Liesalotte's Fables for the Dark and Cynical

The Voice Inside of My Chest

Ah it seems the Halloween season dawns upon us once again my sweet Children of Darkness. A treasured time if I do say so myself where I like to go all out in my fables for the Dark and Cynical.

Do not misconstrue me however. unleashing full horror does not entail meaningless gore or judicial punishment of those whose crimes are without redemption. Of course such things are all too easy to weave into a narrative as I'm sure you're all too familiar with.

No. Instead I shall tell you a tale of a different struggle. One all adolescents must face once they come of age.


Avoiding the awkward stages of life, after all such things I'll leave you to experience once your bodies physically mature my children. This tale however details the life of a girl soon to be a woman, growing up with a secret she went to painful lengths to keep hidden...

However her 'secret' did absolutely everything in its power to make sure that its voice was heard in crystal clarity.

On the eve of her 12th birthday. Lacey Kenneth was a girl of few desires. So long as she had a few close friends and a loving family, she could not complain about the fate bestowed upon her. Living a care free existence buried among her interests, immediate social life within her school friends and the brief glances she took upon the apple of her eye during music class as he strummed his guitar.

But of course like many of us in our darkest moments, there is always that voice inside of our heads telling us to cease our futile pursuits of joy, clutching its phantom hooks into the skin as it slowly pulls us open with whispers of our darkest secrets laid bare like the expose flesh of our very beings.

"Where do you see yourself in the next five years?"

"Are you going to smile at him? Or smile the grin you practice in the mirror to not feel like a failure?"

"Do you think anybody will care or appreciate your efforts of kindness? They'll soak up your attention and leave you to rot because you are just a tool they use to bask in reflected glory"

These are but a few words of the great big mouth that would soon take its place upon Lacey's body. Its consciousness formed by unknown circumstances, and its personality forged by means known even less so than its physical presence.

At absolute best I can only assume it was grown from her subconscious thoughts, but hey, nobody comes to my readings for bogus theories and conspiratorial exploration into the demonic world beyond its surface layer.

When she awoke the morning of her twelfth birthday, she was greeted to the baritone sounds of a voice not too dissimilar to that of a 1980s radio DJ making his best attempts to deepen his vocal chords off put with the occasional heightened octave as if to provide an artifice for its emotional output.

"Good morning sweet pea, I hope you're hungry, because I've got a real hankering for FLESH!" growled a voice that boomed from Lacey's chest, the girl shrieking awake once she heard a voice that was not her own emanate from her chest, looking down to see just above her breasts that a gaping bloody wound had formed containing jagged shark like teeth and an elongated tongue reaching out of her body as if tasting the very air as though it were sensing its way around a room, predatory in nature.

With a scream like that, naturally it would fall on none other than Lacey's doting and loving father to come to her rescue.

Bursting through the door however, even he could not believe what his eyes were seeing. His daughter's nighty was torn wide open, her bare chest exposed as a mouth had formed itself upon his baby girl's chest, its tongue flailing wildly into the air before it sensed its morning meal just standing there ripe for the picking.

Whipping its tongue forward as it wrapped around its victim, taking advantage of the 'deer in headlights' syndrome Lacey's father was currently experiencing to fulfill its insatiable hunger. Was it any wonder that those who cannot react fast enough are the immediate victim of those whose reflexes are totally off the charts?

Brusquely yanking its victim into his mouth, the sounds of guttural screaming and squelching flesh could be heard as Lacey's father cried out in agony for a brief moment before his head was pulled into his daughter's chest, a quick crunch ending the sound from his lungs as Lacey bore witness to the horror that her new found predicament placed her in, frozen in fear much like the man who bore her life. All she could do was watch while the mouth that formed upon her chest continued to chow down on its meal, feasting upon the man until all that was left was the remnants of boxer shorts and the shattered ceramic coffee cup he walked in with, the newly formed mouth apparently being a picky eater when it came to such things as clothing textile and coffee cups.

Understandably so such a thing wouldn't go unnoticed that Lacey's mother quickly came rushing in hearing the screams of her husband, she too seeing what befell upon her daughter, the blood upon Lacey's chest quickly filling in the girl's mother on what happened and attempting to make a break for it, determined make sure her daughter was safely contained before anybody else got hurt by that demonic creature that took possession of her sweet baby's chest.

So of course with knowledge of its existence in jeopardy, the mouth lashed its tongue out towards the older woman's ankle, tripping her over and dragging her back into her daughter's bedroom ready for 'seconds' after having a nice helping of Lacey's Dad for breakfast. It couldn't help but be a greedy guts and try for a quick nibble at Lacey's mother before it was time to get ready for school.

