June 21st

A chill goes down my spine and my eyes open wide. I gasp for air and I jolt up and look ahead of me. Frantically I look around, still heavily breathing and stop looking around and see that I am in a room of some kind. A run a hand through my hair and frown that it is damp from it is, I have no idea. Oh wait, scratch that thought. I was an icicle a few moments ago, so maybe that was it? Somehow I thawed out.

I pull the covers off me and get up from the bed. Warm air hits my skin and it burns. I stand up and my bare feat hit the wooden floor. As soon as I stand up, the door opens wide open and I see the girl from my dreams. At least I think it's her. Her hair is still long and black and her eyes are as gold as mine. My jaw drops when I realize it's the chick I saw at the prison riot. Blyze or whatever the fuck her name was.

I stand there frozen in place and she stops her walking and smiles at me. My eyes widen when I realized that she does look like the little girl that was in my dreams, just older. She gets close to me and pulls me into a hug. Again like the first time she hugged me I just stood there frozen not sure what do with my hands. She pulls away from the hug and frowns at me.

I blurt out, "I'm sorry."

He questions, "For what?"

Again, shit just flies out of my mouth, "You act like I know me, but I have no idea who you are."

The girl wipes her eye with a sleeve. She sniffles out, "It's okay."

I just stand there not sure what to do. I just blurt out again, "Sorry."

"For what?"

"I still have no idea who you are."

She says again in a reassuring tone, "What if I bring in someone that you do know."

I raise my brow and ask her, "Like who?"

She looks at a shirt that's on the bed. Goes to it and throws it at me, I catch it and I just look at her confused. She points to the floor next to the bed and I see a pair of shoes, i goes towards them and put them on my feet. She walks towards the door, she says, over her shoulder;

"You may want to put a shirt on, she's tad bit a….what's the word Terra used to describe her? Oh yes, a prude."

I snort at her comment and pull the plain red t-shirt over my head.

The door closes and opens again. A girl with red hair wearing the same purple dress from the last time that I saw her. I beam and smile at her.

I breath out, "Tabitha."

She smiles too, "Hello Tybalt."

I gulped, "What's going on?"

"It's a long story."

"I have time."

She sighs, "Just remember that everything I did too, I was making sure you'll be safe."


"My name isn't Tabitha either and James' name isn't James. My name is Abigail and his name is Logan."

I sigh at her words, "Anymore you want to tell me?"

Her hand is on the door and she gestured to me to follow her. I walk towards her and she opens the door and walks through it. I look the painted brown wall and suddenly a door with the same blue jewel with it and it opened wide open. She walks through the door, moments past and I just sigh. I walk through the door and is greeted by shouting that is growing louder and louder at the passing second.

Abigail whispers to me, "Don't be all surprised either, they always shout when there are meetings."

I mutter out, "Huh?"

Abagail walks into the room and I follow. I see a large, wide dark wooden table with people sitting there and slamming their fists on the wooden table. Booming voices and shouting could be heard throughout the room and with each passing moment the shouting grew louder and louder. The shouting stopped when a loud booming voice could be heard. All shouting stopped and all eyes turned the then end of table where a man with neatly cut blond hair. He stood up and saw those brilliant blue eyes of his.

His voice boomed, "A threat is soon upon us and we're all sitting here shouting at each other? Pathetic."

A voice shouted and I looked and saw it was the old man wearing green from before. "What do you expect us to do, Hector?"

Hector look at the old man and said, "What we always do in times of strife, Montague. We prepare."

"How would we be able to prepare for a threat that may or may not even happen?"

"Tell me what you know."

Montague raised a brow, "So we wait here like sitting ducks and wait for Jade Dragon to strike and tell you everything while he plans to strike?"

Hector shook his head and simply said, "You say that you have his son, right?"

Montague nodded his head in agreement and added, "Morrigan and Thron brought him here."

Lee nods and answers, "Yeah."

Hector shouts back, "I don't remember them being tasked in finding Jade Dragon's son."

"Well, they weren't. Frost and Salem was tasked in getting him, but things go complicated and Thorn and Morrigan got to him."


"He has fire based powers and they seem to to be very unstable."

"What happened?"

