Mozhgan and Sinta

Chapter 6: Trial on the Bridge

My name is Sengupta Mahbubur. I was resting with my allies on the Chinvat Bridge.

Chalita said, "I feel so exhausted!"

I said, "I'm glad we were able to get out of Vourukasha without getting exhausted by our time in the ocean."

Mozhgan said, "If we did get exhausted in the ocean, we would have drowned."

Namdol said, "I'm glad that you were able to find us! It seemed like you swam very fast to catch up to us!"

Mozhgan said, "I did!"

Kiran said, "Everyone should rest right now!"

Sinta said, "I agree with you, Kiran!"

Everyone went to sleep. Around nighttime, everyone woke up and saw what looked like four short, ape-like creatures with a lot of fur. Sultan Abiteboul Driss came out of Alcaraz Palace.

Sultan Abiteboul Driss said, "Those creatures are called Khyah! There's Dhapalan Khyah, Bhakun Gwara Khyah, Lanpan Khyah, and Baray Khyah...They will provide a trial for you!"

I said, "I understand, Sultan Abiteboul Driss!"

Kiran said, "Me too!"

Kiran and I ran up to Bhakun Gwara Khyah. Bhakun Gwara Khyah rolled into a ball. Kiran kicked the Bhakun Gwara Khyah four times and I kicked it five times. Bhakun Gwara Khyah summoned light magic, and both Kiran and I collected the light magic. Dhapalan Khyah danced by tumbling four times. Kiran and I copied the dance. Dhapalan Khyah gave us light magic and both of us collected the light magic.

Baray Khyah said, "I want Kiran, Sinta, and Chalita!"

Kiran, Sinta, and Chalita walked up to Baray Khyah.

Sinta said, "I don't feel so well!"

Kiran said, "He could be using some kind of dark magic on us!"

Kiran took out her kastane and stabbed Baray Khyah four times. Baray Khyah ran away with Dhapalan Khyah and Bhakun Gwara Khyah. I walked up to Lanpan Khyah. I tried to leave Chinvat Bridge but Lanpan Khyah blocked me.

Lanpan Khyah said, "You're not going anywhere while it is night!"

I said, "Ok!...I am slowly starting to feel sick to my stomach due to your abilities, so I must do something about it."

I took out my firangi and stabbed Lanpan Khyah five times. Lanpan Khyah ran away.

Sultan Abiteboul Driss said, "Thank you!"

Sinta said, "You're welcome!...I'm going to assume that Mozhgan, Chalita, and Mahbubur didn't experienced nausea from the creatures."

Mozhgan said, "You're right!

Namdol said, "The creatures did have some unusual abilities!"

I said, "I don't get what the trials are going to do to us!"

Sultan Abiteboul Driss said, "The trials are for you to get ready for the battle against Namrata, Sriyani, and their allies!"

Mozhgan said, "I really missed the opportunity to use the Zomorrodnegar Moon Laser."

Sultan Abiteboul Driss said, "It was probably better that you didn't get a chance, because what if you found a creature with dark magic?"

Mozhgan said, "You're right, Sultan Abiteboul Driss! I'm going to take Kiran, Sinta, Chalita, and Mahbubur back to our home in Isbanir to rest."

Sultan Abiteboul Driss went back to Alcaraz Palace, while everyone else went to Isbanir.