Caleni: The Chosen One

In the Darkest of Days the Gods will choose a champion to restore balance to the world. These Champions are known as Chosen Ones, Physical Avatars of the Gods themselves. In the darkest of Days they shall appear and help to restore balance and peace to the world.

During the Commonwealth Wars on Kedana the Empire was in ashes, its people fighting amongst its self for the title of Emperor. The Gods seeing the world fall out of balance had decided to choose a mortal to be their Avatar and become the Chosen One to restore Balance and Peace to the land. This man would be known as Guan Ren King of the Western Redanans. He was chosen long before the commonwealth wars while he was in the womb. When he ascended the throne at the age of 14. He was extremely smart and did not come under the influence of his advisors. By the age of 19 the Commonwealth Wars had begun as the Commonwealth wanted to expand their borders further east under the Reign of the 3 Supreme Kings. The Commonwealth saw initial victories and pushed back the unprepared Nomadan, Redanan, and Kid Armies. The most decisive battle in the early parts of the war was the Battle of Juil, the battle saw over 340,000 soldiers take part and became one of the bloodiest battles in the Commonwealth Wars and is considered a pivotal moment in the War as it stopped the Commonwealth Advance in the deep south of Redana sparing the capital a siege.

The King having lead the Allied Army at Juil went on a short offensive that saw the taking of the Commonwealth City of Guis which caused panic within the Commonwealth High Command and resulted in a quick counter offensive that saw the quick recapture of Guis and the Allied Army expelled from the Commonwealth once more. The following success at Guis allowed for a new campaign in the North which saw a much more mobile and cavalry focused war in the Nomadan Territories in the North. This caused strain on the Allies as they were now on the defensive as they became spread out.

The King finally called for a delegation in the capital of the West Redana Roma. The King had prepared a great feast for the guest and many nobles from all the Allied nations would attend. Unbeknownst to the guest the Commonwealth had sent spies to find out what this was about. While at the table the King stood up with his wine cup in hand and said "Hail our Alliance, May our Alliance Prosper and the Gods Favor us and give us victory against our foe!" they all said "Here here!" he sat down and then said "We are ehre because I believe it is time…we unite…not just as our alliance but as a Nation we are better off fighting as one then many. If our forces were united under a co-herent High Command we could do so much better. I have heard many of you prior say this, I believe it is imperative we unite to face this massive threat that could throw the continent out of more balance then it already it is." Everyone talked amongst themselves for a long while. While this happened one of the spies posing as a servant slipped out into the night and stole a horse and rode away to the nearest Commonwealth outpost. The delegation decided that they would unite forming the Kedanan Confederation with West Redana as its leader. However the celebrations were short as 1 weeks later the Commonwealth launched a massive attack into the Kid Clan and began beating them back, King Guan rallied as many men as he could and set off north to the Kid Clan where they met and engaged the Commonwealth Armies. The Initial battles were hard and bloody and the Commonwealth won some off them. The Commonwealth in their arrogance launched a campaign south to cross the Guaja River and take Roma effectively wiping the government for this Alliance.