"MMMMM! Nothing like a good breakfast to start the day" the mouth sighed warmly, licking the blood dripping down it's host's chest like a greedy guts making damn sure that every single morsel of food was thoroughly consumed.

Whether it was fear or the spiteful anger that came with one determined not to die. The vindictive words Lacey heard out of her mother's mouth would be ones she'd never forget.

Cursing that demonized the girl for bringing the being that consumed her husband, words that as quickly as they were uttered, soon vanished once the mouth had finished feeding upon her parents.

Curling into the fetal position with her eyes clamped shut, Lacey wept as the events that transpired dawned upon her. The mind processing not only the twisted fate that had fallen upon her body, but the loss of her parents and the fact that from this point onward her life would never be the same again.

"Lacey. sweetheart, I was just a little hungry. You know what its like, ya wake up in the morning, you feel a little peckish and all of a sudden your entire pantry is just empty because you had just a TEENSY bit more than ya should've, ya know what I'm saying?" the mouth chuckled, its attempts at comedy doing little to lighten the spirits of a girl still stricken with grief.

Ah, how I can truly relate to the mouth in this situation. I was always told that laughter was always the best medicine when tragedy had fallen upon somebody... Such a shame that not everybody seems to get the joke.

Collecting her thoughts, the idea of getting up and going to school a distant thought compared to the fear giving into hatred Lacey had felt knowing that her current predicament had just taken the lives of her parents, Lacey could only respond with outbursts so typical of a teenager still adjusting to change in their body as they matured into adulthood.

"I HATE YOU!" Lacey roared, anger but an understatement compared to the vindictive contempt she felt for the mouth that simply laughed at her attempts to intimidate it.

"Oh come now, is hat anyway to treat a constant companion? After all you and I are a duo for the ages. The comedian and the straight woman. Angst is a canvas for us to draw comedy. Sure you might not see it my way now. But I've got a feeling deep down inside that you and I are gonna make it BIG TIME sweet pea" the mouth responded slyly, his tone like that of a purring cat satisfied that all things in life were in service of its whims and desires.

"FUCK YOU!" she roared in retort, frenzied and panicked to his sagely advice when it came to many artists expression of their craft.

Truly sparkling repartee if there ever was one. Ah let it be known my dear Children of Darkness, curse words are in fact not the language you should be learning to outwit your opponent. But instead how to best embarrass them for their emotional outbursts. That my sweeties, is the true soul of comical wit.

I'll skim over the angsty drama that comes with losing ones parents because we all have to deal with such things at some point in our lives, but I'm sure for you dear Children of Darkness that is a long way off. But needless to say, understand that it is a pain understood by many, so do not feel discouraged to reach out and find a connection with those whom may soothe such things.

For if there was any lesson to be learned here, our sweet little lady Lacey did not learn such a thing.

Instead she lived in her world of fantasy, pretending that all was well as she attended school the very next day. But even she could not escape her current predicament.

It was easier for her to think that things were fine. That life couldn't possibly be so bad for one such as herself when there was far worse struggles in the world than hers. And so in the effort to trivialize her struggles she achieved a mental shield that all teenagers use to mask their pain. A 'by comparison' argument that always reveals their true struggles veiled by the detachment sarcasm that seeks out to become the oxymoron that they hope will deflect pity or mockery in hopes that they could truly die alone without anyone truly missing them.

But it seems I'm getting off topic. Depressing as this fact of reality may be my dear Children of Darkness know that you do in fact have alternatives to turn to. Friends, music, even myself. I will listen, because like many I know the fragile ego of the human species quite well. and it is in this knowledge that I can help you. Whether you're willing to listen is up to your own volition, but rest assured judgement is not my prerogative.

In any case, Lacey had been thickly clad in a zip up hoodie, isolating herself from friends, silencing herself from screaming aloud knowing that suspicion drawn her way would force her to face the reality of her parent's deaths. Never mind the constant jokes and cocky remarks of the voice inside her chest speaking to her inside her head.

It was privy to her thoughts but she wasn't privy to it's own psychological dealings. I'd like to think that was what frustrated her the most back in those days, but its hard to tell knowing what I know of Lacey in as of now.

Regardless as such she stayed away. But no matter how hard she tried. A boy had wanted desperately to heal the volatile pain that had wounded her since the incident.

A naive boy named Richard Wray. Remarkable optimism and a charisma that would turn even the darkest cynic into a youthful optimist in a moment's notice given that they were willing to understand why life was worth living.

