Peter stood at the edge of the valley, at first he had thought it was a volcano, but now that he was up here, he could see so much more. The mountain was caved in, it looked like a mountain from the outside, but once you got close, it was really just a hollow mountain. Pete got the feeling, the feeling you get when you just know, he started climbing down the sides of the mountain. When he got to the bottom, he began exploring, he found animals of all shapes and sizes, plants like none he had ever seen before. He built a house, near the very front of the valley, and soon enough he met someone outside of the mountain, who agreed to keep it a secret with him. They had children, Essie and Jace, and they both agreed to keep the mountain a secret, then they met people who agreed to keep the mountain a secret. All of this went along for several years until the teras awoke. A teras was a monster, it had 4 legs and moved like a cat, but it was much larger than any cat they had ever seen. Its back was covered in spikes and its eyes were pure red. The teras would rip you apart piece by piece with its 5-foot teeth. The valley was very big, and if you stood at the edge, you could barely see where it ended. The people of the valley had decided that they were sick and tired of the teras' killing their people, so they came up with a plan to protect their village from teras' forever. They went to the 4 edges of the valley and dug holes 3 feet wide, and 40 feet deep. They placed black sand and the bones of a teras into the holes, and from then on, a teras was never seen in the village again. That is until around 300 years later when suddenly teras' come back, and they bring many, many, monsters with them.