I am one with the sun,

the moon,

and the stars.

I roam the earth,

the sea,

and the sky.

I wander with the wind,

the fire,

and the storm.

I befriend lowly servants,


and toilers.

I duel with mighty kings,


and warriors.

I cry with the doleful,

the hopeless,

and the lost.

I heal the hurt,

the broken,

and the wounded.

I delight with the lovers,

the believers,

and the dreamers.

I dance with fate,


and death itself.

I heed no master,

no deity,

or god.

All shall come to pass

but I remain…

to bear witness,

to tell every tale.

To see every smile and tear,

every solace and war,

every win and defeat.

To feel every joy and anguish,

every hope and despair,

every life and death.

Such is the blessing,

Such is the curse,

that I bring for all eternity.

I am,

I was,

and forever will be.

I am Father Time.