June 15th

My name's Tybalt Summers, and if you ask like 99% of the population at my school, I'm a rotten, no-good, bad, very awful kid. I mean sure, some quacks are gonna tell me that I have potential, all I have to do is "journal my feelings." Fine, I'll do it to make them happy, but honestly? They all seem like.. Well… quacks! Anyways, let me tell you what happened today.

For starters, my mom's not like any "normie" mom. Sure she's caring like regular moms are, but all my life something about her seems off. I noticed that other kids' mom have warmth in their voices when they talk to their kids, while mine has none. Like raising me was a burden and that's why she's cold when talking to me. Like I'm a constant reminder of why my dad ran off on her before I was even born. Enough of my rambling of my mommy issues.

I would describe my life as one giant bad luck chain, bad event after another. My dad ran out on my mom and the story goes before I was even born. She raised me by herself so I would never end up being like my dad; whatever what that means. The quacks say that's why I lash out find trouble with these "blackouts" that I get. It's one thing to blackout, it's another thing when your skin feels as if it's one fire I get angry. The quacks say it's I'm getting one of these blackouts, the best way to counteract them is to count to ten. Then my skin will stop feeling like it's on fire. If only it were that easy.

My one friend James Parks is always cold. I can't imagine how. I'm always hot; I remember one winter I wore shorts because of how hot I was. Whenever I would walk through the snow, it would melt as soon as my feet hit contact with the ground. I remember the looks on all the kid's faces when I got the bus stop. They all looked speechless and when I walked into the school, the principal asked me if I was cold. I just laughed it all off and said I wasn't and said if anything, I was still burning up. When I got home from school, I asked my mom about it. I asked her if it was weird for me not to feel cold, she didn't answer me at all. She ruffled my hair and asked me how my day was and I just sighed and ran to my skin feels like it's constantly on fire and my mom just wants to know what I want for dinner that day. It's almost as if she's hiding something from me.

The other half of my friend group would be Tabitha Jones. Who is well... very goth. Like this woman dresses like a Hot Topic store threw up on her-goth. Is Hot Topic even goth? Well whatever, that's what she looks like. With those sunken-in eyes of hers that 'look like she hasn't slept in like thirty years, the black eyeliner doesn't help. Wearing all reds, blacks, and grays all over. Also doesn't help that I'm like 99% percent certain she's in a cult. Just a gut instinct of mine.

So we're the freaks in the school, so it makes us the closest of friends. Like the three musketeers but minus the sword fighting and all the cool shit they do. It was lunch time when it all happened We start our usual table; James with the turtleneck brought all the way to his nose stirring his steaming hot soup. Tabitha reading her book with Latin writing that I'm fairly certain translates with "Summoning Satan for Dummies." Don't quote me though, I'm not an expert at speaking a dead language. Just a gut feeling I have. I was the first break the silence.

"So, what do you think about the new science teacher?"

Tabitha put her book down and started to twirl her red hair, "He seems kind of weird."

James muffled through the turtleneck, "He seems okay."

Puzzlingly, I turned to James and asks, "Don't you ever get hot in that heavy turtleneck you wear every day?"

James shivers and started to rub his hands together. He coughed out, "I wish, I'm always cold."

I start to fan myself in an effort to cool myself off, "Yeah and I'm always burning up."

James nodded along still rubbing his hands together, "It would be nice to feel warmth."

I nod too and laugh at his comment, "It would feel nice to feel cold."

Tabitha laughs and nods too, "It would be nice to feel in general."

I blink and joke, "How edgy."

Tabitha glares at me and I feel daggers stab at me. I laugh it off and look the other way.

James smirks, "Look at us. The group of freaks who don't know how to feel."

Tabitha adds in, "I know we're considered the freaks, but it doesn't help when we constantly call each other that."

I shrug, "Have any word to describe us then?"

She sighs, "No. Until I do think of something else to call us then, we shall remain being known as the freaks."

I add, "If it ain't broke, why fix it?"

James adds, "Good, that's all I know to act."

The three of us laugh. We may not be the greatest of students or even people, but we are friends, and nothing will ever change that. And so we all rode happily into the sunset… HAH I wish! No, next some asshat threw food at James. I look and see a bag of dicks smirking at us. They point and laugh at us while James is wiping the food off his face with a napkin. Tabitha hides her face while I narrow my eyes eying the bag of dicks tormenting us. My skin starts to burn, I feel like everything is on fire. This isn't good.