"They say that he was attacked and so he defended himself. Fire spreads quickly and it also burns quickly as well."

Hector rubs his chin and thinks for a bit. He then says, " I see. Well, Salem and Frost stand up now."

Montague now shouts, "Frost and Salem please stand up and explain yourself. Explain how you failed your task."

Tabitha shouts, "It isn't our vault. He was attacked so he defended himself."

I freeze as stay silent. That memory playing in my head like repeat. Fuck. This isn't good. I have that memory stuck in my head. I just close and shut my eyes.

Hector asks, "Who attacked him?"

"The typical mutant haters, who else would want to fight him."

"What did he do?"

"He burnt them."

"Did he now?"

"Yeah. He burnt them all."

I hear a bland monotone voice join in the conversation, "Was that him that did it or you, Abigail?"

Her voice drops to a hushed tone, "It was him, not me. I don't play with people's minds. I'm done with that."

My jaws clenches and I just stand there. A different memory now playing in my head. What I saw in that room. The boy crying and the brunt people I saw. I did all of that when I was a kid and I did that when Moose and John attacked me. I'm no better than they were, I'm just the same as them. A monster. I open my eyes and see that the people went back to their angrily shouting.

Tears start to stream down my face now. I can't stop them and the flow down like water down a gutter. I cry out in a defensive tone, "I never meant to harm them!"

Hector looks at me, with a stern expression written on his face. He says, "Then what happened in that room, Tybalt?"

I cry out again, tears streaming down my face. "The lady said that they were sent to kill me and my cousin. She said that my cousin was Amaterasu."

Hector nods along and says, "So you remember that?"

I nod too, wiping the tears off my face. I speak up,

One of the figures that were once shouting stood up. A man whose face was covered with a blue mask and was wearing a blue parka. The parka was open and I saw the blue armor that he was wearing underneath. An armed hand went to the mask and he took it off, I looked and stared into his ice blue eyes.

I blurt out as I see the familiar face, "James!"

He looked at me, "My name isn't James."

My eyes widen and I cry out, "What?"

He apologized, "Sorry but we've been lying to you."


Hector speaks up, "Everything in your life has been a lie, Tybalt."

I just stand there frozen in place.

Amy looks at me and says in a warm voice, "Tybalt remember the room you told me that your were in?"

I nodded in agreement and I somberly said, "Yeah."

Amy trailed off, "Ringmaster disguised himself as one of our own teammates and messed with Tybalt's mind."

"What happened?"

"He was in a temple when he was a kid and he said he saw all those brunt people."

Hector narrows his eyes and booms, "I don't remember Tybalt speaking with such a feminine voice."

Amy didn't say anything and just stood there.

"I asked him not you, Morrigan."

Amy just sighed and looked the other way.

Hector cleared his throat, "Now I will ask him again. Tybalt what happened when you were in that room and saw all those people? What did you see?"

I sigh and my eyes look and meet the piercing blue eyes of Hector.

He boomed, "Well Tybalt, tell me what you saw in that room."

I let out a sigh and just look at him. "Do you really want to know?"


I trail off, "I saw all those people. They were dead and their flesh burnt…."

Hector raises his brow.

I choke at the last part and tears began to roll down my face again.

Hector notices this and says in a somber tone, "You don't have to tell me what you say. I see it upsets you, so I won't push you."

Despite the tears rolling down my face, I shake my head, and shout out, "I killed them all!"

Hector's gaze softens. He sighs out, "Tybalt."

I ignore the tears on my face and angrily shout I at, "There's no sugarcoating any of this. I am a monster!"

"You'll only become a monster if you let yourself become one."

"Then how do I stop myself from becoming one then?"

"You need to tame the beast inside."

"Easier said than done."

Lee puts a hand on my shoulder and I look to see there actually worry and concern in his eyes. I am taken back by his action, but he turns his head and I see that there is concern in his eyes and he gives me a weak smile. I look back at Hector who is tapping his foot and I answer him at last.

I still choke at my words, but I still manage to blurt out. "I did all of that. I burnt them all alive."

Hector says in a soft voice and calls my name, "Tybalt."

I gulp and look into his eyes, "I did all of that and I'm a monster."

Lee speaks in a soft tone. He mumbles, "You aren't a monster."

