The rest of the day had gone by without incident, even the incident in the cafeteria had been glossed over somehow and Takeru was surprised at how that was possible.

Still, when he and Megumi reached the bus stop near his home and shrine, Takeru had planned to talk to her about all that happened.

As they reached the steps that led to the property Takeru finally gathered up the courage to say, "So, thank you for helping me earlier even if it was a bit excessive."

Megumi gave him a cold stare, something of a trademark that Takeru had given her for anything that moved, and began her climb up the stairs at a slow pace while holding her bag in her hands.

She was giving him the cold shoulder again.

He kept on her though, "I', still in a pickle though, I still have to give Koga his money by tomorrow."

This time Megumi stopped, "Why?"

'Are you serious?' Takeru thought flabbergasted at what she had just said. "Why? More like why not! The guy is going to do a tap dance on my face otherwise!"

Sighing Megumi returned to her climb, "All my life I have watched humans and yet I have never under any circumstances been able to comprehend how feeble and weak they can be in the face of adversity. You bend at the knees with but a glance in the face of a man you should stand up to."

Takeru tried to ignore that but he had to admit she had some valid points, he was not going to take what she said lying down. "I'm sorry that I can't be like you, able to wield a sword and use supernatural powers like you can."

They eventually reached the top of the stairs and past the front gate, where the ears of the public were closed off to them.

Megumi turned to Takeru her yellow canine eyes beginning to glow, "The fact that you let him walk all over you is a sign of weakness. As a member of the Inoue clan I figured you'd be stronger than that judging by what your ancestors were like."

'So she's gonna pull that card on me, huh?' Takeru retorted, "Don't go using my family history on me! Things change over time, and I can bet your family is-"

She thrust her left hand at Takeru, her long nails stopping short of touching his throat, "Careful of the words you speak of next, Takeru, or you will suffer. No one speaks ill of my family and gets away with it, not even you."

Takeru relaxed a bit and she pulled away, his sentence long forgotten by his near death experience. "...sheesh, maybe you shouldn't have saved me back there if you were going to treat me like this now."

While he was talking Megumi was making her way to the tall wooden red gate just beyond the Inoue family shrine. He was following her, no way was he done with her just yet.

"What happened before wasn't me protecting you out of the goodness of my heart, but merely defending myself from a potential threat, even though he hadn't a chance of touching me to begin with."

"Kind of figured that..." Takeru said aloud, noticing she was taking her school uniform jacket off before tossing it back to him. It hit him square in the face but held onto it. "Um, where are you going?"

While she was walking to the gate, Takeru noticed that a thick layer of fog was beginning to form on the other side of it. From everything he had seen recently he wouldn't past the Kitsune family from being able to generate fog to help cover their tracks. They had many powers, and he probably couldn't fathom what they could do. It was because of that that he felt intimidated by them, even though they were meant to protect him and his family.

Megumi stopped short of the gate, having unbuttoned her dress shirt almost all the way. She had been rather uncomfortable all day wearing the uniform since it was rather constricting for her to wear. There were times she could hardly breathe at times. The fact that she wore nothing under the shirt didn't bother her since Takeru couldn't see. After doing that she removed the hat she had been forced to wear all day as well, her white ears finally being able to breathe for the day. The familiar sounds of the forest and of home were a welcoming change for her after being nearly deaf all day.

"I'm going home."

Not knowing how serious she was Takeru asked, "You're serious?"

She turned far enough to give him her cold stare and from there Takeru knew she was indeed serious.

"I've had enough of the human world for today. I shall return in the morning, if my father wishes for me to."

"What does that mean? I thought you couldn't disobey your old man?"

She ignored him, having gotten herself into that corner herself, and walked on into the fog. It didn't take very long before she disappeared like the mythical creature that she was.

Sighing loudly, Takeru turned around to head home. Being bullied twice in one day and having all sorts of girl trouble made him want to collapse on his bed and call it a day, "One day into this gig and I am already sick of it."