As I awoke, all I could remember

Were my most horrid nightmares of

My former lover who taunted and tormented

Me in my very past.

The memories of his abuse lingered upon my

Tormented mind as I reminisced the pain

And the frightening nature of my two

Recent visions from the last couple nights.

All I remembered was him searching for me

And knowing what he did before,

All I could do was remain in hiding

And remain as quiet as possible.

The moment I had awoken, I was mortified.

I woke up frightened for my life.

Chills ran up my spine

As I was shaken up.

Everywhere I went, I was haunted

By the very ghost who once

Rented my heart out

Only to destroy it and hurt me.

He damaged my well-being.

My peace of mind.

My sanity.

My happiness.

As scared as I am,

I'll never let the demon who once tomented

Me win this hellish battle as I

Know my own worth and value.

He does not own me

Nor can he dictate who I

Fall in love with

As I am my own person with the right to live peacefully.

I'll never hurt my current lover

The way my old flame did.

I'll never let this hellish war

Destroy the love in my heart as it heals with time.