It feels like this is a start of one of those blackouts the quacks have been telling me that I have. I take a big breath and close my eyes. I begin to count to ten hoping for the burning feeling to pass. It doesn't, it just grows and grows. The flames inside me growing at a uncontrollable rate and I feel like my insides are burning. I open my eyes and see the bag of dicks laughing even harder and louder now.

A voice boomed, "Yo! Look guys, looks like the freak show came. Lucky us".

I know that voice. It belongs to John, John Evans. Member of the football playing cult of our high school. He's a shit player and an even shittier person. I wonder if he finds joy in making our lives a living hell. John ran up to our table and behind him game with his dick-sucking goons. He sat down and put his arm around Tabitha's shoulder. My skin burning even more.

"What do you want?!" I shouted back.

John smirked and took one of my fries and then put me in a headlock. His voice then boomed, "To make your life a living hell! Who wants me to bully the freaks?"

"I do!" Shouted a boy with spiky red hair.

Another one of these football playing cult members. This guy is nicknamed Moose. That's all I know about him and that's all I want too. I heard he tortures animals in the backyard of his house. That crazed look in eyes tells me these rumors are true.

"So if it isn't dumbass one and dumbass two?" laughed John.

"How original." mumbled James.

"Shut up freezer boy," stood up John as he slammed his hands on the table.

James shouted back, "Get lost, asshole."

"Oh yeah? What will you do about it, Ice Box?"

Tabitha tries to stop him and hold him back from doing anything stupid, but it fails. James lunges at John and tackles him to the ground. Moose sees this and pulls him off John and throws him like a ragdoll. James hits the ground and Tabitha springs up, concern and fear all across her face. Moose looks at us with a crazed look and wide eyed smile.

John gets up and dusts himself off, "Just for that freezer brain, your friend is first."

I look at him with a confused expression on my face, "Huh?"

"Come on, get up!" shouted Moose as he started to push me.

Tabitha looks at me dead in the eyes, "Tybalt, don't listen to him."

I just sit and cross my arms, refusing to budge. Moose didn't approve of my act of deviance as he started to push me harder but I didn't nudge, he pushed me again and I fell off the bench and hit the cold tiles of the lunchroom. Mosse bends down and starts poking me.

He heckled, "What are you stupid, get up?"

James voice cracks, "Leave him alone."

Moose clenches his fist and James flinched.

I tried to move, but my muscles didn't respond. My brain said to give up, but my legs didn't move at all. My arms don't try to get me up either. I just say there, face on the cold tiles.

"Come on man, get up!" Shouted John. I just stayed there,

"Fine," Mumbled Moose as he pulled me off the floor and up. He grabbed me by my shirt collar and made a fist, "This is what happens when you don't listen to the J-man."

"J-man, seriously?" mocked Tabitha.

John booms in, "Hell yeah, now all will know to never cross the J-man!"

Tabitha mocks again, "I don't know what's worse; you attacking my friends or you referring yourself in the third person."

Moose smirked at her as he raised his fist towards my fist. He laughed, "Don't worry lady, you're next."

John's voice boomed ignoring Tabitha's remark, "Damn right Moose, teach this freak some manners."

Tabitha shrieks, "Tybalt, don't just lay there and take it. Do something!"

John resorts, "If this freaks has half a brain cell, he'll know to take it."

Moose adds on, "Yeah, take it like the little bitch he is."

"Consider it payback for freezer boy attacking me."

Moose's fists are so close to my face, but I just stand there. I feel a flame start to burn inside of me. This isn't good. Not at all. Guess I'm having one of those blackouts the quacks told me about. My skin starts to burn and I swear I see my hands burst into flames. Moose sees this and his eyes widen in shock and drops his fist. John sees this and shouts at him to keep going and punch me. Moose then raises his fist once more and goes into punch me. However, it would seem that I had other plans for Moose.

Before he punched I put up my hand to block it. I lower my hand and see the fear grow in Moose's eyes. He tries to break my grip, but it tightened and he starts to shriek in pain. They said my eyes looked like they were on fire and my hands looked like claws and my ears were pointed. I breathed fire out of my mouth and I supposedly threw a fireball at him, I never remembered that. That's what the people tell me anyways and I believe them. I mean it's the only explanation I get, so it's better than nothing I suppose. Man, what is going on with my life?

