So...Yeah...I didn't think I would actually write a story about Johnny B Goode (Dog) after his brief appearance in the 'Historical' chapters of The Humanimals of Mizzer but I've been straining to think of a story about Humanimals from Mizzer's History and I realized many things...One of the reasons in The Lion King that we have that fast forward after Scar takes over the Pridelands not actually seeing what life was like under Scar's reign looking into the history of the making of The Lion King (Which had many MANY forms before its final iteration) The people at Disney realized 'No one wanted to animate a concentration camp' so it is with both the ordinary Animals of Mizzer and the Ordinary Humanimal Slaves of the Human Empire. A story with no conflict is a story no one would want to read however the reason we follow the Hero or Heroine is because they try to solve their conflict and we follow them to see if they triumph or fail spectacularly in the case of tragedy no one wants to read the story of Joe Schmo who lived a boring and miserable life and died without so much as even questioning the status quo. But I did have an epiphany Marzipan eventually learns that Mizzer and Alderbaren were once part of one giant planet that was divided into two Earth sized planets and separated...How would Marzipan come by that knowledge? Since I've established Johnny is a Scientist he can be the SCIENCE HERO who makes that discovery (For Mizzer at least, I imagine that at this time an Alderbaren Scientist makes that discovery about their planet independently as Alderbaren was actually a pretty good place to live until Duke Vortex took it over 200 years before the Humanimal Rebellion of Earth five thousand years is much longer then 200 years so I imagine a lot happened before Vortex took over)

Ever since leaving The City of Humanimals, Johnny B Goode the Mongrel Dog Humanimal would periodically check on the city by means of the telescope on top of the great hill overlooking the Cities of the Humanimals and the Humans.

On the outer rims was the Bird District and the Reptile/Amphibian District, Johnny didn't want to check on the 'Feather Dusters' and 'Scalies' today, he moved his gaze further up toward where the Tropical Mammal and Woodland Mammal Districts would be (On the opposite side would be the Livestock District where the Barnyard Mammals would be) But no, Johnny only wanted to see how his own district was doing so he moved his gaze to the very center of the city that was divided evenly between the Domestic Cats and the Domestic Dogs.

There were Dogs...Every Breed of Dog you can think of dressed like Humans, walking on their hind legs...The expressions on their faces were perfectly miserable as they were trying their best to be exactly like Humans and feeling shame any time their tails wagged or they let slip a bark.

Johnny simply shook his head and pulled away from the telescope.

On the top of the hill behind Johnny they were doing the construction for the Observatory that Johnny and his Human Wife, Miriam had founded, Miriam had been watching the construction work while Johnny had been at the Telescope.

Miriam was pregnant with their first child...The Humans were not surprised by this, they knew from before they came to Mizzer that Humans and Humanimals could crossbreed, the reason they came to Mizzer with their Humanimals was to find a place where Humans and Humanimals could potentially crossbreed free and unencumbered.

As Johnny stood beside her Miriam noticed the frown on her Canine Husband's face

"Something the matter sweetie?" She asked Miriam had long black hair, dark eyes and a pale complexion, she was half white, half Japanese.

Johnny sighed "I've been thinking..." He said "...Already four generations of Humanimals have lived on Planet Mizzer and not once have any of them attempted to explore more of this beautiful planet! Not one has attempted to found a new town or city they just keep sprawling out of their one city!"

Miriam always felt her husband was keeping secrets about the Humanimals, when he came over to the Human City...This troubled her but decided not to push him.

She then turned to the great Mountains that surrounded the valley and said "You know..." She said "...Long ago we Humans discovered a great network caves..."

Johnny turned his head to her and cocked it in a typical Dog-Like fashion

"Want to take a trip to those caves and see what's there?" She asked

Johnny's tail wagged so fast it was a blur! "A road trip!" He exclaimed "Just you and me?"

I imagine the initial City of the Humanimals will deteriorate as the Humanimal Population expands and the Humanimals create new towns and cities around it I imagine Marzipan's hometown of Bluebell is several miles Southwest of the original Humanimal City.