Lore: Dardania Is a large kingdom in a land far beyond with political powers being bishops, knights, and government officials known as elders. One such member is Bishop Aethelfrith of Troad who has to deal with peasant talk of monsters.

Troad abbey was always so quiet I told myself. While I haven't always been the most outgoing of bishops in Dardania. I'm honest to a fault. Such as the time I offended Elder Ulf of Midas Garden when he asked if he was heavy. Simply put I said yes and had I not been a man under the protection of Jupiter himself. Ulf would've killed me. The elder who helped my abbey was a dwarf named Melvin. I baptized Melvin myself as a gesture of good faith. As the church of Jupiter spread into the dwarf mountain holds. Melvin proved himself time and time again.

From donating to my abbey. Feeding the poor who came to Troad for food and sanctuary. His greatest act was when he convinced his kind to build a sign post. While that may seem small the post helped increase the flow of trade and divinity for Troad. House Marshal ruled Dardania under the leadership of Godwine Marshal. Godwine is a man of war and conquest. I myself also served as bishop commander during the Followers of Pluto Movement. Pluto's followers raised the dead and opened the gates of the underworld. Kingdom after kingdom fell and the losses raised in the tens of thousands. Godwine launched a counter offensive all from child to old. Must lift arms if it be Dardania's last stand so be it. Despite being somewhat reclusive other bishops noted I was a man of ambition. When the position of bishop commander.

That and the fact that the other bishops focus more on philosophy using Jupiters mana to heal. Mana flows through the blood of every bishop. It is through this mana that we become smarter than the average citizen of Dardania. Pluto followers hate bishops especially as our holy mana killed far more undead and forces of evil. Than any champion or soldier combined. It was without saying the movement costed us the most losses. Indeed my old friend and teacher from Golden Touch. Oswald who was a champion of Jupiter in both faith and martial training. Died from his old would he suffered fighting The Pig Face Champion. Accounted as the longest duel lasting two days. The pig face champion swung with a flurry of attacks. Oswald was so blessed with mana and faith in Jupiter the champions blades did not a scratch. Oswald tried several levitation prayers and paralyzing prayers.

The champion was also blessed by Pluto the prayers bounced off her as well. Beyond exhaustion both sides gave a shout to their gods. Oswald shattered his arm and left leg. The champion lost her right hand. With sorrow we realized the pig faced folk would forever hate us. They fled helping the champion and squealing cursing us and our god. That's something I don't like to think about. As the pig faced folk I killed. Reveal themselves in my sleep. Saying I killed them. I sat at my desk and said a prayer. Mediated by saying warding hymns. Melvin came rushing in along with the knight-constable of the abbey Jennifer. Melvin informed me that that the peasant had been reporting skeletons walking around the area. I picked up my Jupiter bible and asked Jennifer too open up my chest containing my sacred armor. One of the peasants helped me put on the sacred armor. I could tell he was scared. As I went out the abbey doors. Around twenty strong peasant villager joined by their constable a half-orc named Gaius. They mainly carried pitchforks and the only protective gear they had was their straw hats. Some of the wealthier or I could assume village watch had axes and a wooden shield. Gaius was the only one clad in chainmail and carrying a large battleaxe.

I read the letter from the village elder Jason. As I'm the more senor leader of Troad and her lands. Everything must have my approval. I nodded and gave the command we all headed towards the cemetery. The stench of death and unholy mana filled the once still and calm place of rest for those passed. The skeletons just ignored us talking in the evil tongue of Pluto. Warriors of Dardania aren't the only power or things I wielded. I said a prayer to Jupiter as forgiveness for saying power. As what I was about to do would require both mana and piousness. I began praying the land around me moving slow. Even in the darkness a holy light shined. My prayers answered as a Valkyrie came down from the sky. Clad in armor and her hood and visor concealing her face save her mouth. Which was in a sneer at the unholy creatures. Gaius had already trained the militia saying these skeleton were no longer the family they buried. With a battle cry we charged the skeletons. The valkyrie flew across the field fighting the vanguard of the skeleton troops. I flipped through the pages in the bible. Casting the light mana spell turning the skeletons too ashes. The village watch formed a shield around me. While they may not be temple guards they did the right protective stance. Gaius was enraged and ripped a skeleton in half. It stilled crawled towards him Gaius finishing it off with his boot. Jennifer rallied some of the more frightened militiamen. Promising extra money and ale. Melvin carried his pistol the smell of gunpowder also filled the air.

The skirmish was over thanks to my mana and the valkyrie and the brave people of Troad. She nodded summoning her sisters who carried the seven faithful souls who perished. Pluto or any other unholy gods may still linger so I ordered the villagers to burn the skeletons. It was over I sent a runner to inform Jason the dead had been dealt with. I ordered both constables to continue a watch from Gaius and blessings from Jeniffer. Along with scoulding her with the promise of ale. She just grinned and laughed. Not bad for a reclusive bishop Gaius patted me on the shoulder. Not used to compliments I hid my red cheeks under my robe. The constables and Melvin roared with laughter.

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