Mozhgan and Sinta

Chapter 1: The World of Middleworld

On our planet known as Middleworld, there are islands, palaces, cities, mountains, and a huge sea. Mazandaran is a grassy region to the west. East of Mazandaran is the desert region of Turan. In the Turan region is Mount Qaf. Mount Qaf has a lot of plants, grown by the residents. In the Mazandaran region there is a mountain known as Hara Berezaiti. Hara Berezaiti has a lot of plants grown by residents living on that mountain. Below the mountains and between the regions of Mazandaran and Turan, there is a city known as Isbanir. The architecture of Isbanir has the styles of Parsian and Parthian. Some of the buildings in Isbanir have the style of wats. Some of the architecture of Isbanir has the architectures of Hoysala, Vijayanagara, and Mughal. Out in the sea of Vourukasha, there is a palace known as Alcaraz Palace. There is a bridge connecting both the city of Isbanir and the entrance to Alcaraz Palace, that bridge is known as the Chinvat Bridge. On another continent, there is an island city known as Atlantis. Atlantis is technologically advanced and has huge skyscrapers. Kumari Kandam and Lemuria are cities that border each other, south of Atlantis. Kumari Kandam and Lemuria have architecture similar to the Vijayanagara architecture. The residents of Lemuria are known as Lemurians and the language of Lemuria is known as the Lemurian language. Meropis is an island with three cities. The cities in Meropis are Anostos - a city that is covered with red clouds and fog, Eusebes - a city where people have plenty of food and medicine, and Machimos - a heavily guarded city. The language of Meropis is Méropes. Méropes has three dialects named after the three cities: Eusebes Méropes, Machimos Méropes, and Anostos Méropes. The Méropes language is the only language to have a written script. To the north of Kumari Kandam is Mu. Mu has architecture similar to ancient Egyptian and Mesoamerican architecture. Toward the North Pole of Middleworld, there is a huge island known as Hyperborea. The people that live on that island are known as the Hyperboreans. The language they speak in Hyperborea is known as Hyperborean. Hyperborea is covered in snow. Toward the South Pole is a large tropical island known as Terra Australis. Terra Australis has a city known as Patalis. My name is Majumdar Kiran, and I was going to see my friends Boroumand Mozhgan, Pertiwi Sinta, and Tethong Namdol in Isbanir. I knocked on the door of Mozhgan's house, and Mozhgan opened it for me.

I said, "Thank you, Mozhgan!"

Mozhgan said, "You're welcome, Kiran!"

Here's what we look like: I'm a tiger with yellow fur that has black brindle stripes. I wear a blue-gray patiala salwar, a green choli, and a red lehenga. Mozhgan is a blue jackal who wears a gray çarşaf; on top of her çarşaf is a turquoise yelek. She also wears a dark red tantour and an indigo şalvar. Sinta is a blue jackal who wears an orange kebaya, a lime green tudung, and a purple sarong. Namdol is a lion with green fur and an indigo mane. He wears a blue gho.

I said, "Mozhgan!...Sinta!...I got a message from Sultan Abiteboul Driss and Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes."

Everyone walked up to meet me.

Sinta asked, "What does it say?"

I said, "The Sultan wants to meet all three of you in Alcaraz Palace at 5 pm sharp, and after the meeting, the Yuvraj wants to meet you guys in Isbanir city hall when you guys can make it."

Namdol said, "Ok! We'll go there now, since it is a far walk!"

We left our home in Isbanir and walked on the Chinvat Bridge. Everyone stared at the Vourukasha sea.

Sinta said, "The Vourukasha ocean looks beautiful during sunset."

I said, "And sunrise!"

We kept walking until we encountered a huge gate. Behind the gate was the Alcaraz Palace. The Alcaraz Palace was built in the Parthian style. I pressed the button on the gate.

Someone asked, "Who is this?!"

I said, "This is Majumdar Kiran!...You wanted to see Boroumand Mozhgan, Pertiwi Sinta, and Tethong Namdol."

Someone said, "Ok! I will have a guard come out here, and she will take you to meet me."

A yellow dragon with a long snake body, whiskers, horns, and a mane appeared.

Namdol asked, "Are you the guard?"