Everything is black now. I hear talking now. I have no idea where I am and how I got there. I hear footsteps and hear the voices of two people. I'm now in a room of some kind because I hear a door close and I'm laying in some sort of bed now. The voices grow louder now and all I can do is lay there and listen. The the best thing for me to now is to listen to whatever these people are talking about.

"Man, why must the newbies always expose themselves. Gives us a bed rep."


"What, all I'm just sayin is geez. Don't have a crap attack."

"Can't you think of someone but yourself, Lee? Poor boy. He got punched real hard. "

"Amy, he's okay. Pretty sure he gave the boy 3rd degree burns."


"I'm just telling what the Midnighters kept on saying."

"There's so much anger in his life."

"Yeah. I agree there is."

"I wonder why there is only anger in his life."

From the two voices I can tell that it's male and female. The female seems to be annoyed at the guy while he doesn't just give a damn about what she thinks. However from the tone of their voices towards each other I can tell that they seem to be close and friendly with each other.

"His power is amazing, but he's unstable."

"I agree. He does seem to be a nice asset to the team."

"Well it's a good thing we found him well before you know."

"I agree. It's best we found him first. But still, all that power is quite impressive for someone like him."

Me being nice asset, to what? Finding me before who? They're talking about me giving a boy third degree burns? Was it Moose. Can it be? I gave Moose burns? No fucking way, that's awesome. Wait no. That's fucking insane. No way I could do something like that. Sure I hate the guy but still, he's still human. That's fucked up. Either way, I hear the voices start talking again.

The girl's voice starts to get angry and now she's scolding him, "Lee, there is another way to solve your problems. Burning someone is not the way to go."

He still doesn't seem to give a single shit about what she thinks, "Amy, why are you always defending everyone, you even defend the low-life thugs we fight."

She defends, "They're just having trouble in life."

He just mocks, "Troubled? That boy with the heavy turtleneck on has trouble he just found out his whole entire body is made of ice. And, that girl with the Goth makeup just found out that she is a daughter of a demon. Now, that's troubled".

"I'm just saying Lee, you need to calm down."

"Fine. Whatever."

Wait. Heavy turtleneck? Goth makeup. No, way they are talking about my friends. Suddenly, I sprang up from the bed and faced the girl. The girl had blond hair and was wearing a flannel hoodie with faded blue jeans. Her eyes were a blue-green color and her skin was pale.

I look around see we are in a pristine white room. Everything is sterile and the bed I'm sitting on is stiff as a board.

The girl notices my look of discomfort and gives a warm smile to me, "You're awake."

I smirk at her, "Yeah, I'm up."

"Looks like sleeping beauty woke. Didn't have to call Prince Charming to come and kiss her." said a guy with brown hair. His eyes were an odd color as well. Fire red and I felt them burning through me.

"Fuck off," I respond.

She scolds the boy, "Lee don't be so mean."

He just shrugs and looks away.

She gives a warm smile to me, "Hey, do you know what happened?"

I smile back at her, "Yeah, I kind of overheard you."

Lee raised his brow, "You did. What's your name?"

"Tybalt. Why?"

Lee smirks and remarks, "What a fitting name for you to have."

"I knew it! I knew it!" Yelled a girl, the girl came running towards me. She had blonde hair like Amy but it had pink, blue, and red highlights in it. Her eyes were a warm brown color and she pulled me into a tight hug.

I groaned in annoyance and try to pull away from her, but it falls. I sigh, "Hey stop it, I just woke up."

She ignores me and hugs me tighter, she adds, "I was right, you do look like a Tybalt."

I look at her confused, "Huh?"

She looked towards me and smiled, "Hi, my name's Luna, Luna Storms".

I said as I pulled away from her hug, "Luna Storms? Your mom is that weather reporter Tina Storms, right"?

"Yup,". Luna replied with a toothy grin. "She has psychic powers like me. Why else do you think her weather predictions are always right?"

Lee raised his brow at Luna, "Umm, Luna."

She asks him, completely oblivious to what's happening, "Yeah?"

"Tyler doesn't know about the whole power thing yet."

I sit up from the bed and look confused, "Know what"?

"That I have psychic powers. Duh." Said Luna. I looked at here with a puzzled look. Luna then covered her mouth.

"Err, what did ya say again?"

