I'm in a dark room, with no one other than myself. There's a bit of light, but I don't know where it was coming from.
The lights manage to show parts of the room. It was messy, paper clattered, dirty walls.
In front of me is a closed door. I somehow knew someone will come. A bit nervous, a bit scared.
Then suddenly, a man appeared standing in front of me. No sound of the door, nor the footsteps of the man.
A man with a white mask, with a knife on his left hand. He points the knife to me and said.
"Choose, I'll kill you or you'll kill yourself". I panicked, but managed to utter my answer.
"I'll kill myself", I said. The man gave his knife to me. I'm scared of being hurt. Physically, emotionally.
I think of a way to kill myself without being hurt. I raise my wrist and knew the answer.
I started to slit my wrist, but it hurts. The man is still standing in front of me. I hurried to slit my wrist.
I succeeded. Blood flowing from my wrist. It hurts, but I felt relieve.
Then suddenly, the man talks again. "I change my mind", he said. He raise his right hand, holding a rusted scissors.
Stabbed my wounded wrist. Again and again. He poke, churn and stab. He laughs. I yell in anguish.
It hurts. Then I woke up.