In Lacey he saw a girl afflicted by mental demons just waiting to be freed and given the chance to live the life she wanted so very bad.

He approached her when no one else would. Saw her as a human being when others would deem her merely a frigid bitch looking for a quick fuck before they discarded emotional value for mere sexual thrills.

And above all else, he sought nothing else but to relieve her of suffering so that she could find happiness wherever she could.

Truly an altruistic boy that is a rarity in today's society, but all too lonely and wanting of a purpose greater than himself lest he let his own demons eat him alive and give him reason enough to finally pull the trigger and let his brains splatter across the wall like a particularly edgy art student's idea of a portrayal of a Norwegian Black Metal tribute.

I've tried so many times to dig this boy's name from Lacey's lips but gotten nowhere to his full name. The closest I've gotten is the off hand remarked name 'Bradley' to be my only hint towards the truth. So for this story let us call him Bradley.

Like many young males he wanted to become more intimate with one he'd been desiring. Wanting to share her burden if it would ease her pain in any way possible.

A noble desire, but a foolish one given Lacey's unique condition.

She tried to ward him away. First with a dismissive remark. Then a shout of false anger. Then a saddened plea.

But nothing worked.

Lacey soon became gripped with anxiety. What if he was eaten alive like her parents? What if he hated her knowing the truth? What if he told the world and she was never allowed to live like a normal girl should?

Racing through her mind, all these questions ate away at her until he took her hand and quelled her fears into a peaceful zen.

He wouldn't judge, he would not scream and shout, he would never abandon her. He was a boy who had and wanted her best interests at heart. And never would let her fall into the deepest darkest pits of depression so long as he could make her smile.

In her darkest hour, Lacey smiled through distorted vision, wiping the tears from her eyes while a baritone voice laughed deep inside.

There was a sucker born every minute.

And none funnier than one who repeatedly fell for the same joke each and every time.

Unzipping her jacket, she revealed her secret to Bradley in the privacy of her own home. His eyes widening at the sight of a large gaping mouth smiling as he bore witness to her bare breasts in front of him. The last words he ever heard was from its deep husky tone.

"Snack time"

Like with Lacey's parents there was nowhere Bradley could've ran. Nowhere to hide. He stood there like a lamb in a kebab shop. Skewered by the mouth's tongue, curling around his body like a lizard that was dedicated to its prey. Reeling in its meal and chomping down with the craving desire of one whom hadn't had the pleasure of tasting the sweet bloody juices of flesh that evening.

Naturally Lacey was very upset over the next few hours of course. The one shining light that she believed could've lead her out of the darkness now snuffed out and used to feed the being that had been the source of her pain only strengthening the nihilism and desire for self destruction now strengthened tenfold.

As time and financial representatives passed on, Lacey's isolation grew. And when those financial agents were eaten, even more were sent in their place, continuing to feed the mouth's insatiable hunger until eventually Lacey was forced to evict herself onto the streets in the hopes that being Homeless, alone and would allow her to die. To starve mouth in an isolated place where no matter how loudly it screamed, she could kill it by the same unconventional means that spawned its existence... At least according to her theories at the time.

Sad to say that she was unable to commit suicide due to the mouth's own desire to make sure that its voice was heard keeping her from ending her life by means of a 'pep talk' to put it simply. By 2001 Lacey had been walking the streets looking for anyone who could give her salvation. She wanted to survive, preferably without the Mouth on her chest. But even if she had to live with it, anything would've been preferable to aimless wandering of a broken soul with nowhere to turn and nothing to live for.

Fortunately for her, this time Lacey was indeed granted the gift of salvation beyond anything a mere god could grant her.

Yes, this is where I, the Mistress of the Demonic Magica had once again gracefully leapt off her pedestal to give a mere mortal a taste of the serenity that all human beings seek in their very limited lifespan. The need to have a purpose in life.

Needless to say, I gave it to her.

Taking her into my shop, grinning not unlike I am now to you my dear children. Smiling happily as I could relieve her stresses and give her a warm place to stay. I knew full well of her circumstances. After all I am a woman of social mingling and keep my ear to the ground when it comes to idle gossip and chit chat.

And on the kindness I offered, her trust I had gained. Learning of her past and the wisdom of the voice inside of her chest. Uncovering perhaps a greater connection between Lacey and the mouth than I ever expected. Perhaps even learning more about it than Lacey herself.

But it is not my place to make judgements... Well perhaps with the sole exception of The Scarecrow, but I'm sure you all have heard my occasional remarks to her drunken antics by now.