After she said I still looked at her with a puzzled look. She then quickly said, "Crap, you think I'm one of those crazies. Well, I'm not."

I sighed and decide to humor her, "Whatever, you're not crazy."


"Yeah sure. I believe you."

Luna beamed and smiled at me, "Really?"

I sigh in annoyance, "Yeah sure, just get off of me."

She beams, "I was right about you Tybalt. You're a nice person after all."

I smirk at her words, "Don't tell me stuff I already know."

Luna smiled and got off of me, she laughed and left. A moment passed and the door swung open and out came in a person wearing some sort of power suit thing. My eyes widen when I realize it's James.

He shouts, "Tybalt!"

"What did you do with James?" I shouted as I jumped out of the bed.

"Relax; we need to do testing on him," Replied Lee.

"Testing!?" I shouted and my skin feels like it's going to burst into flames again.

"Tybalt!" shouted Lee as he put a hand on my shoulder.

I look into those fire red eyes and suddenly I feel like I'm a trance of some sort. My skin stops burning and I sit calmly down on the bed.

"I can go in people's' mind," explained Lee, "I can go in the minds of others and calm them down from hurting themselves."

"What are you? Some sort of psychic?"

Lee nods and smirks, "In a way yes. Luna can only talk to people inside their heads and predict certain events in the future. I can do all of that and much more."


"Oh yes."

I furrow my brow and shout out, "What are you doing to my friend? What happened when I felt like darkness consumed me?"

Amy spoke up, "Well, it wasn't darkness."

"Then what was it?"

"Well, when you have these uh "blackouts" have you ever felt like your skin was burning?"

"Yeah. Why'd you ask?"

"There's a reason for all of that."

"Yeah? What is it?"

Lee shouted back at me, "You didn't have a blackout as you were told. In fact, you burned him. We're testing your friend to see what kind of powers he has".


"Tybalt, chill." said James and all eyes turned on him.

"The first thing I see you is in a giant ass power suit and you tell me to chill? Seriously James, what the fuck?"

He smiled cheekily and chuckled, "Pun totally intended."

I groan at his stupid joke, "Just spill the fucking beans already dude."

James nodded, "After you went all fire-psycho on John you passed out. When you passed out, Tabitha thought John had done something to you. The suddenly the earth cracked then all these demons popped up and I went to defend myself from Moose and John. I opened out the palm of my hand and ice came from it."

"You serious?"

James nodded again, "Dead."

Lee cleared his throat, "Well look at that, you met your friends again."


"Now, get up, Tybalt."

I cross my arms, "Why?"

"There's someone I want to show you too."

"Do I have to go."

"Yes, you have no choice in the matter so get the fuck out of bed. You bum."

"I ain't no bum."

Lee retorts, "The grammar structure of that that sentence begs to differ."

"Fuck off."

"No thanks. I'm good, now get up from the bed. You bum."

I grumble and get up from the bed and follow Lee out of the room. We walk in silence as he walk for what seems like forever. I dug my hands in my pockets and hum to myself trying to speed the process off. The silence is killing me. I stop as I look to see that Lee walked in this weird looking thing; it had weird carvings all over it. One side it looked the stone had some strange looking characters on it. From first glance it looks like something asian looking. If I had to guess it was Japanese looking, or that was just me thinking of the Asian country that I know for fact.

I look to see what Lee is doing. He touched several of the characters on the stone; when he touched them the stone that had the characters it sinks in. He did it several times that they stone split in half. He just casually walked into this thing, I hesitated for a bit. He just looked at me and waved at me to walk into the cave. Again, like the scared little bitch I am, I just stand there. Moments passed, I took one giant breath and ran into the building. I bumped into Lee who just glared at me.

I muster up something for me to say. I remark, "I don't remember the Underground Railroad being Japanese."

He narrows his eyes at me glares me. He huffs, "Shut up, dumbass."

I roll my eyes and laugh, "Don't act like you never thought that."

"Just shut up and go back to walking."

I frown and mumbled, "No sense of humor then, I guess."

"Too much talking and not enough walking."

"Geez, okay I'm going. Don't have a crap attack."

Lee scoffed at my comments and goes back to walking. I snicker and soon follow led the whole way and through a door with a blue jewel on it. The door swings itself open and we are in an office.

Lee pointed to the door far off in the distance and explained, "Someone very important wants to talk to you, so go."