Hector solemnly adds in, "It's a shame that you were taken from that temple when you were young."

I raise a brow and ask, "Why?"

Hector says, "That room was a part of a temple that you and and your cousin were in raised in."

I stand frozen.

Amy adds in, "They call it the Temple of the Dragon. It's a branch of the Tsoo."

I don't say anything but just stand there frozen solid like a statue.

Lee adds to what she was saying, "The Tsoo worship a dragon, but they think your father is that dragon."

I just stand there, unsure what to say.

He then laughs, "Jokes on them though. Your father isn't the Celestial Dragon. Amaterasu is and you are destined to protect her from him."

Finally, I'm able to form some sort of words now. I bitterly blurt out, "Why are you telling me this?"

"Your life is a giant puzzle and we are trying to fit all the pieces together."

My voice raises in anger, "Why?"

Lee pokes my forehead. His finger stays there and he says, "Someone messed with your mind and messed up your memories."

I swat his finger away and ask once again, "What are you getting at, Lee?"

Lee narrows his eyes at me, "Did you ever feel like something was a bit off about your life?"

My eyes widen at his words. Thoughts soon to travel through my mind as those words of his play throughout my mind. Come to think about it, Lee was right. Stuff has been odd about my life. I remember my eyes being hazel, but the last time I looked at myself in the mirror my eyes were golden. I had no idea who the Dawn Patrol were and what the fuck Crey Tech was, yet everyone else was talking about like it was a common occurrence.

"Your might be onto something, Lee."

I see a smirk grow across Lee's face and I'm taken back when something other than a scowl is on his face. He then says, "Like what?"

"My eyes were hazel, well the last time I thought. 'Cause my mom's were hazel too and she said that I had her eyes. Well the last time I saw my reflection my eyes weren't hazel. They were gold like Blyze's."



"That's her name. You should know that, she is your cousin after all."

I nod, "Well I was going to get to that. The strange stuff I saw did involve her."

That seem to ganar Hector's attention now, because he spoke up, "What are you talking about, Tybalt?"

I shrug, "When I got frozen into a popsicle I had a strange ass dream. I was a kid and made a promise to be a friend with some girl. She said that her and I will be friends 'till the end."

Hector asks, "A popsicle?"

"Yeah some assbag froze me solid. Next thing I knew I woke and got dragged over here."

"Who froze you?"

"I don't know. Some dude with long blond hair and had a trident."

Hector grunted in response. He crossed his arms and glared at Montague.

Lee clears his throat, that gets my attention and I look at him. He deadpans, "Anything else odd?"

"Back in the prison you guys were talking about Crey Tech and I had like no idea what the fuck you three were babbling about."

"I thought you were just an idiot."

I glare my eyes and huff out, "Hilarious."

"Are you serious about not hearing about Crey Tech and and about the Dawn Patrol?"

I nod, "Yeah. I have no idea what the fuck all this is."

Lee looks away and mumbles out, "Huh."

Hector clears his throat and I look back at him. He says, "I think I have your answer."

"Really, then? Well, let me hear it out then."

"That room you saw it was where you were raised in and people were sent and tried to kill you."

I frown, "I burnt them all alive, didn't I? I shouldn't of killed them all. They're still human."

Hector gives me a warm smile, "Good."


"Keep that part of you inside of you and have it stay there."


Hector looks at me with a stern expression on his face. He spoke up in a commanding tone, "It shows that you are still human."

I blurt out, "Well that's good to know, at least."

"Anything else you want to ask."

"Well there is one more thing."

"That is?"

I nod along to his words and give him a weak smile, "So what happens now?"

Hector asks, "You say your afraid of what you are? Afraid of being a monster?"

I sigh and nod in agreement. My voice cracks, "Yeah."

"It appears the best course of action right now would be is to train you. To help you tame that anger inside of you."

"The Dawn Patrol said that Jade Dragon may attack this place."

"That may be true, but when that time comes we will be ready. For you, just train."

I reluctantly nod, "I see. So uh. How would we do that?"

"Someone had an unequal amount of rage like you."

"Alright cool then, who's that?"

"You'll see when you step out of this room."


Hector shouts out, "Meeting over."

