"Tony the Snake and Mike the Mouse"

by Pedro Henri G. Ranuyo

Once upon a time Tony the snake was crawling around a grass plain. The grass plain was filled with wilted apple trees, the grass were at least two feet tall, tall trees from the forest surrounded the plain, and at the center were a huge pile of apples, where Tony the snake gets his food from. "Yum yum yum!" said the snake in delight. After a long day of crawling and eating, Tony the Snake dug a hole from loose soil near a tree, where he sleeps. But when Tony the snake woke up, the apples were gone! "Oh no!" Tony the snake looked around, and around, and around, but no apples were seen. Poor Tony the snake was missing their pile of apples already, he was getting quite hungry. While searching, he stumbled upon his best friend Mike the mouse. "Mike, have you seen our pile of apples?" said Tony the snake. "I hid them all." said Mike the mouse. Tony the snake was astonished, "Why?" he asked. Mike the mouse stayed silent for a moment, then he finally replied. "After eating all of those apples, who do you think you'll eat next?" asked Mike the mouse. Tony the snake knew what his best friend was thinking. "No, you're wrong, I'll never eat you. We're best buds! I even changed my diet for you!" Tony the snake said confidently but Mike the mouse wasn't convinced. Mike the mouse suddenly skittered inside the forest. Tony the snake followed, worried about his best friend and at the same time where Mike the mouse hid their pile of apples.

After a long journey Tony the snake and Mike the mouse found themselves inside tall dark patches of grass. Mike stopped moving any further. "I lied." Mike the mouse said to Tony the snake. Mike the mouse pushed through the grass, and a scenery was bestowed upon them. There were buildings so high that it can touch the sky. "I lied about the apples, I didn't hide them, the humans took them just like how they took any other thing we loved." said Mike the mouse in anguish. "But one of the things we loved are one of them." replied Tony the snake.

"She's an angel, not a human. Oh how I wish to become a lab rat again." Mike the mouse looked at the sky, or rather the tall buildings that's blocking it and reminisced, "Reports said a rodent brought a plague led to hundreds of deaths of humans, that converted to the extermination of millions of rodents; and then came in another report about a pet snake biting its owner and soon enough snakes are being exterminated as well. I can understand where all these were coming from since those're the most human thing to do, but please don't ever compare our owner to one of them." Mike the mouse stared more at the sight. A few seconds and Mike the mouse stepped outside the patch of grass.

"That's a death sentence!" warned Tony the snake.

"Isn't that the point? I apologize for lying to you about the apples, I only led you here so I could give you a proper goodbye." said Mike the mouse.

Tony snake circled around Mike the mouse and trapped him. "You're always so unfair Mike. I promised you that we would explore this world and find paradise, where humans and animals can live together in harmony, and I won't break that promise." said Tony the snake.

"If I had been fair in the first place you would've convince me to stay farther away from your promise." Mike replied softly. Tony was stunned silent. He slowly got himself out of Mike's way. "We're the last one of each of our kind, maybe the last animals in this planet even, that's why I'm going." said Mike the mouse.

It was not so long ago when Tony the snake and Mike the mouse were eating apples happily in the middle of the plains, with the clear skies above them and trees surrounded them. They had no care to the world they live in.

"I'm not doing this because I'm sick of living." Mike the mouse glanced back towards Tony the snake, "I'm doing this to prove the humans that they won't survive without us. Once us animals are gone, sooner or later they'll ask God to bring us back."

Tony the snake didn't reply and stayed silent. Mike the mouse reverted towards the tall buildings.

"You're not going to continue stopping me?" Mike the mouse asked to his slithery friend.

"No. I just hope that you're happy with your choice." answered Tony the snake.

"I hope that she's happy with her own choice as well... See you in the other side eh Tony? Or maybe not, I would rather want you to go to heaven." said Mike the mouse.

"I want to keep my promise, I want to become a human in my next life and make a difference." replied Tony.

"We each have our own beliefs... Maybe it's a little too late for humans to realize that." said Mike.