I sighed and mutter to myself, "This day is just one giant clusterfuck."

Lee remarked at my comment, "Shut up and go through that door."

I wave my hand at Lee and start walking, "Yeah yeah. Don't need to tell me twice, asswipe."

Lee shoots back in an annoyed tone, "Then start fucking walking then."

"Someone has a temper."

"Don't start with me, hot head."

I huffed, sighed, and I went up door and opened it. I was greeted to a completely white room with just a desk and two chairs. I gulp as I entered the room and see a man sitting there with his arms crossed against his chest. Well this feels like home sweet home, well more like my home away from home. Well technically speaking, more like home sweet principal's office but whatever. Splitting hairs here.

I casually walk over to the old man sitting. I greet him, "Yo."

"Tybalt." Said the man as he gestured to the chair. "Come in, we need to talk."

I cross my arms, "Usually when I go inside an office with a man in a desk and he tells me we need to talk. It usually doesn't end so well. Well, for me at least."

"You can trust me. Come in and sit down on the chair, Tybalt. We have much to talk about."

I asked him as I sit in the chair, "About what?"

"Have you ever what had happened to your father?" He asked.

I caussly say in a aloof tone, "Nope."

"Not all?"


"Have you at least wondered why he left you and your mother?"

I wince at the mere mention of my dad. It felt like he hit a giant nerve. I would love to know about my sperm donor. Why he left my mom? What she saw him? Lastly, why did that asshole leave us?

I clenched my fists in anger and I feel and all too familiar flame grow inside of me. I slouch in chair and mumble, "Sure. Tell me about the asshole if you want."

The old man frowns, "You hate your father so much. Why is that?"

I growl, "Don't fucking ask me. It's too long of a story, just tell me about my assbag sperm donor of a father."

The old man sat there for several moments. I felt impatient and wanted answers now. I lean forward and slam my hands on that desk of his.

"Come on old man, I'm not waiting forever here."

The man shook his head, "There is no easy way for me to say this."

I shrug and sit back in the chair, "I don't know about that. It's pretty easy to call my old man scum of the Earth, because well he is."

The man rested his hands on the desk now, "You hate him so much, why is that?"

I cross my arms, "He left my mom before I was even born. Left us all alone, so my mom had to marry some other asshole. She said that she didn't want me to have no father in my life."

"Is that why you hate him so?"

"If he were here I would tell him how much I hate him."



"Are you sure about that?"

I feel tears start to form in my eyes, but I try to fight them. It fails and now tears are slowly streaming down my face. I sniffle, "Why did he leave me and my mom? Didn't he love her? Didn't he love me?"


"God damn it old man, answer my fucking questions."

"The answer is much more complicated than that."

I wipe the tears with the sleeve of my shirt. I sniffle again, "Then tell me dammit!"

"Do you know who Jade Dragon is?"

I roll my eyes, "Well duh old timer, I watch the news. He's the crazy super villain, he has green fire and is well insane."

"He used to have regular colored flames, it seems that it had changed to green when he became a villain."

"What are you saying here, old timer?"

"The reason that he has that green fire is because he's a mutant."

I pause, "A mutant?"

"Do you know what a mutant is?"

I raise my brow, "A circus freak?"

The old man chuckles and shakes his head, "I'm afraid there's more to that, Tybalt."

Mutants? Like the ones from the X-men? Not gonna lie, it does sound pretty awesome to be them. They get to be heroes and everyone loves them. They get cheering fans and love. The bright yellow spandex they wear looks ugly. If that's the price to pay for loving and adoring fans then I'll take it. Looking back, it does make sense I would be a mutant. Nothing in my life has been perfect so this was sort of explanation to the weird shit that has happened throughout my life. The only thing I don't get is why my mom never told me. She hid all of this from me and I had to get this knowledge from some old fart.

I mumble to myself still lost in my thoughts, "What the fuck is happening with me?"

The old man snaps me from my thoughts by clearing his throat, "A mutant is somebody is born is unexplained abilities."

I snort, "I could've of told you that."

The old man ignores me, "Jade Dragon has his powers because he is a mutant and you got your powers from being a mutant too."

I shrug, "So I'm confirmed as being a freak. What does this Jade Fucker have to do with me?"

"Being a mutant is gene. A hereditary gene."


"In order for you to be mutant one of your parents has to be one. Even then, it's a fifty fifty chance of you being one."