Needless to say much like Hisako whom I had recommended a career path, I too thought that there was a way Lacey and her great big mouth could be put to excellent use. A career path limited to the few, but sought by the many.

A radio shock jock DJ. Playing some rocking Heavy Metal music and hosting a talk show that was not afraid to be controversial when it came to statements about the industry, society or the remarks that vomited from its verbal diatribes that came from its many callers or interviewees that either gave the mouth great comedy material to work with, or a nice snack to feast on in between breaks where music would usually play before leading into the next segment.

I'm sure you are all aware of where Lacey resides now.

MFKR 742.61 FM, Lacey and the Great Big Mouth, Wake up to their rocking music and controversial opinions about society early int the mornings before you go to school at 7:30 AM. A popular radio show to many on their morning commute for those seeking a more zesty approach to livening up their lives to those leading a mundane existence. Something perfectly fitting the radio station that I recommend Lacey to join up with during their halcyon days of truly being the outsider's source of entertainment.

But even as I knew two years ago. So long as she and her 'affliction' remained popular among listeners, then nothing could ever truly touch her financially.

And so Lacey remains in a position where she's financially set for life so long as there are foolish people foolishly ruining their lives for the voice inside of her chest to comment on and mock them for the masses. Humans are slaves to drama after all.

But I know from the lady herself that she is lonely, desperate for one to love her in a way that Bradley had loved her in the years prior. And like the good friend that I am I offered her a place that would help curb the urges that the Voice had to feed upon the flesh of humanity.

A little restaurant known as the Datatsushi. A small sushi joint that I simply cannot recommend enough for those looking for an 'acquired taste' for meat that you could not get anywhere else.

Helping two ladies I'm quite good friends with at once? It's a crime that I'm snubbed of the Nobel Peace Prize for helping two girls with their unstable lives on two different levels. But I get away with myself.

Needless to say Lacey has at long last opened her heart to dating once again... Whether or not the silly boy will accept her and the Voice inside of her chest as their life partner is up to the boy, but my optimistic self would like to think that Lacey would find herself a man that would love her for who she is, and ensure that he was strong enough to look after her and survive the mouth's many sly insults and subtle jabs at his unholy bits to be truly accepted as her life partner.

Ah, its truly the sweetest joys of these stories that make me smile the most knowing that those who suffer are rewarded in kind for the pain they've endured despite all that life does to defecate on their drive to survive. But I ramble for too long so it seems.

As such I shall impart my wisdom with Liesalotte's Moral of the Fable.

'No matter what limits you or what limits you place upon yourself. There is a place in this madhouse that the world calls its populace for you. There are many who might deny you, But there are also those who encourage you to pursue a path that may inspire you. I cannot say where it is that you or I will end up when our lifespans are all said and done. You will have trouble starting and you will have trouble finding what it is that you truly love. But when you find it, you'll never be satisfied until you do it every single waking moment of your life. And even if you do not know it, that craving will drive you to find it even if it kills you. That my dear Children of Darkness is what will lead you one step closer to the truth. one step closer to that which will give you purpose in life and the satisfaction that all human kind seeks before it is their time to fade back into the darkness.'

Hmm... My my do I speak so freely. I'm sure perhaps that some may disregard this advice, however it is difficult to understand such things until one has had the chance to experience and experiment with such things for themselves to realize what it is that has been the cornerstone of what one would deem success since the dawn of those of more creative endeavors.

But I think I've talked enough.

I hope you have enjoyed my Halloween fable my dear Children of Darkness. I hope to see you all again next time.

Goodnight my sweet Children of Darkness.

Authors Note: And so our Halloween 2019 fable comes from a source which I was honestly on the fence about.

As a bit of trivia, I was kinda split on either making this its own original story as a kinda psychological horror drama kinda thing (something I might still do at some point) but I kinda got cold feet in how doing a more straight laced take on stuff like this would require a lot of pathos, length and characterization that a lot of the darker elements would need in order to work which might explain why the story as it stands now might be more serious in tone and lacking in sly remarks from Liesalotte since the Mouth kinda already took position in that kinda role since... Well its a great big mouth.

I lament that I couldn't have done more with this, because I did want to model the Mouth's persona out of those shock jock jackass radio personalities who you want nothing more than to have locked inside a desolate warehouse where you will take out a series of knives, spikes, chains and needles so you can do very nasty things to them. But I did want to highlight a sort of symbiotic relationship the Mouth has with Lacey considering its residence on her body.

Either way its definitely something worth revisiting in the future at some stage.

See you dudes and dudettes later and Happy Halloween.