Chapter 8: The Loss of Purity:

While Blake and Danielle continue to explore each other's mouths, the latter quickly halts in her tracks as she feels something poking into her. She withdraws from the kiss and looks down, before immediately adopting a sly grin. Without another word, she proceeds to undress Blake one garment at a time until he's in nothing but his plaid boxers.

Lowering them slightly, her eyes widen a bit, intimidated at what she sees. Little did she know Blake would be so well-endowed. He puts all her previous partners to shame, that's for sure. Danielle then feels a bit of fear, almost as if she's a virgin again, wondering if her partner will fit inside her without causing excruciating pain.

"Wh-What's wrong? You look like you've never bumped uglies before," Blake chuckles nervously.

"Bump uglies? I think you mean 'bump beauties'," Danielle replies, licking her lips sultrily.

Not wasting another moment, she gently brushes her finger over the tip. Blake immediately jumps in response, panting heavily and tightly gripping the pillows, his knees trembling all the while. Danielle then grips him more tightly and doesn't move her hand, eliciting an even stronger reaction from Blake. She can't help but laugh at how priceless it all is.

"What's the matter, Blake?" she asks. "Don't tell me you've never pleasured yourself before."

"I told you already. I never did anything like this growing up," Blake says, still panting a little.

"Huh. Well that'll change soon enough," Danielle switches to a suggestive tone.

Before Blake can ask what she means, he's caught off guard as Daniel flicks her tongue over his endowment. He flinches again and moans loudly, and his reaction only becomes stronger as Danielle continues her actions. He then lets out a yelp as she takes him all the way into her throat, gripping the pillows once again as his legs shake.

Danielle continues her oral administrations for what feels like ten minutes before abruptly pulling off, using her hands to vigorously stroke him. Blake moans some more as he feels something powerful building up inside him. It's a sensation he's never felt before, and one that he can't really describe.

"Uh, Danielle?" he asks cautiously. "You... you might wanna stop."

"Oh, Blakey. If there's one thing you should know about sex, it's that you never stop. Ever!" Danielle coos, continuing with her motions as she speaks.

Blake lies back and tries to relax, bracing himself for what's to come. He grits his teeth and squints his eyes, before letting out a moan louder than his previous ones as he finally achieves his orgasm. It's the first one he's ever had in his life, so it feels all the more powerful. His heart rate is at an all-time high and he's barely able to breathe. It takes a good minute for him to calm down, and when he does, he notices Danielle kneeling in front of him, only this time she's not squeaky clean.

"S-Sorry..." he utters.

"What's there to be sorry for? This is excellent!" Danielle replies.

"Really?" Blake cocks an eyebrow.

"Yes, really," Danielle replies, giggling a little. She just loves the feeling of being drenched in the bedroom.

Blake watches, mesmerized as she uses her fingers to wipe herself off, seductively licking them clean. When she finishes, she looks down, noticing that Blake is already aroused again, clearly up for another round. She's shocked at how quickly he's bounced back from his orgasm.

"Hmm, well it seems you're already ready again," she comments.

"Ready for what?" Blake asks.

"Ready for the main event, of course," Danielle explains. "What, you thought that was it? What we just did was nothing but foreplay."

"Huh," Blake utters. He's still a little nervous about having his first time, but he's nonetheless interested in finding out what happens next.

Without a word, Danielle lies down on her back, beckoning Blake to position himself above her. He stares down at her as she returns it with a sultry grin. He then looks a little lower to see her removing her G-string, which appears slightly darker than it previously was. Once she's fully nude, he is given the opportunity to gaze at the foreign yet somehow lovely sight below him.

"So... what now?" Blake asks.

"Well, uh... think of it like tucking your keys into your pocket," Danielle chuckles.

Blake looks down at himself and then at her, before finally nodding.

"Oh, I get it," he says.

"Good. Now hurry up, because I'm feeling a little needy right now," Danielle says, followed by an effeminate giggle.

"Oh, wait a minute. Don't we need, like, some protection or something? I mean, I may not have had sex before, but I do know how to do it safely," Blake comments.

"Don't worry, I'm on birth control. If it can help me for over ten years, it'll help me now," Danielle replies.

Taking a deep breath, Blake lowers himself and starts to enter her. The two of them gasp at the sensation. Blake in particular quickly grows to love it and starts to push himself in deeper.

"B-Blake!" Danielle gasps, panting a little. "H-Hold on a moment, just... let me get accustomed to this!"

"Sorry, Danielle. I'd love to, but this just feels too good!" Blake exclaims, before willing himself to enter his partner as far as he can go.

Danielle just moans again. She's never felt so full before, and she's especially glad that having Blake inside her doesn't hurt all, contradicting her fears from earlier. Her pleasure spikes as Blake starts to pull out and shove himself back in, eventually finding a pace that pleases them both.

The two continue to make love for a good while, before both of them feel orgasms bubbling to the surface. Danielle is the first to finish, her entire form rattling as she moans, waves of pleasure washing over her. Blake stops moving in response.

"N-No! No!" Danielle cries out in a half-strangled voice. "Don't... stop! It feels too good!"

Blake wordlessly obliges, continuing to thrust until he feels his own climax approaching. He starts to pull out, but Danielle puts her hands on his hips to stop him.

"W-Wait! Stop! What are you doing?!" he asks. "It... it'll go inside you!"

Danielle simply smiles and keeps him there. Following another grunt, Blake finishes once again, and at the same time, Danielle achieves her second orgasm of the evening. Both of them start to make out again, riding on their afterglows for a bit until they withdraw, both panting and sweating.

A good hour passes, during which the two remain fully naked, cuddled up together on top of the bed. While Danielle adopts a content and satisfied look on her face, Blake lies there in stunned silence, thinking over what he has just done, and especially worried about how his family would react if they were to find out about this.

"So! How'd you like this little experience?" Danielle breaks the silence. "All I know is, I loved it! Fun fact: you're the only person who's ever made me squirt before."

Blake doesn't say a word, still pondering things over.

"Um, I believe I asked you a question," Danielle continues.

"Oh, uh, it was pretty fun," Blake replies, slight reluctance marring his tone.

"Oh, quit trying to downplay it," Danielle lightly punches Blake's arm. "From my perspective, you absolutely loved it."

"Well yeah, but..." Blake begins, somewhat guiltily.

"But what? Did I do something wrong? Is having sex just not your thing?" Danielle keeps prying.

"No, no, it's not that. It's just... I can't help but think about my family, and how I was raised," Blake finishes.

"Oh, really? That's it?" Danielle asks.

"Yup," Blake replies solemnly. "I dunno, I just can't help but feel a little guilty. I mean, as I told you before..."

"...You were raised by a Christian Armenian family who said that lust and sex out of wedlock are sins, and you kept to yourself for all these years so you could avoid committing those sins," Danielle cuts him off. "Look, I understand where you're coming from, but be honest with yourself. Did you enjoy this evening?"

"Yes?" Blake replies.

"Well just so long as you had fun, that's all that matters. Sex isn't some major sin, it's actually a source of pleasure that's integral to many things. So long as it's enjoyable for everyone involved, and done with full consent, then religion be damned," Danielle explains.

"Er... I guess so," Blake says, slightly unnerved by those nonchalant comments about religion. "You know, now that we've done this, I feel more alive than ever. I guess it's not such a bad idea to break family tradition once in a while, huh?"

"Couldn't have said it better myself," Danielle replies. "Now tell me, Blake. Are you by any chance free tomorrow night?"

~ ~ ~ The End ~ ~ ~