"If my dad's a mutant that means….."

"I wish there was a better way to tell you this, Tybalt."

"Tell me what?"

"Jade Dragon is your father Tybalt."

I scrunch my face and look at the old man, "Old man, are you going senile?"

He ignored my snarky remark and went on, "Jade Dragon, Tybalt. The super villain, the one who supposedly killed me all those years ago."

I snap at him, "You mean the guy who leads that group. The group that worship a Dragon."

"They have a name you know."

"They call themselves the Tsoo, right?"

"Yes Tybalt. Jade Dragon is their leader and you are his son."

"Why are you telling me all of this, now?"

"Tybalt, let me ask you something. Have you ever felt like you never belonged. Felt like something about you was a bit off?"

I shrug and nod along to to his question, "Yeah. I guess I've been known for not being normal."

"There's a reason behind that you know. Its because you're the spawn of a powerful super villain."

I stand up from the chair in anger. I shout at him and I point my finger at him, "I don't believe you."

The man just calmly answers me, "I figured you're going to doubt me. You know it's true Tybalt, look deep inside of yourself and you'll know the answer."

I sighed in frustration and I sink back down in the chair. I huff, "So good all dad of mine was mutant, banged my mom, and out came me."

The man raises a brow, "That is one way to phrase it."

I sighed again. I then ask, "Why are you telling me?"

"That's how you became a mutant, through your father."

"Are you sure?"

"What would I gain from lying to you?"

I mutter, "Yeah you're right, I guess."

"Did you say anything, Tybalt."


I sit here frozen and lost in thoughts, trying to process what has just happened. My dad being Jade Dragon? Now that's something you don't hear everyday. Whenever I would ask my mom about who my dad is, she would just shake her head and say my stepfather is the only father I have. Those thoughts never did leave my mind. Part of me always wanted to know who my dad was and the other part didn't want to know because he left my mom and me before I was even born. Did my mom know? If she did now, did she leave him when she was pregnant with me?

My jaw drops and I look at the old man now. He is writing on a piece of paper now and looks up and smiles at me. Moments pass I feel boiling inside. My skin burns and I feel like a fire is starting inside of me.

I stood up from the chair and shout at the old man, "My mom never told me."

The man is calm even with me shouting and exploding at him, "I wanted to tell your mother but she would never let me tell you."

"She knew?"

The man nodded, "Your parents loved each other and when your mother found out who your father was she was saddened."

My skin stops burning and the fire inside of me starts to die down. I sit down on the chair and murmur to myself, "She hid this all from me."

"What happened to you at that school proved something to me."


The old man stands up from his chair and goes towards me. He puts a hand on my shoulder I look up and see him giving me a reassuring smile, "That you're a mutant and your powers are unstable. You need help Tyler. Let me help you."

I angrily shout at him, "With what?"

The man calmly explained, "There's a program designed to help people like you. It's called G.I.F.T."

I scoff, "Gift?"

The old man nods, "Gifted Individuals Fight Together. G.I.F.T."

I mock, "Nice anagram dude."

The old man says, "It's much more than just an anagram, boy."

I snort, "Yeah, what's it about?"

"It helps people like you, Tybalt. People you have powers like yours."

I stand up from the chair and dig my hands in my pants. I shrug, "Well where is this program old man?"

The old man hands me the paper on his desk, "Follow this paper and it should help you."

I take the paper from him and smirk, "Well okay old man, wish me luck."

The old man asks, "Where are you going?"

I smirk, "Going to where you wrote on the paper. Geez, you okay there old timer?"

"All by yourself?"

I shrug my shoulders, "All my life I've been alone. Another five minutes won't kill me."

The old man shakes his head, "Don't do anything rash, Tybalt."

I yawn, "Man you sound like my mom. Chill old man. I got this."

"Do I now?"

"Yeah don't worry old man, I'll be fine,"

"Okay then Tybalt. Good luck then."

"Don't worry for me. It'll be wasted."

I wave and go out of the door. I look and see Lee and Amy standing there as if they were waiting for me. Amy smiles at me and Lee just looks at me. I know my skin feels like it's burning sometimes, but Lee's eyes literally feel like everytime he looks at its burning.

"So, how did talking to Mason?" asked Amy as she smiled at me.

I raise my brow, "Who?"

Lee just shakes his head, "The old man you were talking to his name is Mason Todd."