Everyone nodded to what Hector was saying and stood up from their seats and next thing I knew they vanished in thin air. I just sat there in my seat as everyone around me vanished and a door appeared in front of me. The same blue jewel on it and it swung wide open.

I sigh and think aloud, "What the fuck is this place?"

I walked through the door and was greeted by walking into a courtyard of some sort. I look ahead of me saw two figures sitting on a bench, I walk towards them and get a closer look at the two people sitting. They're talking and laughing, so they're friends I assume.

They were both chicks, and they looked familiar. One had her black hair in braid and was wearing armor of some sort that was green and leather. The other had the same shade of black hair as me. She was wearing a robe of some sort that only covered her right arm, her left was bare and I saw there was a red dragon design on her bare skin. As I approached the two chicks, I smile to them as I realize they were two I saw at the prison riot. Terra and Blyze, I think. Well Blyze's actual name is Amaterasu not too sure who this Terra chick is.

I greet them, "Sick tat."

Terra just laughs and rolls her eyes, "It isn't a tattoo, genius."

"Then what is it?"

The girl hops off the bench and pokes me on the chest. I see a fire grow in those gold eyes of hers. She laughs, "It's called the mark of a dragon, dumbass."

The other laughs, "And here I thought Ama was the idiot."

I raise my brow, puzzled, "The mark of what?"

Terra stands up and puts a hand on her hip, "It's what happens when you slay a dragon. Only Ama cheated in getting hers."

She scoffs, "No I didn't."

Terra just waves and shrugs, "Well have fun with him, Ama. Try not to get to angry."

She just crosses her arms, the fire in her eyes growing.

I rub where she poked me. I narrow my eyes at the smirking girl, "So Hector tells me you name is Amaterasu."

Terra snorts, "Well aren't you a smart cookie."

I shoot back, "Oh yeah, then what's your name then?"

"Like I'll tell you. You'll just have to find out for yourself."

I roll my eyes at her remark and cross my arms, "Well aren't you pleasant to be around."

She starts walking away from us and waves at Ama, "Like I said before, try not to burn the entire courtyard….again."

"Hilarious, Terra. Just Hilarious."

She laughed back at her friend, "I try."

Amaterasu shoots back, "Well don't."

"Just don't set everything on fire, like last time."

As Terra walks away, I look at Ama and smirk at her. "So your name is Amaterasu?"

The girl beams no more fire in her yes, "Yup. Named after the Celestial Dragon of legend."

I mumble, "That's what the memories keep on telling me."


I sigh, "Nothing."

"Well okay then."

I start rubbing the back of my head, "So Ama then, Hector told me that you can help train and shit like that."

Amastersu nods back and beams, "Train you with what?"

I shrug, "Said you had an untamable flame inside of you as well."

"That's what they say about me."

I smirk, "Well check us out huh. Two birds of a feather."

She mumbles, "Well actually, we're more than that."

I ask, "Did you say something, huh?"

She shakes her head and sighs, "No nothing. Just follow me."

I nod, "Okay then. Lead the way."

"Why does Hector want me to train you?"

I shrug, "Your guess is as good as mine."

She plays along, "Well young grasshopper if I'm going to be your mentor, that must change."

I yawn, "I don't do well with people telling me what to do."

She laughs, "Ha, same here."

"Sorry to burst your bubble here, I'm not really the student type."

"Well, I'm not really the teaching type either."

"Great so this is just a giant trainwreck waiting to happen. Awesome."

Ama laughs at my comment and starts walking and I soon follow her. As we are walking around and I notice how big this courtyard is and see all the trees and plants around me. Well, I shouldn't be all that shocked really. It just so happens that at this university campus there is an occultic club inside of it. Geez, that was a sentence I thought I would never have to say. Ama stops here walking and see we are on a hill with a tree behind of here. She gets in a defensive stance and shouts.

"Attack me."

I scoff, "What?"

"How can I teach you if I have no idea where you need to improve."

I smirk mischievously at her, "Ha, are you ready for this?"

She smirks mischievously back at me. She clenches his fists and a flame pops out. She remarks, "The question is, are you ready to fight me."

