Aine.

"Thank you for giving me some more time with them"


She looked at Merlin. "Remember the promise you made me?"

"I do" he bowed to her.

Her familiar flew down to rest on her shoulder. Gemini smiled at the Phoenix. "You two find me in the next life"

" As you wish my lady " said her familiar giving her a bow.

She closed her eyes, and allowed herself to vanish, for now.


This world is not so black and white As It Seems, when we disappear it doesn't always mean forever. Bè Chuille, Seunna, Guinevere, Gemini was the bravest women that was ever known.

Though the lives of Gemini and Jericho might have passed, the memories Never Fade, The feelings will always remain, always until the end of time.

Just because you don't see something doesn't make it not real, The truth is Magic is all around, magic comes to those who believe in it, it comes from inside even if we may not know it, all we have to do is believe in it.

She was laying on the ground at the park. She had often done this, she likes to look up at the clouds, watching them Roll by. For some reason it reminded her of something.

Only 10 and her parents say that her soul was older. She too believes that herself. Summer feels like she is waiting for something, or someone, and she can't explain it but she just knows that whoever it is will find her.

"Excuse me" She looked up to see a boy standing above her, his dark brown hair blowing gently in the breeze "What are you doing?" Asked the boy.

The boy looked oddly familiar.

She sat up. "Well what does it look like to you? I'm looking at the sky"

The boy smiled. "I found you"

She slowly got to her feet. She looked deep into his green eyes.

Now she knows why he looks so familiar, it all came back to her at once.

"So you did" She said smiling as he took her hand.

"You never once forgotten to look for me?" She asked.

"No, not once" He handed her the book. "This belongs to you"

She took the book from him and traced the Phoenix on the cover with her hand. She looked at him. She knew all along that this day would come.

" my lady "

She looked to the sky. Sunniva was flying towards them. She held out her arm, allowing the Phoenix to land.

She looked at her heart, the love of her life "shell we?"

"Wherever you go, I go"

She smiled "then let's not waste time"

They walked together to their futures, the future that is theirs and theirs alone. It just goes to show, just because we may vanish for a while, doesn't mean we won't come back one day.

The end.