Era Call

Chapter Zero

The cries of the two babies were the only sound that broke the peaceful silence as they each were cradled by their own mother. The two newborns knew nothing yet of responsibility, duty, hardship, love, hatred, or destiny. All they knew was their mothers' smiles.

The home was mostly void of color, most of it being a brown clay, there was a small hole in the middle of the floor in which a fire burned, and pelts lined the walls. The mothers each sat on a wicker chair. One of them had hair of a auburn shade, her eyes a hazel color. The other woman had hair of a golden color and eyes in the color of green.

"Laodamas." The first woman said with a smile as she looked at her child.

The other woman looked puzzled, "I am not so sure it is a good idea to name your son before the priest blesses him."

The woman shook her head softly, "Laodamas, its a wonderful name, isn't it?" She looked to the other woman, still smiling, but her eyes were tearful.

The second woman understood quickly, "Yes, it is. It is, Proto." She now also wore a sad smile. This seemed to make Proto happy as she looked back to her child. "Hey, I won't let you be alone in naming." The second woman said now turning to her child, "Alkiphron. What do you think of that name, Proto?"

Proto laughed softly, "A beautiful name, Auxesia. Like his father's."

The two woman sat without talking for a while, their children fast asleep leaving only the crackly fire and the sound of insects outside to fill the silence.

"What ever did I do to deserve all of these blessings?" Proto asked, her eyes again filling with tears, each tear full of memories. "Auxesia, you'll... please, take care of my Laodamas... after I'm..."

Not wanting to let her beloved friend suffer any more sorrow she replied, "Yes. I swear it." Auxesia promised Proto before turning away to conceal her own tears.

"Thank you." Proto said closing her eyes as a tear ran down her face and fell down onto the head of little Laodamas.