I've had someone following me around for as long as I can remember.

No, they aren't a stalker. They're my best friend, as a matter of fact. I met them when I was young, too young to understand who they were or why they were drawn to me.

6 years old. I was at a local graveyard with my family, visiting my grandfather's grave. Steff Willems. Father, grandfather, a loving soul who will be dearly missed. As my mother placed the flowers on the grave, I got a feeling that someone was watching. I looked all around the graveyard, but only saw other graves, as well as several people attending to their own family members' graves, not paying attention to me and my family at all.

And yet I still felt the presence.


No. I suddenly understood whose presence was near me, despite them not speaking to me through audible words.


An Enochian angel.

10 years later, I'm standing by that same grave, Ziracah's presence close. I place the sunset colored rose onto the grave. "Grandpa, do you remember Zira? They're still with me. They've been a great companion, Grandpa. I know you always wanted me to have a loyal friend that would stay with me through everything, and I'm pretty sure Zira is the one."

I hear Zira make a purring noise of approval, and feel warmth in my chest.

Sometimes I wonder if Grandpa sent Ziracah to me to keep me company in his absence. They haven't given me any clues, but even if they aren't sent from Grandpa, it doesn't matter.

They have the same level of faith in me that Grandpa did, and that's all that matters.