She stood
Stood still, hypervigilant
With anticipation

The atmosphere was tense
Her hair stood on end
She could feel that presence

And she couldn't flee from it

From them
They begat her
And she couldn't quite say

That she loved them

No, not more than she feared them
Her mind plagued with memories
Memories turned nightmares

Nightmares turned reality
Reality translating into flashbacks
Flashbacks turning to electric current

Electric current into reinforced punishment
Punishment turning into scar tissue
And that scar tissue turning to a dense shell

A fortress made of stone, ice, lava, knives, acid, and porcupine quills

She stood
In that hypervigilance
Afraid of what was to come

Yet, she anticipated nothing less

That atmosphere was tense
Suffocating, toxic, noxious
She was defenseless

With all but her silence

Most people saw these two figures
As they saw them but she didn't
She saw hers

As the things in her nightmares