I scratch my head in confusion, "Why is that important?"

Lee just scoffs, "Have you been living under a rock?"

I narrow my eyes and shoot back at him, "What's so important about the name Mason Todd?"

Amy puts a hand on my shoulder, "It doesn't matter. Mason gave you a piece of paper, right?"

I take the paper from my pockets and daggle it at Amy, "Yeah, so?"

Amy takes the paper, "Cool. Follow me."

I smirk, "You know, it's rude to snatch."

Lee glares at me, "It's rude to swear. Yet here you are."

I stick my tongue at Lee and blow a raspberry in his face.

Lee just mutters, "How mature of you."

I laugh, "Only for you, Lee."

He mutters, "How kind of you."

Amy starts going down the stairs and Lee soon follows. I look at the dragon carved on the building and back at the two people descending the stairs. I shrug my shoulders and soon follow them down. As we reached the bottom of the stairs, I looked at Amy.

I ask, "Hey, where are we going?"

"Ever been to a circus?"

I yawn bored at Amy's comment, "With animals, freaks, and the like? No need, my life already feels like one."

Amy fakes laugh at my comment, "Hahaha, very funny Tybalt."

"That laugh seemed pretty forced."

Lee narrows his eyes and glares me. He warns, "Watch it. Amy is one of those so called circus freaks."

I snort and look at Amy. I point at her and look back at Lee, "She doesn't look like one of them."

Amy laughs, "I don't?"

I nod and rest my hands on top of my head. I smirk, "Well duh. Most circus freaks have some deformities and shit like that and you have none."

"You sure about that?"

I snort, "Really now?"

"I'm only teasing you, Tybalt."

I rub the back of head and blurt out, "Yeah, I kinda figured that much out."

Amy rolled her eyes and rests a hand on her hip. She changes the subject and asks, "Tybalt, ever heard of Cirque de Bonheur?"

I yawn, "The circus of happiness?"

Lee smirks and mocks, "Wow look at you. Someone took high school French."

I glare at Lee and remark, "Yeah. I told you to fuck off earlier, didn't I?"

Lee just scoffs, "I'm just saying is all."

I scof back, "Well nobody cares what your just saying."

Lee grunts in response and crosses his arms. I smirked and stuck my tongue at him.

Amy clears her throat trying to change the subject. It works and it gets our attention. She says, "So you have heard of it?"

I shrug and smirk, "How could I not? They have ads for the place like all over the place."

"Well do you anything about the circus."

"Well I know one thing."

"Yeah. What's that?"

I shrug and stretch my jaw, "Well yeah, they have the albino lion. I always wanted to go."

Amy laughs at my remark, "Yeah. They are known for that."

"Well I mean you of all people should know, I guess. You are part of that circus."

Amy laughs harder now, "Ha, you're right about that."

I ask, confused, "Why are you laughing?"

She just smiled, "Well today is your luckiest day."

"What do you mean?"

"You get a behind the scenes tour of the circus."

I pause and frown, "Wait what about Tabitha and James?"

Lee shrugs, "What about them?"

My skin starts to burn again and I feel anger flow through my body. I snap at him, "They're my friends I can't leave them."

Lee shifts his weight to the right and just shrugs, "They're still being tested on, it will be awhile."

I get more angry, "What do you mean still being tested on?"

Lee deadpans, "What do you expect from a guy who is ninety percent ice and a chick who is a daughter of a demon."

"Answer me dammit."

Lee just looks me like I'm stupid, "Why should I do that?"

I shout at him. Voice filled with venom and anger, "You dragged me from my old life and now you drag me all the way here. Wanting me to follow you all like a blind sheep going towards the slaughter."

Lee shouts back, in a calm and cool tone, "If we did it your way, we would already be long dead."

"Why are you doing all of this to me?"

"We're only doing all of this to help you."

"Could of fucking fooled me."

"Listen hot head, don't shoot the messenger."

"I'll do what I fucking want too."

Lee warns me in a clam tone, "Don't do anything rash."

"I'll do what I fucking want to."

More anger flows through me and I feel like I'm on fire. I look at Lee and I clench my hand to a fist and move it towards him. I feel hands go around me and form a hug from behind. The hug grows tighter and I hear Amy shouting now.

Amy pleads to him as I feel more and more angry with every passing moment and my hair starts to turn into flames,"Lee, that's enough stop."