The dragon said, "Yes, my name is Falak! You have a meeting with the Sultan in about five minutes. Follow me, I will take you to his throne room."

We followed Falak into the palace. When we got to the throne room, we noticed that the Sultan wasn't there.

Mozhgan said, "Wait a second! Why isn't the Sultan sitting on his throne?"

Falak said, "He is probably in his room...There he is, now!"

Sultan Abiteboul Driss showed up. Sultan Abiteboul Driss was a hare who had purple fur. He wore a brown kaftan and a yellow şalvar.

"Greetings your majesty! Ms. Majumdar Kiran has brought Boroumand Mozhgan, Pertiwi Sinta, and Tethong Namdol for the meeting!"

Sultan Abiteboul Driss said, "Nice to meet you all!"

Sultan Abiteboul Driss sat on his throne.

"On our planet, a fox named Khatri Namrata and a cat named Sriyani de Alwis are able to survive exposure to dark magic."

Sinta asked, "Why is it important to know about Sriyani and Namrata's ability to survive dark magic?"

Sultan Abiteboul Driss said, "Light magic makes us glow at night. Light magic is usually found in water and fire. Dark magic is very deadly to creatures who are born with light magic. Creatures who are born with dark magic have the ability to collect dark magic. Their powers are true name spells, and curses. When Light magic and dark magic are mixed, it becomes gray magic."

Sinta said, "We'll use our light magic powers to defend ourselves from those with dark magic."

Sultan Abiteboul Driss said, "That's what you should do, Sinta! Uh...Mozhgan!"

Mozhgan asked, "Yes, your majesty?!"

Sultan Abiteboul Driss said, "Take my Zomorrodnegar Shamshir! The sword is filled with light magic!"

Sultan Abiteboul Driss stood up from his throne and gave the sword to Mozhgan.

I said, "Mozhgan!...Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes can help you learn how to use that sword! We should go meet him."

We all left Alcaraz Palace and walked on Chinvat Bridge. It was night outside and we were glowing in the dark, it made the area very bright and easy to see. There was light magic coming from the flaming torches. We all jumped up and collected the light magic from the torches.

Sinta said, "Light magic sure does make everything a lot easier to see at night!"

Mozhgan said, "I agree with you, Sinta!"

We made it past the Chinvat Bridge and entered Isbanir. We walked to the Isbanir city hall and I knocked on the door. Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes opened the door for us and we went inside. Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes is an elephant with lime green hair. He was wearing a yellow yelek, red dolman, and a turquoise şalvar.

Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes said, "Come in, everyone!"

We went inside of the city hall.

"You heard about Namrata and Sriyani, right?"

Namdol said, "Yes!"

Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes said, "Come to my sasaran! I will teach you how to use one of my swords, and the martial arts of Pencak Silat."

We followed Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes to the sasaran room. Sinta got a balato, Namdol got a talwar, and I got a kastane. Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes got his yatagan.

"Before we get into the use of weapons...We'll do the techniques used in Pencak Silat!"

Mozhgan said, "Ok!"

Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes said, "The techniques in Pencak Silat consist of kicks, hands, arms, strikes with the hands and feet, and most importantly...Grappling! I'll have the lady wearing the choli go first."

I said, "My name is Kiran!...This is Namdol, Mozhgan, and Sinta!"

Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes said, "All right, Kiran!...You do the demonstration!"

I stood in front of Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes. I wrapped my arm around Elyes' neck and pulled him. Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes fell on the floor.

"I intentionally fell down because I didn't want you to accidently choke me."

I said, "Ok!"

Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes said, "Now!...Try to kick me!"

I kicked Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes' back. I let go of him and we both stood up.

"I want Mozhgan and Namdol to face each other!"

Mozhgan and Namdol did what Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes wanted them to do. Mozhgan struck Namdol with her hands and grappled him. Namdol kicked Mozhgan.

I said, "Don't forget about your punches and kicks."

Mozhgan punched Namdol and he fell down.

Namdol said, "I can't believe that she is stronger than me!"

Mozhgan said, "I train a lot more in my room with Sinta."

Sinta said, "All right! We'll use our weapons now!"

Mozhgan got out her Zomorrodnegar Shamshir, Sinta got out her balato, Namdol got out his talwar, Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes got out his yatagan, and I got out my kastane. Everyone was wearing heavy armor.

Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes said, "Duel!"

Sinta jumped and stabbed me near the left shoulder, then she stabbed me near the arm. Mozhgan summoned a white laser from her Zomorrodnegar Shamshir and it hit Namdol.

Namdol said, "Woah! Did you see that?!"

Mozhgan said, "This sword might have a magical power! I think I summoned it."

Sinta said, "That power could be used to kill Namrata and Sriyani! Creatures born with dark magic are weak to light magic. Since everyone here is born with light magic, our weakness is dark magic."

Mozhgan said, "I'll name the attack...Laser of death!"

Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes said, "It already has a name!...It's called the Zomorrodnegar Moon Laser! There's two types of magic it can form to make the laser. Moon magic and light magic. Moon magic protects you from dark magic, but it can't create gray magic with dark magic. It can't destroy light magic either."

Namdol stabbed my leg with his talwar. Sinta stabbed me in the side with her balato. Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes picked me up and threw me. Then he jumped on me and stabbed me right in the stomach with his yatagan. Mozhgan summoned the Zomorrodneger Moon Laser at me, Sinta, and Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes.

"All of you did great tonight!...You all seem to be better at sword fighting than Pencak Silat."

I said, "See you later!"

Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes said, "See you later everyone!"

Everyone except for Yuvraj Rezgui Elyes left Isbanir city hall and went back to our home. Meanwhile in Machimos, Meropis; there was a fox with yellow fur and gray fur. She wore a blue-gray bakhu and a dark red wonju. There was a cat with light turquoise fur. She wore a green choli and a blue-gray sari.

The fox said, "Sriyani! When will we be able to get the dark magic?"

Sriyani said, "Namrata!...We will get the dark magic once Baba Yaga and Morgan le Fay show up!"

Namrata and Sriyani looked at a cage. Inside the cage was a creature that resembled a dog, a wolf, and a striped hyena glowing with light magic.

Namrata said, "Crocotta! You must find Baba Yaga and Morgan le Fay!"

Crocotta said, "I refuse to do that, bitch!"

Namrata said, "If you don't do what I just said!...I'm going to use my dark magic powers to slowly get rid of your light magic powers!"

Crocotta said, "No! I can't live like this anymore, this city is too aggressive!"

Crocotta tried to destroy the cage, but she wasn't strong enough to destroy it.

Namrata said, "Sriyani! Get our urumis!"

Crocotta said, "No! That's the most dangerous weapon on our planet!...I need to use the last of my stamina to escape this cage and leave this deadly city!"

Crocotta jumped so hard that she made the cage fly up in the air. When the cage fell down, it was destroyed. Crocotta escaped to Eusebes. The next morning in Isbanir, everyone woke up and we heard a knock on the door. Mozhgan ran and opened the door. There was a dog that resembled a Thai Bangkaew Dog. She had light yellow fur and lavender fur. She wore a lime green chang kben, dark red sabai, and an indigo sinh.

Mozhgan asked, "Boonyasak Chalita!...What are you doing here?"

Chalita said, "I need to talk to you!"

Mozhgan said, "Please don't attack us again!"

Chalita said, "Don't worry about that! There has been news coming from Machimos and Eusebes!"

Mozhgan said, "Come inside and talk to us about it!"

Chalita entered the house and went inside of Sinta's room. Everyone else went inside too.

Sinta asked, "What happened in Machimos?"

Chalita said, "I was on the fortress and I saw Crocotta trapped in a cage. Namrata and Sriyani were about to kill her. Crocotta did a huge jump and was able to destroy her cage. Crocotta managed to escape Machimos and enter Eusebes."

Sinta asked, "How is Crocotta?"

Chalita said, "I have no idea!...You need to save her!"

Namdol said, "We should go find Sengupta Mahbubur!...With the five of us, together with him…We will be able to stop Namrata and Sriyani!"

I said, "I like your idea, Namdol!"

Everyone went outside and walked around Isbanir. We collected light magic and Chalita collected both light magic and moon magic.

Chalita said, "There's Mahbubur!"

Mahbubur is a mongoose with gray fur. He wears a lime green kurta and a turquoise lungi.

Mahbubur said, "Hello!...I'm Sengupta Mahbubur!"