Chapter 1: The Pub

Since the beginning, Jed's soul has always been connected with fire. Gazing into his grandmothers candle flame, something in him was awakened. He has always been a spirited happy boy. He dreamed of finding love, a friend, to share his life with. He had many years of pain, slowly breaking down his flame. Friends lost, hopes destroyed, his heart turning to ice, left in a lonely cold place. Many years wandering an endless cold tundra with nobody at his side. Everywhere he turned, his hope vanished, turned to despair. He gave up in finding anything special, as he thought he was no good to anyone. He thought... "Why can't I ever have a friend for me?" He never understood why. He was always kind to others, not a mean bone in his cold body. He felt like the world hated him, or perhaps he thought he was too good for this heartless world. He hated himself for years and started hating people. Humans were nothing more then a stain on the planet, causing pain and destruction. He didn't believe in love, or that it was even possible for him. All he wanted was one friend, but it just never happened. All was lost...

Jed had found friends at one point, after meeting someone amazing. Matt, one human that turned his life around, in this strange new world, connected through virtual space. A world that reflected the real world that he came from. His soul bonded to himself in another form and he could take any form he wanted. It was here that he found many friends, and a joy that he thought he would never find. But, it would never match a friend he wanted in his home world. He did find this friend once, but again... nothing. He felt he was doomed to live alone, in an endless cycle of ice, despair and loneliness. The nightmare feeling washed over him, and as it did, the Nightmare World invaded Second Life, turning his beloved places into a dark playground. Sorrow took over, as Jed wandered the darkened lands. He wanted to leave and never come back. He knew eventually the joy would be taken from him, as it always does...

Jed floated there in the darkness, surrounded by an empty void. Black tears flowed out of him like the empty waterfall that Kermit had built him. He wanted a way out, he wanted to leave it all behind and give up. Just as soon as he began to form into his icy demonic tentacle form, he heard something behind him. Slowly, Jed turned his head around, to see someone floating in front of him with open arms. There he was, his best friend, Matt, smiling at him with his brown hair flowing and blue eyes sparkling. Soon, Jed's coldness faded and a light turned him back into his normal self; brown hair, pink wings and slender light skinned magical body. He flew towards Matt right into his embrace, feeling his arms wrap around him tight. Jed felt calm, closing his eyes with his head against Matt's chest. A smile caught his face as he felt Matt's warmth and love. Jed slid his arms around Matt's body, his hands caressing his back as a joyful tear escaped him.

"No being sad..." Matt said softly as he held Jed tighter.

"Matty..." Jed said, smiling brightly.

Suddenly, they were torn apart from each other as the darkness grew stronger now. They went either way into the void as the Nightmare World began to take shape. "JED!" Matt shouted, just as he vanished into a dark mist. Jed didn't yell back as it was too late, his smile gone replacted by pain, fear and an expression of despair. This was only the beginning of the nightmare. Even though he found a light with his friends in this world, it wouldn't be enough for his life to go any further in his home world. Only an imaginary place to find temporary joy. He couldn't live here forever, but still, he care very much for this place and the people he has met, even if it is between the worlds. Perhaps in some way, there will eventually be a balance. The light he found in this second life, will break into the darkness of his home world, bringing him a new hope to have a real life friend. But, the damage was done...

Jed opened his eyes slowly, his vision blurry. He noticed a familiar place as his vision became clear. It was the pub and he was lying on the ground outside. The place was quiet, dark and no lights were on inside the building. He got to his feet and slowly walked towards the front door up the set of stairs. He looked inside and things were a mess. He peered in the window, placing a hand on the wooden door. Chairs were toppled over, dust and dirt scattered along the floor, the dance pole was broken in half and the bodies of bloody mice were on the bar. This didn't feel like a fun place anymore. Slowly, Jed opened the door to the pub as dust and a foul stench overwhelmed him. He coughed as he stepped inside, being cautious of his surroundings. He folded his arms as he looked around, walking towards the place where the dance pads on the floor were all broken and smashed. He turned up dirt and dust as he shuffled his feet across the floor.

"No dancing today I think..." Jed said to himself, trying not to smile from the lame joke.

