The Cuban Revolution

Under the regime of the dictator Batista,

American businesses drained the blood of the country.

They grabbed their fields,

They grabbed their crops,

And amassed the benefits in their luxurious cars.

While the peasants toiled all day for their whole lives,

In the sugar cane plantations,

And died of hunger,

And bled and suffered,

With every murmur surpressed,

No right to go on strike,

No free press.

Castro assembled the Movimiento,

Of thousands of peasants,

Who refused to be slaves any more.

A country belongs to the workers,

Not to drug dealers,

Slave dealers,





They rose up,



Captured Santa Clara on the 31st of December 1958,

Peasants who had suffered like dirt,

Now recovered their country,

In the new year the sun rose,

With the tyrant fled,

And LleĆ³

The President of Castro and the people,

Finally in power.

And then the government of the people,

Nationalised the farms,

And black people had equal rights,

And people educated themselves,

The children of farm workers became doctors and engineers,

And the Americans tried to starve them for it.

A country belongs to the workers,

No one has the right,

To steal the land of the community,

To bleed it dry for private gain,

But tyrants can also die,

When the dispossessed recover their home.