Genderbents of Liam and Bella~! ;)


Brady stepped into the tent, holding the flap up. He turned both ways, taking in the inside; only a few lights were strung up from corner to corner, giving the tent a dark-orange, brown blush. Brady wondered what was here, as he visited many stands and tents at the yearly art festival. It was quiet, whereas everywhere else was chiming with charming music. When he made it halfway through, he noticed a lantern on the corner, making him mutter, "What the?"

There was a gasp before him. There again, was a young woman, astounded, gazing at him like some monster. She backed away, a thin paintbrush firmly held in her hands.

"It's alright," Brady quickly sent to her, "I'm not gonna hurt you," then his eyes darted to the side and saw a medium-sized canvas, wondering, "What are you… creating?" he himself wasn't much of a chatterbox, but he knew he had to try.

The girl quickly wrapped her arms around the canvas, wanting to keep it a secret.

"Hey, hey," Brady almost quickly placed his hand on her shoulder, feeling her light, reddish-beige shirt. "You're going to ruin your shirt," he warned, gently sending her away. He then gazed and took in the picture of a young woman in a red dress, walking down barefoot on a cracked desert floor. She had a hand on her breasts, fingering a golden circle at her dress' hem. The girl retreated slowly, not wanting anything with Brady, though he asked her, "What's that symbol there?" pointing to the gold circle on the lady's chest.

She swallowed. "Delta."

"You mean as in the fourth symbol in the Greek alphabet?" Brady asked.

The girl nodded. Brady smiled lightly, telling her, "That's nice, what's your name?"

"Lisette," she answered as she rubbed her arm.

"I'm Brady… Lisette, why aren't you out with everyone else?" Brady asked her.

"I don't like it out there." Lisette pouted, holding her arms.

Brady shook his head. "That's no reason to be here; I mean, your art is very nice… people would like to see it."

"I wouldn't believe you…" she glared at him, green eyes not trusting him.

"No, seriously, they would; I like it, so why can't someone else?" Brady told her.

"They would find me odd," Lisette muttered to him, looking down for a brief second before gazing right up at him again. "Most likely talk behind my back."

"What's so wrong about being just a tad different?" Brady scratched the back of his neck. "Isn't that what makes things a little more interesting?"

Lisette thought for a quick second, imaging some people standing around it, making small little compliments of certain bits and pieces of her work. "I suppose it does; what do you like? Are there any interesting things you like doing?" she asked, now curious about him.

Brady smiled sheepishly, "Well, I like to do crossword puzzles by the fireplace, and glass blow as well."

"Are you serious?" Lisette asked. "I've heard about the latter before, have you made anything through it?"

Brady had never told what he made through glass-blowing, other than his older brother and sister, and his art teacher. "A few Christmas ornaments, and once, even a vase for an old lady that lives across the street for her birthday."

"That's… thoughtful of you…" Lisette told him. "I've… only hung my work on my walls, only my parents and siblings have seen them…"

"That's very assuring to hear; do you plan on painting any new ones?" Brady asked her.

"Of course… a picture of a young man in a wolf-fur loincloth; I just need another canvas for it…" Lisette told him.

"I can buy it for you," Brady told her.

"What?" Lisette gasped. She couldn't possibly trouble him!

"Seriously, I can; my family lives in a very nice home." he placed a hand on her shoulder.

It was quiet for half a second until Lisette complied. "Of course, and I would like to see your own work as well. After all, we must all see all forms of art."

Brady patted her arm. "Great, maybe we can meet at a Wal-Mart to get it, how does that sound?"

"Of course, do you want my number?" Lisette told him. She smiled at him, and for a quick second, it looked like the first one she ever conjured for him. Brady nodded and she obliged; after they exchanged numbers, Lisette told him. "I'd like to say, thank you, again, Brady for saying that my art is nice."

"You're welcome, Lisette; that's a very nice name as well. Lisette—it's like walking through a cool breeze on a hot day." Brady commented.

Lisette touched his arm. "My, my, that'd be a good line for a story; I'd really like to talk to you, again, sometime."

"Sure," Brady assured her. "I ought to go, or my brother, Elias, will worry about me, again,"

"Oh, I can understand from that viewpoint," Lisette commented.

"I'll see you soon, Lisette, it was nice meeting someone who could paint so well," Brady stated.

"And nice that I've met someone who knows about glassblowing as well," Lisette returned, as Brady was departing from the tent.

Brady left with a smile on his face, just enjoying that girl's words. When he met with his older brother Elias, he spun him the tale of he met a girl who painted just superbly.


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