He bent down to touch one of the broken dance pads, wiping away the dust. He looked at it for a moment as he started to tear up, thinking of all the fun dancing he did here. This nightmare was going to be difficult to overcome. Jed leaned forward, falling to his knees now as he was about to cry. But suddenly, he heard something come from the garden. He turned to look at the entrance to the garden and focused hard at the ramp, his heart racing wondering what monster would surprise him. His fears slowly faded away as a familiar person walked up the ramp into the room. It was Ethan, dressed in his silks with his panda and parrot on him. Jed smiled as he looked into Ethan's eyes and at his cute brown hair and sexy body. Ethan stopped and looked at Jed, a smile coming across his face.

"Huggies!" Ethan shouted, just as Jed rushed towards him to embrace his friend.

"Ethan, are you alright?" Jed asked, wrapping his arms around Ethan's bare chest, hugging him tight.

"No, something wrong here." Ethan said as he pulled away from the hug.

"I know, the darkness has come. But, I am here to put an end to it. Where is Bradley?" Jed asked.

"Dungeon, let's go find him." Ethan said.

Just as they were about to head to the dungeon, Ethan stopped and a fear washed over him. Jed looked back and wondered what was wrong. For a moment he was confused at why Ethan didn't follow him, but the look on Ethan's face made everything clear. It was a look that Jed had never seen on Ethan before. Ethan turned his head slowly to look at the parrot on his shoulder as he felt a pain in his right arm. The parrot flew away just as the grip of the panda tightened, digging it's claws into Ethan's skin. Ethan shrieked and started moving about crazily.

"Fuck, Ethan!" Jed shouted.

"Jed, help! Panda attack!" Ethan screamed.

Just as Jed moved in, the parrot dove at him. Jed ducked as the parrot flew by his head in an attacking motion. The parrot was too fast and distracted Jed as the panda mutated into a large beast, mauling Ethan. Jed cast a fireball at the parrot with a direct hit as hit fell out of the air and onto the pool table in a charred smoky mess. The panda continued to claw at Ethan, against his chest and face, all beaten and bloody. Ethan's screaming and cries for help made Jed's heart fill with sorrow and rage. Jed rushed forward to the giant monster panda, but was stopped suddenly with a whip wrapping around his waist, wings and arms. He looked back and saw Bradley who came out of the dungeon, holding him with a whip. He was wearing leather pants, boots and a pink striped white hat. His hair was black with a darkened look in his eyes. This wasn't the quiet, kind boy he knew, but a corrupt version tainted by the nightmare. He looked back to Ethan who was now dead, the monster panda ripped him apart, limb by limb. The sound of his bones being crushed made Jed cringe and weep.

"Ethan! No!" Jed shouted.

"Let him go, hoodyboody..." Bradley said, as he pulled Jed towards him to the dungeon.

"Bradley, what the hell!" Jed screamed.

Brad just smiled as he dragged Jed to the dungeon. He struggled to get out as he was pulled along the dusty floor of the pub. He looked over to see the giant panda play with Ethan's limbs. His vision became blurry as the thought of his friend being killed by the monster. All he could see now was red splattering everywhere, until he was dragged into the dungeon beneath. It got colder and darker as Jed just felt himself being pulled by Bradley's whip. His eyes were closed and could only feel the cold floor beneath him and the sound of his hoodyboody laughing. He heard the jail cell door slam as he lay there lifeless, tearing up, afraid to open his eyes. He already knew where he was, in one of the cells, about to be tortured or something else. Jed tried to sit up and calm himself. He took deep breaths as he took a meditative sitting position on the floor. With each breath, he felt calmer and more relaxed. He tried to drown out the sounds around him and go into a deep trance to find his magic again. He was very drained even after one fireball spell. The only thing he heard was Bradley's footsteps walking around the dungeon. He focused on that, to know where Brad was at all times during his trance. He didn't know what he was up to, but would be ready if something happened...

"Hoodyboody." Bradley said, just as Jed opened his eyes.

Brad was standing there at his cell, with whip in hand. He smiled as he opened the cell door, then walked down the hall towards the bed chamber. Jed waited a moment before leaving the cell and coming face to face with Brad at the other end of the hall. He didn't want to harm Brad, but he had to do something to end this nightmare. A fireball formed in his palm as he raised his hand to attack. Brad cracked his whip, then rushed towards Jed about to attack. Jed cast forth his fireball, hitting Brad in the chest, pushing him back to his knees with a burnt spot where the fireball struck. Jed flew at him, grabbing his shoulders and pinning him to the wall of the bed chamber.