I smirk at her and she smiles too. I grunt in response and go in ready to attack. I go into tackle her, easily she flips me over and with a loud thud I hit the ground. I'm looking up at the sky and Amaterasu bends down with a smirk across her face.

She pokes my nose and laughs, "You have much to learn, young grasshopper."

I swat her hand away, "What are you talking about?"

She laughs and pokes at my forehead, "I'm going to train you and your going to get used to it."

I swat her hand away and stand up from the ground. Anger rising inside of me, I look at her with a fire burning in my eye. This time I go into lung at her, ready to fight her now. She just stands there with clenched fists and smirk across her face.

My skin is burning now and I feel everything is on fire and I go in and attack Amaterasu. As I go to land an attack on her, she just raises her arm, and she can easily block my attack. The anger in me rises more and I reach my boiling point as I go into attack her once more. She is able to twist my arm and I wince in pain. She pushes me down on the ground I just lay there, facing the sky, and wincing in pain.

She laughs in a confident way, "Do you want mercy?"

I grimaced in pain, "Hey, uncle!"

She lets go of my arm and I grab it in a pain. Her smile drops and she mocks, "Wow, you suck."

I wince and wail out, "Thanks for the encouraging words."

She frowns, "I'm just being honest, you let anger control all of your actions."

I sat up from the ground and looked down on the grass. I asked, "What do you mean?"

She shrugs, "You rely too much on your anger."

I frown, "What's so bad at that?"

She lets out a sigh and crosses her arm, "Fire is all about emotion y'know. It's all about the passion of life and the only passion that you have is anger."

"The passion of what?"

She beamed, "The passion of life. Fire is all about that and all you have in your life is anger."

I scratch the back of my head and look at her like she has like twenty heads or something. I laugh at what she said, "Sorry there Amma, I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about."

She frowned, "What's not to get?"

I yawn, "Like all this passion shit you're babbling on about. Like fire being the passion of life and shit. Like, what the fuck does all this shit even mean."

"Everyone has a passion in their life. What drives them and all."

"Well yeah. That's a duh to that."

"The thing with you is that the only passion that seems to drive you is anger."

"What wrong with that?"

Her arms fall down and hit her sides. She chinned in, "Why is there so much anger in your life."

I pull at the blades of grass and just mumbled, "You don't know what it's like."

Amaterasu sits down the ground alongside of me and smiles, "Try me."

"I'm just a blank slate with all you people trying to fill in the blanks that is my life."

She snorted and laughed, "Well it's a good think Hector and the rest of the Midnighters like puzzles."

I raised my brow at her remark, "Really, now?"

She nodded along, "Tybalt, that's why you're here."

I raise my brow at her, "Huh?"

She raises her index finger and pokes me on the forehead. She laughs, "You're friend said someone messed with your mind, right?"

She puts her finger down and I rub where she poked me. "Yeah, he said something about that."

"Someone or something did mess with your mind, Tybalt."

I sighed and mock, "Great."

She reassured me with a warm smile, "Don't worry Tybalt, I'm sure everything will be alright soon."

I snort and is still pulling at the grass, "I still don't think you have no idea how I'm feeling."

She scoots in closer to me and grabs my hands to stop pulling at my grass. She looks me into the eyes, "I know what's it like to feel like an outcast."

I break my gaze from her and mutter, "Really now?"

"I have a spirit of a dragon trapped inside of me."

I correct her, "Sealed."

She just looks puzzled at me, "What did you say?"

I smirk, "You have the spirit of the dragon sealed inside of you."

"How did you-"

I interrupted her, "I had a dream when the guy froze me solid. I You were in it."

She scoots in closer towards me and whispered, "Oh?"

I nod, "We were kids and you were crying. You were upset because you didn't have any friends."

"Well, there's more to that."

I snort, "I kinda figured that."

She frowns and nods along to my words, "I hated that day. That was the day my uncle told what I was destined to be and all that. You should've seen his face when I told him to hell with destiny, I'll make my own."

"But I promised you that I would still be your friend, no matter what."

Her frown forms into a smile now and she beams, "You pinkie promised and everything."

"I intend to keep that promise I made. So please Amma, tell me who I am."

"What do you want to know?"

I look into her eyes, pleading, "Everything, just please help me."

