p style="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%;"Carl Perkins thought he had it all. A nice two-storey home on the Apple Street, kids, a loving wife and most importantly, a fancy new car. And yet, there was still a hole in his heart that no amount of luxuries in his life would be able to fill. It all started years ago when he was just a young boy attending the high school...br /br /27 years ago...br /br /- Hey look, it's the nerdy boy /br /- How's it hanging, Porkins?br /br /- You will never be succesful in life. Never!br /br /Perkins always hated school days because of all the bullies. Whenever there was a recess, he would huddle up in a corner, perhaps play a CD of his favourite artist, and read a book. There was one student that took a pity on him: a girl from the second year named Ann Franklin. A fellow outcast herself, this gorgeous brunette would usually take Porkins after school to places around the town such as the local movie /br /- Ann, you're the only bright spot in my entire life. Everything would be more cruel if you aren't /br /- Aww, don't fret about too much, Carlie. Come now, the movie's about to /br /But those days wouldn't last forever. One day, as Perkins was walking towards Ann's home, he noticed someone has broken in, the door laying on the floor in splinters. He had no idea of the horror that would await him as he entered the living room. Both Ann and her mother both laid on the floor, dead. And with signs of struggle visible on the room. Terrified, Perkins instantly ran as fast as he could, unsure whether the killer was still about. Later, the reports indicated that someone broke down into their house, stole some jewerly and in the process stabbed Ann and his mother as they tried to stop /br /- They didn't deserve to die. Perkins mused to himself on the anniversary of their /br /Perkins at least hoped his new life would make the sorrows go away. The only thing that matters to him now is whether or not Ann is truly happy in the afterlife she ended up at./p