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Among the Realms that make up reality exists one in particular which is very peculiar in nature. It is known among all mortals as the Realm of Magic, and it is the youngest of the Six Realms. In this realm exists a multitude of odd creatures and landscapes. There are many tribes, clans, and nations of different organisms, but the most normal of these is perhaps the strongest of them all: the Wizard, a mortal born with magic inside themself.

This particular tale begins with the legacy of one of the greatest beings of all in the Realm of Magic, the White Wizard. He had once battled a great evil and saved the land which the wizards lived. Before his time, he passed down his legacy, a ring emblazened with a "W". Though the ring was hidden, it is said he who is able to wear it shall become the next White Wizard.

Among the wizards, there are five basic levels:

1. The Mage, a beginner in the studies of the Arts.

2. The Wizard, one who has completed basic understanding of magic.

3. The Warlock/Witch, advanced in the Arts, usually becomes an instructor.

4. The Sorcerer/Sorceress, those beginning to understand the true magic which flows throughout the realm, usually becomes a hermit/sage.

5. The Magician, able to perform advanced magic, in some cases even without incantations or other preparations, is the only class allowed to venture to the Realm of Mortals (Earth and Universe).

Magic is a life force, an energy which yearns to change, and so, like energy, it manifests itself in different forms. Linking/tethering, portals/wormholes, transmutation, healing, and others. But one of the most basic forms of magic is elemental magic. With this, the user can summon magic from the Ten Elements:

1. Air

2. Water

3. Earth

4. Fire

5. Lightning/Electricity

6. Ice

7. Wood

8. Metal

9. Darkness

10. Light

Among the hardest to control are the Pure Arts (pure magic) and the Dark Arts (black magic).

Our story begins with the great-grandson of the wizard Ukiz (oo-kais), one of the most famous wizards of all, and the one who left behind the ring wich holds his legacy, the White Wizard. The young wizard's name is Ziku (zai-koo), one of the three among the top of his class. With him, his four Mage friends, Kai, Maka, Gen, and Qi (chi). Kai and Maka are the other two best in his class. It is Ziku's (and Kai's) dream to become the successor to Ukiz. Qi was a thin, tall, guy with longer-than-average hair, and a straw hat. Gen was on the heavy side, a dark red band around his head. Maka was a short, brunette with large eyes and short hair. Kai had red spiky hair that spiked up in the front. He had a sword with him, a rectangular Zanbatō. Ziku had wild spiky black hair that reached almost a half-foot (15.24 cm) in front of his face, sticking out on all sides.*

The five friends sat around a table, lunch trays in front of them. A sun cover above them, attached to a pole in the center of their table. "So, how what'd you think about class today?" Maka asked.

Ziku merely gave her a bored expression. "Forget about class. I know everything there is to learn for a wizard. I've set my sights on that ring. I know I will be the successor."

At this, Kai piped up. "But, how do you know it'll be you? Legend has it only one person can wear the ring, and there's more than just a handful of wizards who want that ring."

"I don't know 100% of course, but I cam try to ne optimistic. Nothing is guarenteed, but I know I can make it happen. I have a plan."

Qi asked, "A plan?"

"Yeah," Ziku answered, a daydream-like look in his eye. "I'm going to finish school, travel the world, and train with masters of wizardry. I'll become a Magician, and then, find that ring."

"Good luck with that," said Gen. "It's not exactly the best plan. Most high-class magic users train solo."

They all went out tobpractice their magic skills. They all had a mastery over certain elements. For Qi, it was wind. For Gen, it was earth. For Maka, it was water and ice. For Kai, it was lightning and fire. For Ziku, it was mainly lightning. They practiced various spells and emchantments, with the use of incantations, throughout the day. It was almost the emd of their training. They would soon be graduating (with Maka asked to serve as valedictorian).