Lee looks away and mumbles, "Fine. I'm sorry Tybalt, I'll stop."

"Lee, say it like you mean it."

Lee just sighs and says, "Fine. Tybalt I shouldn't of said all the stuff that I said. I'm sorry."

She whispers in my ear, "You hear that Tybalt? Lee says he's sorry. So please stop being angry."

Lee just huffs out, "Yeah Tybalt. I'm sorry so please don't burn this building down."

I grunt in response as unclench my hands and feel the fire inside of me go away.

Amy whispered a sweet tone into my ear, "Don't worry Tybalt. We won't let you lose control. I promise."

I grunt again in response and close my eyes feeling the flames inside of me die down.

Amy whispers at me again, "Are you okay now, Tybalt?"

I just stand there and don't answer her.

The hug gets tighter and tighter as the flames begin to die down. No more anger flows through my body and my skin stops feeling like it's going to burn and catch on fire. I hear something whisper in my ear. I believe the words that she says and the anger fades away and my skin stops burning. Lee just stares at me and those fire red eyes still burning through me. He is the first to talk after that;

"Are you done?"

I frown and look at Amy who is looking away with her arms crossed. I murmur, "Whatever."

"Good. Come on Amy get ready we're leaving."

Amy uncrosses her arms and smiles at him, "I'm ready Lee, let's go."

"What about you, hot head?"

I smirk, "Same here, let's get going."

Lee shakes his head and crosses his arm, "Follow me."

"Follow you where?"

Lee laughs, "You'll see."

"I don't follow."

"Heh, you really slow on the upkeep."

I frown and start to get angry, "Watch it."

"Just look hot head and you'll see what I'm talking about."

I roll my eyes, "Will I?"

"Get ready to be blown out of your mind."

"My socks better be knocked off, dude."

Lee just shakes and stares off into space. Amy nods and goes close to me. My eyes widened in shock on how close she gets to me, my skin feels hot. Not for even angry this, for a totally different reason this time. This is an odd feeling. The only time I've been felt my skin burning when someone pissed me off. Amy is standing right here to me and my skin gets hot. Man, what is going on in my life?

The surroundings around us change and I look to see we're in a place with huge crowds of people. I hear noises of instruments and people laughing I look away from Amy and see Lee smirking. I back away in shock when I look and see there is a rip in where we're standing and it looks like some or portal to somewhere. I just stand there in shock and see the rip grow bigger and we get a better look at what we saw.

I blurt out, "What the fuck dude. You like ripped a hole through space and time."

Lee smirks, "Almost like it's a tear in the fabric, huh?"

I nod in agreement and say in awe, "Yeah, something like that."

"Good, that's what I call them. Tears."

"I would of called them mind portals, ha!"

Lee just laughs, "That sounds like a stupid name."

I frown, "Yeah your right. It sounded better in my mind."

Amy whispers to me, "Pretty impressive, right?"

I stand there in shock and the only thing I can muster up is, "Wow."

"Is that all you can say?"

I sigh, "For once I don't have a smartass reply."

Lee smirks at me and begins to rub the temple of his head with his fingers, "Like my power is all in the mind. I can travel to place to place my tearing holes to places to where I want to be."

I'm still in disbelief on what has happened and I can only say, "That's awesome."

Lee laughs as he steps through the tear that he made, "I know."

Amy smiles and jumps into the tear too, "Don't mind Lee. After a while, you start to get used to him."

I mumble, "I doubt that."

Amy just smiles and jumps into the tear and her and Lee start walking off.

I hessit for a few moments and soon jump into it with them. As I jumped into the tear, it closed in an instant. I turned and saw Amy and Lee walking away, so I ran towards them in order to check up. I catch up to them and I look around and see tents all over us. We reach a rather large tent and Amy and Lee stop walking and I stop too, looking at the tent in awe.

I blurt out aloud, for the two of them to hear, "I take it we have arrived to our destination."

Lee crosses his arms and begins to walk, "Thanks, Captain Obvious."

I shoot back and smirk, "Anytime."

Amy looks at me, "Tybalt, you stay here Lee and I have someone to find."

I nod, "Okay."

Lee adds, "We'll be back quickly, just don't do anything stupid."

I look at Lee and laugh, "Define stupid."

"Don't do anything that you would do."

I frown and shoot back at Lee, "Harsh."