My thought's run wild and free
Never stopping, never ending
They go this way and that
Swirling,Spinning in my mind.

They run flow the river, flowing on and one.
They run like the deer, so fast and majestic.
They bubble like a brew, boiling away
And they wither like the rose...

They can't be tamed
And they never can be taught
They run when they want
Whenever they want.

They bring me to a world of fantasy,
An the bring me to the darkest places.
They make me think of things and want,
And things that are yet to come.

The way they make me feel is confusing
Yet, somethings it makes sense
The thoughts that go through my head
Are just something that can't be explained.

I'll just let them go and flow
And let them have their fun
For the things that happen when do run
Is amazing, and can be pretty fun.