The summer holiday has finally come. Some of the people are eager to wait for summer to go on vacation in interesting places. There are some who want to go on holiday in the oversea with family and some want go on vacation on the beach or to beautiful islands. As for this 13 year-old boy, he's going to spend his holiday at his grandparents home with his twin sister. Their parents work in the private sector so they can't go on vacation. The twins were sent to their grandparents. The journey to return to the countryside took about five hours and thirty minutes. The countryside is located far away from the capital city. On the way to the countryside, the road to the village became crowded suddenly causing the male twin to wonder what was going on ahead while the female twin was sleeping soundly in the car. Soon the sounds of the firefighting siren are heard and the ambulance were speeding towards the front of the family. Then the police car arrived to control the traffic jams where at that time the roads were badly damaged and could not move to continue. When they started to move they were shocked that a horrible accident happened between a car and a truck. The male twin was surprised to see that the car was crushed badly that the driver and the passenger were thrown out of the car. The male twin began to fear when he saw the condition of the body so he closed both of his eyes. After they went through the accident, they finally arrived at the countryside. When they almost arriving at the entrance to their grandparents house, the male twin saw a old abandoned mansion. The car are passing in front of the bungalow. Suddenly the male twin feels uneasy when he stared at the mansion. A few minutes later, they're greeted by their grandparents who were happy to see their grandchildren. The twins always spent their summer holiday at their grandparents house during summer. The twins parents went straight to town as they can't skip their work tomorrow. Meanwhile, the twins were left with grandparents. The twins were very happy to meet their grandparents while their other friends are on holiday abroad. On the first night in their grandparents's house, their grandparents have planned to go to the vineyard tomorrow. The male twin is happy and waiting for tomorrow to do activities in the countryside. The female twin is also happy and can't wait for tomorrow.