Landing at Los Angeles International Airport just after dawn, the Four Winds team was still beyond tired when they arrived. The trip from Hawaii to the continental United States didn't take very long thanks to everyone mostly sleeping through it.

Kazumi took in a big breath of the fresh air and spoke, "Glad to be off the plane and able to walk again!" The L.A. sun was just starting to peek above the horizon, and the young woman whose copper brown hair was up in a high tail seemed to be full of energy despite how jet-lagged her comrades were feeling at the moment.

"Whatever you say, kiddo…" The big man Hanzo wasn't feeling as thrilled as she was, looking like he could vomit at any moment without warning. Yet he was grateful to be back on the ground. Flying really wasn't his favorite way to travel. He got sick more often than not, which is why he usually knocked himself out with sleeping pills when the flight started.

"Please don't throw up until we are outside the building, our rental car should be outside by now," said Deuce as he carried his laptop bag in one hand and a heavy suitcase in the other.

He led the team to the outside of the airport after grabbing the few bags of luggage they were allowed to bring along. As per the plan he was the one who made the arrangements for transportation wherever the team needed to go.

The drive to the northern tip of California and to their destination was a seven hour drive, and when they arrived at the city of Atros a sense of relief came over Ichijo. For a few days at least, no more travelling.

Atros was a large city and had the description of being a city of lights. There were many tall buildings in the city but only one stood out, a skyscraper that looked slightly like a javelin stuck out of the center of uptown.

The team arrived at the hotel, located in the downtown section of the city, and what had to be the most run down part as well. Poverty was rampant and most of the buildings were in disrepair, not to mention there were people hanging out in the alleys between the buildings. The kind of people you wouldn't want to meet in said alley at night.

Ichijo took mental notes, 'If things work out we won't be here long enough to worry.'

The hotel, called the Demeter, wasn't very elegant and was in the same shape as the outside of the building. Ichijo and Deuce sat in the front of the rental car, while Hanzo was fast asleep in the back while Kazumi was constantly looking out her window to take in the sights.

"We'll go check into the hotel, let Hanzo sleep for a while longer," said Ichijo to Deuce who had been on his laptop the entire trip.

Kazumi leaned forward to ask, "Mind if I come in too? I need to stretch my legs."

"Ichijo didn't mind and the three shinobi got out of the car. Deuce and Ichijo wore dark grey and black clothes to try and make themselves less conspicuous, but subtlety apparently wasn't in Kazumi's mind when she got dressed that morning. She wore a bright pink t-shirt and a pair of faded white jeans, looking like someone who was ready for a wild part than a ninja. Both articles of clothing were tight on her as well, but given her personality she either didn't mind or didn't notice.

Ichijo led the team to the front desk, which was being overseen by a teenage girl whose arms were covered in tattoos and looked bored out of her mind. The lobby was mostly empty, not just of people but also furniture.

The girl saw the team approach but hardly moved, "…welcome to the Demeter, how long will you be staying?" Her lack of enthusiasm was noted, but ultimately ignored by Ichijo.

"A room for four please, and hopefully three days at most," he answered taking a look around the room.

"It's a fifty dollars a night, and right now the air conditioner is broken so sleeping might be an issue. And right now only one room has two beds," said the girl, her tone consistently dull with care to her new customers. Ichijo had an answer for that in the form of a few hundred dollar bills that he handed to her. The team never used credit cards when on business trips so they always had cash on hand to deal with pretty much any situation.

The girl's attention was piqued when she saw the money, which was well over the amount required to pay for the room.

Upon reaching their room the team was met with other issues that had been left out of what the desk manager had told them. They had been told the air conditioner was broken, but it turns out the room didn't have one at all. That made the air in the room uncomfortably humid and sticky. Also noted was that the room they had been promised was supposed to have two beds, but it only had one while the mattress for the other was missing. The bathroom smelled like something had died in it and only had a bath tub without a shower stall. Good for Kazumi who loved her bubble baths but bad for the guys who preferred showers.

The floor was wooden and creaked with each step taken, and because of his size Hanzo was afraid to stay in one spot for a long period of time for fear of falling through.

Deuce closed the door, "Well, I suppose we should start figuring out how to proceed with this job." He took his laptop out of his bag and got it going. A few moments later after an unexpected update caused his flow to be messed up, Deuce began to upload the file sent to them by their new employer.

Hanzo sat down on the bed while Kazumi opened the only window in the room. It gave an overhead view of the alley below and had a ladder attached as part of the fire escape.

Ichijo was already working on the plans for preparation for their mission, and in his mind he already knew what he was going to do first.