#2 || nobody

8:59 a.m.

they say that time heals all wounds, and maybe one day she will heal too. but for now, she waits breathless for time to widen the wound.

she remembers the first time she received the call — remembers the voice, the number, the disbelief, the guilt.

"i know what you did."

one year ago, she finally understood why She was gone, and why her father could never bear to look her in the eyes.

"you look just like Her. sometimes i forget you're not."

how can she miss something she never had? she doesn't, but she still feels the guilt — still knows the exchange that happened and the fallout after.

and it's not fair. because she never asked to be alive, never asked to take Her place, never felt that she deserved to live more than Her.

and yet, she does and She doesn't and the world around her keeps turning as though nothing happened.

9:00 a.m.

she will never know the woman alive only in yellowed photographs and fading memories. she will never know the smile that could outshine the sun, never know the eyes that shamed the stars.

she watches her phone shatter against the wall as the ringing that cut through the silence moments ago ends.

bathed in silence, she breathes.