Mythical High

Chapter 1 - First Day

I was really nervous as my parents dropped me off at my new school for my high school life and I really just wanted to head back home but I pulled myself together and walked inside. I knew that I had to keep myself together since I was the princess of the elves and everyone always looked down on us. They only did because we were a lot quicker than most of the other mythical creature's and they didn't like it and other's just didn't mind it and went on with there day. I walked past the doors of the school to see a person with a beautiful women with a clean and tidy business like outfit on her and she smiled at me.

Girl: "Welcome to our school Miss. Kuran, I am the headmaster at this school Fiona Daikai. I will be showing you around the school so if you will follow me to the office well finish your papers and I'll take you to your third hour."

Rosa: "Thank you headmaster and I'm sorry about transferring in half-way through the year..."

Fiona: "Its alright Miss. Kuran. Right this way."

I nodded as I followed her to her office and finished up the transfer papers and then she took me to my third hour classroom showing me around along the way and telling me some of the rules. When we got to the classroom she knocked on the door and waited for the teacher to answer and he was surprised when he saw her. Then he saw me and understood why she was there and came out and started talking to the headmaster in whisper's but I couldn't hear them.

Teacher: "Is she a new student Mrs. Daikai?"

Fiona: "That's right, and she'll be in your third hour from now on she will also be rooming with Miss. Asaki Kiriyuto make sure she knows."

Teacher: "Yes ma'am, alright come on in..."

Rosa: "Rosa Kuran."

The teacher nodded and opened the door again and allowed me to enter before turning back to the class with me standing next to his desk.

Teacher: "Listen up everyone this is Rosa Kuran and she'll be joining us today so please be nice to her."

Everyone: "Hai sensei!"

Teacher: "Asaki Kiriyuto this is your new room-mate as well."

Asaki: "Yes sensei."

I looked at the person who had said that and was surprised since she was wearing a red shirt with a white skirt and she had knee high white boots with a gold zipper going up the sides. She had silver hair that stopped at the middle of her back and she had dark green eyes. Her eyes reflected her wisdom as well as some anger when our eyes meet and I looked at her a little confused before looking away.

Teacher: "Alright miss Kuran please take a seat in the empty seat near the window."

Rosa: "Hai(yes) sensei."

So I went and sat down at the window behind Asaki and the class continued on and I got bored of listening since I already knew what was being taught so I looked out the window. I saw myself reflected in the window I had short red hair and purple eyes and I was wearing a light red tunic with green trousers and dark red flats. I also had the royal emblem on my upper right arm and that displayed that I was from noble birth since only the royal family was aloud to wear them. Then class ended and everyone gathered around me asking all kinds of questions but they were mostly about why I had transferred schools in the middle of the year.

Girl: "Where did you go to before coming here?"

Guy: "Why are you here?"

Teacher: "Zuro be nice we've all had our problems..."

Asaki: "Why she is here isn't any of your business."

Rosa: "I transferred here from St. Catherine's High School and the reason behind it is because that school didn't have what I needed any other questions?"

Asaki: "No there aren't, lets go Rosa."

Why should I have to tell everyone that the real reason is that I don't get along with my father, people are nosy here just like they were at St. Catherine's its annoying I thought looking away from them. Then Asaki grabbed my hand and dragged me from the room and started heading down the hallway and I looked at her surprised wondering where we were going.

Rosa: "Where are you taking me?"

Asaki: "I'm taking you to the lunchroom its time for lunch."

Rosa: "Oh ok..."

So she lead me all the way to the lunchroom and I looked around to see a bunch of tables and a line to the kitchen where the food was. After eating I just sat around waiting for the bell to sound and then Asaki came and got me and took me to our fourth hour and had me sit beside her and then we waited for the teacher to come. When she did I was introduced to the class and then class began and it was like that for the entire day and once classes were over Asaki showed me around the school and to our dorms and allowed me to unpack my belongings in the room. Then she told me all of the rules that needed to be followed and then she introduced me to all the girls in our dorm. Then when it came night we were all told to head to bed however I hated to be asleep during the night especially during a moonlit night. Where you could not only see the full moon but also the glittering stars my people loved to sing songs to the stars above. However I didn't want to wake up my room-mate and I knew that I had another day of school to sit through only this time I wasn't starting half-way through the day. So I climbed into bed and closed my eyes and had my dream-like trance that our people had and woke with the sun kissing my skin and when I got up I noticed that Asaki was sitting up in her bed looking up at the sky. She was really pretty looking like that and just like she had been broken out of her trance she looked at me and smiled.

Asaki: "Morning."

Rosa: "Good morning Asaki."

Asaki: "Shall we head down to the showers?"

Rosa: "Sure."

