Chapter 4

A week later, Maggie was showing a woman named Emmaly McGuire the basics of her job, having given boss Dwight Davis her notice. Dwight was the one who brought Emmaly in to take over the position, a woman in her early forties without much of an administrative background.

"She's a massage therapist," Maggie told Gareth. "I think she and Dwight might be dating."

"Are you related to Jim Leman?" Emmaly asked Gareth on her second day learning the job.

"He's my brother," Gareth replied.

"Let it go," Dwight said to Emmaly from the doorway to his office, having overheard the question and answer.

"What do you think that was about?" Gareth asked Maggie later as they sat in his car eating lunch together.

"I have no idea," Maggie admitted. "But I wouldn't worry about it."

"Do you think Emmaly had some sort of run in with my brother cop?" Gareth wondered.

"It's really none of our business," Maggie said. "All I know is that Emmaly called here a couple of months ago. Her cellar was full of shit from a busted sewer line."

"That's right!" Gareth said, his eyes going wide. "I worked part of that job. Dwight had already done most of the dirty work."

"So I guess they hit it off somehow," Maggie said.

"And now she's going to replace you?" Gareth asked.

"She says her hands hurt too much to be giving massages at her age," Maggie explained. "I got one from her and a spray tan too not long after the pipe broke. Dwight was trying to help her business out after the mishap."

"How are things going with Mrs. Russell?"

"I keep half-expecting Robert to barge in and drag me out of there," Maggie admitted as she ate her sandwich. "But he actually doesn't seem to care that much that I left him."

"His loss," Gareth remarked.

"Why did you invite me to go with you to see Mrs. Russell that day?" Maggie wanted to know.

Gareth shrugged. "No reason," he said, glancing out the side window of the van.

"Did she say something to you the day before when you were first there?" Maggie asked with curiosity. "About maybe wanting live-in help or something?"

"Nothing that specific or obvious," Gareth insisted. "But when I saw the two of you sitting there like that it made perfect sense."

"You should move in too," Maggie said. "There's plenty of room. You could be the handyman around the house."

"Did you say something to her about that?" Gareth asked with surprise.

"She thought it was a good idea," Maggie replied.

"Don't you think it's too soon for us?" Gareth worried. "You coming off a bad marriage and all that?"

"You can have your own room for now," Maggie said. "We can take it slow. I don't want to be spending time at your apartment away from Mrs. Russell."

"Who would have thought our lives would change so much just from one weekend on-call service call," Gareth said with amazement.

"I had a premonition when I went into work on that rainy Saturday," Maggie admitted.

"You did?" Gareth asked with surprise.

She smiled knowingly. "I wanted the gloom to end," she said. "I wanted some restoration in my life."

"The Restoration of Maggie," Gareth grinned as he leaned across the console and gave her a kiss.

A/NEmmaly McGuire previously appeared with Dwight Davis in After All The Crap We've Been Through – Maggie made a brief cameo in that story.