If You Could See Me Now

If you could see me now,

the girl you loved from twenty years ago

and the woman I have grown up to be,

would you be proud

of what I have become?

If you could talk to me now,

would you tell me

that I did well

despite everything that

I had been through?

If you could hold me now,

would you embrace me and say,

"See, even if fate never let us be,

I left you in the hands of someone

who I knew would love and take care of you."

If you could touch me now,

would you wipe away the tears

that are sure to fall from my eyes

from long years of yearning

to see, talk, hold and touch you again?"

If you could kiss me now,

would you do ever so lightly

and let time stand still

as our lips meet

and let everything else

in the world fade away?

If you could stay with me

for a day, an hour, a minute,

would you take me into your arms,

look deep into my eyes

and tell me that even if

death came and took you away,

you never stopped loving me?

If you could take me with you

to the world where you are now

and defy the odds and the gods,

would you take my hand,

give me that smile I fell so hard for

and join me in this endless dream

of a chance for you and I,

of our love to finally be,

in another time, in another life?