Lo and Behold

You're a phantom displaced in time

But surely everything's fine

Just keep walking the path

Act like you can't hear their laughs

Being too curious is the symptom of a ghost

You're way more "troublesome" than most

Maybe you're a demon

The shadow of a heathen

The death of your honor

That's now their legacy

Their false claim of a victory

"Go on, heed the Apocrypha!"

"Just do what you ought to!"

Never mind their own heinous actions

While they preach "Law of Attraction"

They render themselves blind

Try keeping you in double binds

You have the beliefs you need

No, don't just let it go

Match them blow for blow

Your own truths you must heed

Go now brave phantom

March to your own anthem

Believe as you will

Until your heart is still

For you maybe a shadow

But in no way are you below

Your own honor you must bestow