The third happiest thing after Chris returning and Angelina's entrance to my life was that the Seer didn't say anything more other than the fact that Angelina would be a force to reckon with in the future. I was almost afraid that Angelina would be cursed with a inevitable fate, just like Steven and I was, and just like my father and his younger brother before us, yet it seemed that it wasn't passed down to the next generation.

Only months after Angelina was born, Steven found his mate Christy from the Moon Pack, a small pack hidden high in the mountains that stayed out of trouble, never warranting an extra visit from the Head Alpha and his crew. Yet five years had passed since Chris took over and it was time to pay the Moon Pack a visit, and Steven found his mate in the Beta's youngest sister. Although she was five years younger than Steven, the age gap didn't stop them from almost immediately securing the mating bond and having children. Thus little Andy was born, barely a year later after I had Angelina.

Christy came to live with me, as Steven was uneasy about her living by herself and I happily welcomed her into my home. Christy and Andy lightened up the atmosphere when Chris and Steven were off visiting other packs. Danielle would come by often, bringing her two boys in tow, and we would each take turn babysitting the children, while the other would go off to work.

I handed off my position as head of the hospital to Kaylee, who took her new position seriously and cut back on my hours at the hospital. I was still known as the Head Healer as Ryan refused to appoint anyone else, so I could still be called for emergencies, but Kaylee took care of most of it.

When I was bored, I would take the kids to the sidelines of the training fields, where Benny and Tommy began to develop an interest in fighting and my dad would teach them a couple of defense moves while the real trainees were practicing.

Twice, I acted as Alpha while Ryan, Danielle, and Jake were away for negotiations with another pack. Having found no suitable candidates to replace Harris' position with the rest of the his relatives guilty of conspiring against the pack, Jake was trained to take over the Beta position and became Ryan's right hand man in a few short months. Ryan had asked me to keep an eye out for any suitable candidates to fill the Gamma position, but the Gamma position remained vacant until recently, when I nominated Chelsea, who finally stepped up during an emergency at the hospital and showed everyone her leadership prowess. I saw the potential in her for many years, but had always been unable to break her out of her timid shell.

Chris and Steven fell into a pattern, taking care to alternate their absences so that they could each spend more time with Christy and me. Craig volunteered on every visit, as he was unmated, but Chris and Steven still held on to their sense of duty and accompanied Craig on these visits. As a result, neither of them missed too much of their children's toddler years.

At five years old Angelina had all the boys her age wrapped around her little finger, including Andy with her innocent brown eyes that she inherited from me. Tommy and Benny had just begun to hit puberty, with Remi still in the awkward pre-teen age. No longer were the three of them running around the house playing tag; instead, they were always chasing after Andy and Angelina, making sure that they stayed out of trouble. Nate was at an awkward age, too old to play with Angelina and Andy, but too young to really to join Tommy, Benny, and Remi in watching over those two.

Having another child was always on my mind, as I always wanted Angelina to have a sibling just like I had Steven growing up, but Chris protested, citing that I had given him enough of a scare the first time around and pointing out that Angelina had Tommy and Remi, as well as Benny, Nate, and Andy, even if they weren't blood related to her.

There was a knock at the door and Tommy immediately went to open it, with Angelina chasing after him. I chuckled at their antics, trailing after them, already sensing who was behind the door. Tommy opened the door, gasping when he saw Chris standing there, back two weeks before his scheduled return date.

"Daddy!" Angelina shouted, before launching herself into his arms. Chris picked her up with ease, reaching out another arm to wrap around Tommy's shoulders. Watching the scene warmed my heart, and even my wolf had some choice words to say about it. Chris shot me a breathtakingly beautiful smile, causing my own lips to curve up in response.

"Welcome home."

My heart never felt so full, so devoid of all the emptiness that once permeated every aspect of my life.

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