She stalked the room like a predator looking for their next meal. Her sharp eyes darted around the whitewashed walls of the girls' swimming pool changing rooms until she found herself a target. Then, as soon as her victim's back was turned, she shot out a slim, manicured hand and grabbed . . . her bottle of shampoo.

"Hey!" Amanda, the unlucky girl, yelped. "Weren't you ever taught not to take what wasn't yours?"

"I'm not taking it; it's a donation made by a very charitable individual," Clarissa, the shampoo thief, clarified. "Thanks again." And with that, Clarissa waltzed off into the showers, but not before waving the shampoo bottle in Amanda's face. Sighing with defeat, Amanda towelled her hair dry and continued changing.

Minutes before the bell went, Clarissa handed over the shampoo bottle with a look of mock sorrow. "So sorry, Amanda, but I used up all the shampoo. But I guess hair like mine needs more than yours, since it's so long."

Clarissa really wasn't lying. Her blonde hair reached her knees, and a normal towel just wasn't enough for her hair. Amanda, however, had a pixie cut for minimum fuss, and could sort out a bad hair day with just a comb. But the blatant thievery of her shampoo couldn't be ignored, and she set out to get revenge.

"Clarissa always steals my shampoo after swimming!" Amanda growled, venting to her older brother, Peter. "She talks about how she keeps forgetting about it and she needs it more than I do because of all her stupidly long hair, but I know she's lying because I saw her posting on Instagram about the best way to get shampoo without bringing your own! How do I make her stop?"

"Bait the shampoo bottle, of course," Peter advised. "I used to have the exact same problem, until I put some hair removal cream into the shampoo to find out who kept stealing from me. The guy went completely bald!"

"So all I have to do is put hair removal cream into the shampoo and wait for Clarissa to take it?" Amanda giggled.

"I got into trouble for that one, so I don't recommend using hair removal cream," Peter told her. "I know you will think of something, though."

Next swimming lesson, Amanda came prepared. When Clarissa came for her "donation", Amanda did her best to stop her. "Clarissa, this isn't for you."

"And why not? Hair like mine is high maintenance, you know," Clarissa replied.

"But this is my shampoo. Get your own," Amanda said flatly.

"I've left my shampoo at home," Clarissa cooed.

"Then wash your hair at home," Amanda explained, slowly losing patience.

"I can't wait that long!" Clarissa snapped. Without warning, she snatched the shampoo from Amanda and stormed into the showers. A few minutes of silence slithered by, then loud humming could be heard as Clarissa washed her hair. The changing room was treated to the sound of water hitting the floor, and then . . .


Clarissa stumbled out of the showers in a sort of drunken fury, and that's when Amanda saw her hair. It was a horrible shade of green and seemed to have gone right down to the roots! Amanda kept a straight face as Clarissa made a beeline for her.

"This is all your fault! My beautiful hair has been reduced to an ugly green mess because of your stupid shampoo!" Clarissa screeched.

"I did tell you it wasn't for you to use," Amanda answered. "I was experimenting with hair colours and decided to mix it with the shampoo. I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen to me!" Amanda explained.

"But- you- ugh!" Clarissa growled, as she left in a huff.

"See you around, Medusa!" one girl cheered. From there, a repertoire of farewells could be heard.

"Farewell, bride of Frankenstein!"

"See you soon, o mirror-breaking one!" Amanda was being congratulated over taking down the shampoo bandit that had been terrorising the school for years.

"Just wait," Amanda left telling people. "All we have to do is wait and see if it happens again."

Clarissa was now the talk of the school thanks to her now green hair. Amanda had figured it would wash out, given that the hair dye she used was washable. The colour just hadn't faded out yet. But nobody could deny that Amanda's plan didn't work. Nobody ever had their shampoo pinched by Clarissa ever again.