I'm running. Running away from a group of people.
I'm accused. Accused of something I didn't know.
A couple of guys pursue me.
I turned in a corner, but then, it is where I started running.
At the side of me is a gated house, with the front door opened.
People inside the house is in hysteria, shouting at each other.
At this point, I was caught, they hold my hands, so I can't free.
I still gaze in the house, then I saw a women.
I never saw her, never know her, so unfamiliar.
But I feel, I should know her.
I suddenly speak, "Mom?!".
She turned, she recognize me.
Her eyes pitied me. As if she's hurting from the inside.
Then she turned her back, and never looked at me again.
I'm in a court. Accused of something I didn't know.
Then I woke up.