"Fine Tybalt, I'll promise."

"Til the end?"


I hold up my pinkie in front of her and smirk, "Pinkie promise?"

She just looked at me in confusion.

I sigh, "I made a pinkie promise to be your friend."

She murmured, "I'm surprised you even remember it."

"I had a crash course review when I was frozen like a statue."

She gave me a sheepish smile, "Oh right, sorry."

I laugh,"No worries, just promise me."

She starts laughing too and raises her pinkie to mine and soon the two lock. She smiles, "Tybalt and Amaterasu till the very end."

I smirk, "Hell to the yeah."

She laughs aloud, "Just like when we were kids."

I laugh too, "I guess so. It kinda does."



She drops her pinkie and starts laughing and I do the same along with her. We sit there and laugh for several moments. Our laughter is cut short when that dragon mark on her arm starts to glow red and she winces in pain. My eyes widen in shock and I put a hand on her shoulder. I look at their face and see the pain that's written across it. I look at her with concern and worry on my face, she sees this, and her smile drops and turns into a frown. She waves off all if any concern and just says;

"Something bad is happening."

"How can you tell?"

Her arm rubs the glowing red mark. She sighs, "It's my mark of the dragon. It only glows when danger happened."

The concern on my face deepened. I choke out, "What kind of danger is going to happen?"

The glowing fades and no more pain is written on her face. She looks up her golden eyes deep with a fire burning inside. She stands up, "I'm sorry Tybalt. I have to go."

I stand up too and look at her confusion, "Where too?"

She gestured towards the dragon mark on her arm, "I can't ignore something like this. When it glows like this, that means that something is going to happen."

I sigh once more, "Okay then."

"I have to go to Hector and tell him about, but I do have something for you to do."

"What is it?"

"Sit down on the ground and mediate. Sit there and meditate until I come back, okay?"

"You want me to sit down on the ground and wait for? What are you, fucking crazy?"

"Just trust me."

I grumble in annoyance, "Now, why should I do that?"

"Tybalt. Please, just listen to me."

I huffed and did what she told me. I sat down on the grass with my legs crossed. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I heard the faint sound of footsteps that could be heard off in the distance, I figured that was Amaterasu walking away. I just huffed again and closed my eyes tighter.

Everything around me feels hot. I open my eyes and am amazed to what I am seeing. An elegant serpent of some sort. It's like looking at a giant ass red lizard of some sort, expect that it has wings. The creature stops flapping its wings and with a huge thud lands on the ground. My eyes blink and the creature cocks its head to the other side.

I am only able to muster out, "Well, aren't you a big ass lizard."

The dragon just looks at me and starts flapping and wind starts to generate. The wind goes through my hair and I put my hand up in order to shield myself from dust and dirt from getting into my eyes. The wind stops and I put my hand down and I longer see that giant ass overgrown reptile. I see an elegant woman wearing an elaborate robe holding a fan. Her hair is long like Amma's and she has the same golden eyes. She brings something close to her face and I look and see that it's a fan. Designed with the rays and colors of the sun.

I remark, "Nice dress."

The woman laughs, "Well this little old thing? Why thank you. This used to make the boys go wild back in the day."

I frown looking at her robes and how fancy her hair looks, "Great. Now I feel a tad bit underdressed."

A frown appears on her elegant face, "You remind me of my brother."


"Oh yes. He would always talked as if he had no brain."

I frown, "Well. That's a bit rude."

She holds up her hand, as if she wants to me to take it. Her frown is no longer present, butt a stern expression on her face. "I heard there is only anger in your life. Is that true?"

I narrow my eyes at her and glare. Reluctantly, I stand up and take her hand and we start to walk. I ask, "How do you know that?"

She laughs, trying to hide it with the fan. It fails and I still hear her laughter, "Are all my descendants this daft?''

I still look at her, as if she is babbling about nonsense. I stop my walking and just look at her, "What nonsense are you babbling on about?"

The woman only sighs in response, "I am known as the Celestial Dragon. I always watch over my people. I'm sure you know me. Weren't you once talking to a girl with a dragon on her arm?"

"Yeah. What about it?"

"What was her name?"

My eyes widen, "Her name is Amaterasu."

