Chapter 6

The women got drunk and Canopy fell asleep on the bed. Joyce retreated to the second bed and she and Harris went to sleep, Harris lying next to Canopy.

"I'm sorry for everything that went wrong between us," Joyce told Harris in the darkness of the room.

"It's okay," Harris said, feeling all the old hurts and resentments falling away.

When Harris awoke in the morning, Canopy was snuggled against him.

"Everything is going to be okay," she whispered.

"Everything's fine," Joyce agreed from the other bed as she tossed back the covers and sat up, still only in her underwear. "Can I shower first?"

"Sure," Canopy smiled. "Good morning."

"Thanks," Joyce said before disappearing into the bathroom.

"You're not going to have an affair with my ex-wife are you?" Harris asked Canopy with concern.

"I told you I will be true to you," she assured him. Then she gave him a funny look. "What? You really think I was going to have a threesome with you and your ex-wife?"

"I don't know," Harris muttered.

"I'm quite fond of Joyce but I'm in love with you." She paused a beat and then she smiled teasingly. "But the thought had crossed my mind!"

"Okay," Harris said, giving her a kiss. "But this is still beyond weird."

"It will all work out," Canopy insisted. "You're the best partner I've ever had."

He smiled with relief. "Canopy Jones," he said with amazement. "You've changed my life."

"I'm hoping I've changed your ex-wife's life too," Canopy giggled.

And she had. Joyce was much more open, honest, friendly and warm toward Harris after that night and she and Canopy remained good friends as they co-parented each other's kids.

"It's all because of Canopy Jones," Joyce told her ex-husband on more than one occasion when they marveled about how well things were going for everybody (even Matt!) and Harris wasn't about to disagree.