Ladies: Do you feel that there is something lacking in your marriage? Does your husband demand sex and give little, if any, love? Does your heart flutter when you see a handsome man?

Well, let me help you! With this simple tips, you can have a little fun outside of your marriage!

1. NEVER choose the husband/boyfriend of one of your girlfriends. That is just plain BAD!

2. It is better to plan your activities in the afternoon, while your husband is at work. If you also work, you can give the usual excuse that you're staying late.

3. Always use protection. We don't want any unwanted pregnancies!

4. Have a confidant—a girlfriend who's willing to back you up. For example, you could say that you were with her, and she will back your story up. I'm sure one of your BFF's will be willing to do this.

5. Be extra sweet and loving to your husband. This will give him less of an excuse to "suspect."

6. And if he does "suspect," deny, deny, deny! In fact, turn it around and make him the guilty one!

7. And some special advice for those of you who are "bi-curious:" You have it easier! You can simply tell your husband you were with a girlfriend—and that would technically be true! How's that!

So, have some fun, and don't get caught!-Cindy Cheater