Everyone has a life, you're just no longer in it.

Your mom says it'll get better but you know she's crying
Your dad says he'll drop by tomorrow but you know he's dying
They know they won't be there at your wedding day

Your big sister says she loves you but you know she's lying
Your little brother says he's sorry but you know he's smiling
They're just ignoring everything to do with you

Lying in the hospital bed you think about your family
And how it's no longer there, overflowing with warmth
You're just dead meat with no sense of value

Your friend says she'll see you later, but you know she won't
Your neighbor says good morning, but you know it's not
They're just trying to get by to see tomorrow

Your teacher says stop talking, like she cares, but you know she doesn't
Your boss says you have potential and you wonder for what
They don't really care, they just want a break

You rip the IV from your veins, life slipping away
When a stranger pass by and says you're nothing
You smile and say f**k you but you know it's true

Everyone has a life, you're just no longer in it