A length of string ties me to you,

clear as crystal, thin as a spider's web.

The ring on my finger glitters- ethereal

as the cloud I must reside in. How else

can such white not appear stark, brash, a

touch too violent for fresh, newborn eyes?

A speck of gentle black descends from the…

Heavens? Transforming from a blemish in the

infinite serenity to an inky constellation of three

points, a fluid V that expands, feathered, wings

which glisten in the imperturbable tranquility. Is



"The Powers that Be have sent me to take you."




Above my head, the Raven lands, stilling…

It cocks its head, its mouth never opening.


"You shall return to Earth in a single moment's time."




It's pitch eyes sparkle, knowing…


"A body has been chosen for you, and it is your time to fill it."


My time has come again, but I

am going back to the place

I was not ready to leave.

A smile sneaks its

way onto my



I'm coming home to you.