"Jed want to play?" Bradley asked, smiling.

"Snap out of it, I don't want to hurt you!" Jed shouted.

Brad pushed Jed back onto the bed with great force then leaped on top of him, dropping his whip on the floor. He leaned down on Jed, coming face to face with him, his hand on Jed's crotch. Jed placed his hands gently on Brad's shoulders in a moment of weakness. Something came over him as he gazed into Bradley's eyes. He could see the good part of him deep down looking back. Jed ran his hands down Bradley's chest, healing his charred flesh, then wrapped his arms around him. Their noses touched as their hearts beat in sync. Jed slipped his hand into Brad's leather pants, grabbing his ass and pulling his pants down to his knees. Brad kicked them off the bed as Jed took his pants off now, revealing his hardened pink dick. They kissed as their dicks touched and bodies slid against each other in an embrace. Bradley kissed Jed's neck as their hard dicks became wet with precum, mixed together. Jed held Brad tight against him, his hands gliding along his back and ass, filled with passion. This was the power he needed to break the nightmare. He just needed to hold on a little longer. Brad got up and slowly lowered himself on Jed's cock, riding him now. Jed held on to Brad's thigh's as he rode his cock hard, moaning with his arms raised to his head in pleasure.

"Hoodyboody!" Brad gasped.

"You like that babe?" Jed asked, as he thrust upward inside Brad's tight ass.

Brad moaned in pleasure as he felt Jed deep inside him. Their bodies became hot and sweaty as they continued to fuck. Jed turned his head to one side and noticed Brad's hoodie on the bed. The white one with rainbow colored spikes going down it. He squinted and thought for a moment. The only way to break the nightmare was to find good memories and remember the good times. He looked up at Bradley for a moment, his eyes were closed, still riding his cock. He turned back to the hoodie, grabbed it quickly, then wrapped it around Bradley. His arms dropped to his sides as he fell limp on the bed next to Jed in his hoodie. Jed turned over on his side and put an arm around his buddy and kissed his forehead. Brad's dark hair slowly turned back to blond, hiding his face. The darkness in the pub started to lift and the lights upstairs came on. The monster panda poofed back into a stuffed toy. Jed had done it, he found a good memory to use to vanquish the nightmare. It was the moment they first kissed in this room and became hoodie buddies. It was their thing and it was special. Something Jed cherished deeply and never wanted to lose with him. He held Bradley until he woke up in his arms.

"Jed?" Brad asked, feeling groggy.

"You alright Brad?" Jed asked, brushing the hair out of Brad's face.

"Yes, I think so." Brad said quietly.

"Good, you will be fine." Jed said, smiling.

"Jed... I'm sorry." Brad said, as he started to cry.

"Hoodyboody, no... it was the nightmare controlling you... babe.." Jed said, as he held Brad tight, starting to tear up himself.

They both cried together, embraced on the bed. Their hearts heavy with the sorrow that came with the nightmare. Jed held Brad until they both were finished crying, his hand running up and down the back of his hoodie, comforting him.

"I love you..." Jed whispered.

"Love you." Brad said, mumbling into his hoodie.

They laid there for a moment before heading back upstairs. The lights were on and everything was back in it's place. Jed and Brad stood there in the doorway to the dungeon looking around. Jed had his arm around Brad, still in his hoodie, which was the only thing he was wearing. Jed was also naked, his body drained from crying. But the best part was, standing in the middle of the room was Ethan. He had his back turned to them, then turned around as he heard the dungeon door close. He was holding his panda, but then dropped it on the floor as he saw Jed and Brad.

"It's fixed!" Ethan shouted.

They all smiled and ran in for a group hug. Brad, Ethan and Jed all embraced, filled with love again. Their naked bodies touching, feeling all warm and calm. This was only the first step in this nightmare adventure. Jed had to leave the pub to find other places to heal and also to find Matt. With the help of his friends, he knew he could surely defeat this darkness and find a friend in his home world, perhaps one day...