The woman chuckles, "What a confidence. That is also my name as well."

"Is she named after you or something?"

"You could say that."

"Is she like related to you or something?"

"Although I died a long time ago. I still live in spirit among you family, the girl who is now named Amaterasu is my reincarnated spirit."

I just stand there, numb to what she said. "How did you die?"

She frowns, "Something foul and cruel happened and someone had to repent. That's why in every new generation, a newborn girl is named after me. In order to repay for the crimes that happened."

I frown along with her, "What crimes happened?"

Her frowns deafness and she starts to cry now. Her voice cracks, "I taught them fire and my brother grew jealous of the love I gained from it."

"What happened after that?"

"He grew jealous of the love the people gave me, so he rebelled."

"But he's your brother isn't he? He's suppose to love and all that. What changed?"

She sniffled, "I thought that about him as well. I guess I was wrong about the man my brother was."

The harder and harder she cries, the heat rises around us. I feel hot and my skin is burning now and the grass around her starts to catch on fire. She is crying harder and more things around start to catch on fire. I just stand there frozen and too scared to do anything about all of this. As I'm standing here scared shitless, so many things begin to wonder through my mind. Was this what it's like whenever I get angry? Do I cause that much fear in people's lives? Was this the lesson she was trying to teach me?

The only thing I can think of is to calm her down, somehow. I try, "Hey. Your burning up everything, stop."

She ignores me and cries out, "So he burnt all their fields and killed all those who loved me. All because they chose me to be their ruler and not him."

I shout at her louder now, trying to get her attention. This time, I humor her, and ask her, "What happened? What did your brother do to you?"

The fire around her grows hotter and brighter. She wails out, "He killed them. He killed them all because he wanted to be king."

I shout at her again, "Why are you telling me this?"

"I locked myself in a cave, disgusted at what anger and hatred caused my brother to do to me. When my brother saw those crimes he did and wanted to be for my forgiveness, it was too late. I was already long gone and he was finally able to have his crown."

The ground around us stops to burn and I look to see she is calming down. I ask her, "Why did you tell me this story? I mean it wasn't a bad story, just a pretty downer one. Ya feel?"

She scoffs, "Stories have meanings and lessons."

I rub the back of my head and shrug in response, "And the meaning lesson and story to that story?"

She stops her crying and the flames die down, "So you don't become like him. You don't have anger rule your life and do something as rash as my brother did."

I back up away from her and my back hits the tree. Leaves fall from it and I just look at her in confusion, "Why are you telling me all of this?"

She snaps, "My body is long gone, but my spirit remains. I remember all the pain that all my lives go through and for once I want a happy life."

"Where do I come to play?"

"I want you to do what you were destined to do. Protect her and in turn you'll protect me."

I huff, "Everyone expects me to do so much. I mean, what if I don't want to do any of that?"

"Then tell me. What do you want?"

"I just want to know who I am."

"Well yeah. Sort of. More like bits and pieces."

"Then the least you can do is do what your told and who knows, maybe you'll learn more about yourself."

I roll my eyes, "So then old wise one, what should I do?"

"Think with your brain and not with your emotions."

I glare at her, "Isn't that just common sense."

She frowns, "Some people lack that skill."

I huff and sigh in response. I run a hand through my hair, trying to make sense to all of this. But the woman just stands there and resumes going on.

"Whatever happens, be a just and kind man. Don't end up like your father. Don't let your anger consume you."

I raise my brow, "What did my dad do?"

She ignores my words and goes, "Just promise this okay?"

"Sure okay. What do you want me to promise?"

"Protect Amaterasu and in turn you'll protect me. Do this and you'll be rewarded for this deed."

"So what you're saying is; with great power comes with great responsibility?"

She just shakes her head, "Were you even listening to what I was saying?"

I shrug, "Yeah. Don't be stupid."


A harsh wind begins to blow and the woman transforms to the giant overgrown lizard from before. Well, know I know it's a dragon at least. She gives one final look and begins flapping its wing, taking flight, and flying up in the air. A powerful gust of wind blows, I bring up my hand trying to shield my eyes of dust getting inside of it. The wind grows stronger and stronger with each passing moment. The only thing I can do is close my eyes and now I can only see darkness.