So we grabbed our bath items and then headed down to the showers with our cloths for the day and then we headed to the showers to take a shower. Once we had finished our shower and were wrapped up in our towels I could see Asaki's scales underneath her skin. Then we got dressed in our cloths and took our things back up to our room where we put them away and picked up our school bags before heading out to class. We got to class and we both chose seats near the window with her in front of me we started talking about things until the teacher walked in and I was once again introduced to the class. It was a class that was dedicated to teaching us all about the history of all monsters and we learned a lot about our own races and that of the other races. I found out that some of the other races had a lot in common with my own weather it was how we ate or what we did. I also found out that my people used to do a lot ritual dancing to please the dragons that shared the forest's with us. However I never knew that they sometimes gave there eggs to us a long time ago it was a real shocker. It also made me wonder why they aloud us to have something that precious from them but since the eggs only hatched to those they thought was worthy while we rarely ever had children. I started thinking that they gave us there eggs so we would understand what it was like to be able to take care of a young child and that made me really happy. We also learned that dragons had all kinds of different eggs when they bred with other dragons but they tried to bred within there own race. However before we could get into any more about the history of all the monster's the bell rang and we all headed to our next class and I realized that I had a different class from Asaki. So I told her that I'd see her next class and took off towards my dance class with my the master's and I learned a lot of the Elf's ancient dances since they split us up with our races. They wanted us to learn our own style first and then that of the other's since they'd be a lot harder since there different from our own style. However before we could start on the dances from the other tribes the bell rang and I headed to my third hour that I shared with Asaki. It was a class of fine art weaponry where we learned all about the weapons our ancestor's used and the weapon's through the ages. We were also shown by sketches of the weapons we should be weary of because they were the weapons that could kill us. We spent the rest of class learning which weapons could fatally wound us or barely hurt us at all but I made a mental image to never forget the one weapon that could wind up killing me. Then the bell rang and I was actually waiting for this one to ring since I didn't like talking about death since our people brought about heath and vitality. Then I headed to my next class which I thought would be my easiest class since our clan is basically magic originated its how we grow our vegetables and our homes and how we protect our villages. However my main power was that of fire even though I was an elemental and I still had trouble controlling it so I was hoping that this class would help me. However for the first day we just basically learned about all the different kinds of power's that were out there. I wrote down what I thought was important and listened intently to what the teacher said knowing it would come in handy someday. Then I headed off to my next hour which was Reading and Writing in the Ancient Ways so I'd be writing in the ways that our ancestor's wrote. I didn't know that I'd also be talking in the ancient languages during class so that was going to be a challenge for me. However I knew that if I worked hard at it that I would be fine and that I would be able to learn it rather quickly since I had a lot of time to work with it. Then once class was over I headed to my last hour and that was gym and I was surprised to see that I had it with Asaki. I walked over and sat down next to her and waited for the teacher to call class to order wondering what we were going to do for class that day. I didn't know what to expect because at my old school the only thing we did in gym was run laps, do sit-ups, push-ups, and we sometimes played games.

Rosa: "What do you think we'll be doing today?"

Asaki: "We might be doing a fitness test so they can see where we are in it and then go from there."

Rosa: "What's your schedule like?"

Asaki: "I have History of all Monster's for first hour with you, The Art of Magic for second hour, Fine Art Weaponry for third and we have that together to, then I have English for fourth, and art for fifth hour, and gym for sixth with you what about you?"

Rose: "I have History of all Monster's with you in first hour, then I have Dancing of the Master's for my second hour, then Fine Art Weaponry with you for third hour, then I have The Art of Magic for fourth hour, then I have Reading and Writing in the Ancient Ways for fifth hour, and then Gym with you for sixth."

Asaki: "Wow so we have three classes together."

Rosa: "Yea I know, and I have your magic class so if we need help we can talk to each other about it."

Asaki: "Your right and the same goes with the other classes we share."

Then the teacher came in and had us all do stretches and let us have a free day so we all basically sat around talking getting to know our fellow classmates. I noticed a guy with shoulder length silver hair and light grey eyes sitting across the room wearing loose fitting shorts and a white t-shirt with tennis shoes and his name was Yuri Tokujo when the teacher called roll call. He was talking to someone who had neck long blue hair and black eyes he was also wearing short's and a white t-shirt and sneakers who was named Hiro Sekiho. I could tell that they both were good friends because they were talking and laughing with each other. Then once class was over we all got up and let with our teacher yelling out to bring a change of cloths for gym, and that they should be suitable for running and playing games. Then I told Asaki that I was heading to the forest and took off running with the speed of the elves when I got to the forest I jumped up into a tree and sat there looking around. Then I closed my eyes and slowed down my breathing and expanded my mind and I could feel all the creature's around me. Then I felt someone coming and opened my eyes and when I looked down I saw Yuri Tokujo from my six hour class and I was wondering why he was out here. Then someone walked out from the other side of the forest and he started to attack Yuri but he dodged but when the guy hit the tree I was in I fell since he had hit it really hard. The tree split with the force of the attack and before I hit the ground someone caught me and when I looked up I noticed that it was Yuri and looked at him shocked. Then the guy attacked him again and he tightened his grip on me and jumped out of the way.

Yuri: "Stop and let the girl go!"

Guy: "No."

Rosa: "Let me go I can take care of myself!"

Yuri: "No can do I may not like it but I don't want someone to get involved who doesn't need to be."

I looked at him mad and whistled and some birds came and attacked the guy and I used my agility and got out of Yuri's grip and when the guy attacked again I easily dodged it before walking off.

Rosa: "I don't need protection from anyone."

I didn't realize it but Yuri looked at me as I was leaving and was surprised when I jumped up into the trees and took off using the tree limbs.